MAS Special Diet Plans – Treats Would Upset the Scientifically Formulated Balance!

Reader Casey sends in this clip from the Memphis pound security camera footage of dogs in this room being fed their only meal on April 11. Watch the carefully monitored diet plans in action.  It’s S C I E N C E !

Casey adds that the lights in this room get shut out at 4pm so there’s no way to see how many adopters came through and fell in love with pets after 4pm.  I’m sure it was lots.

10 thoughts on “MAS Special Diet Plans – Treats Would Upset the Scientifically Formulated Balance!

  1. Are these clips being sent to the “powers that be?”… the media? I know that you have fans at MAS that are definitely reading every post of yours – it would be nice if they could comment or DO something about this!!!

  2. The fact that they deny dogs treats because of the “diet plan” is so obviously deceptive as to be laughable.

    What is the real reason they won’t let you give dogs treats? Maybe Mr. Rogers can answer that one. Especially since we’ve seen some dogs go without food for at least a day, possibly longer.

  3. Yeah. Right. Diet plan. Here’s the 9-step diet plan, carefully and scientifically orchestrated:
    1. Monday-Let’s give ’em some food.
    2. Nah, never mind.
    3. Tuesday-ok, we’d better feed ’em, since someone busted us out yesterday for not getting to it.
    4. Wednesday-Measure out 3 large cups of food in each bowl, and administer regardless of size or weight of dog. Do that until you get distracted and then stop.
    5. Thursday-Yappy Hour! If we don’t feed ’em, we won’t have to do much cleaning before the irresponsible public gets here.
    6. Friday-YAY! Only 2 more days to think about this. Feed some of them just for laughs.
    7. WEEKEND! Feed ’em all extra because nobody will be here tomorrow and Monday. Well, ok, not all of them. That would take too long.
    8. Sunday (crickets)
    9. Monday again-Repeat

  4. Well, at least they are giving them SOMETHING, I guess. I also have to laugh at how quickly the guy tries to shut the door after the first dog was fed. Youd swear there was a tiger in there instead of a dog!

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