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I try very hard to steel myself in order to be able to report on the kinds of stories I choose to focus on here.  But like all of you, I am human.  And my heart is broken over what happened to this cat and moreover, what has likely happened to so many cats and dogs at MAS whose stories we never knew.

There is a pattern of what I believe to be criminal wrongdoing at the Memphis pound that includes a failure of the shelter to do its job, possible theft, an alarming number of animals turning up dead in their cages, “losing” owned pets, banning volunteers who ask questions, killing pets who have adopters waiting, killing pets while the irresponsible public tries to rescue them, callous disregard for baby animals, as well as neglect and abuse.  The cat who suffered for 5 days does not represent an isolated incident but rather is symptomatic of systemic rot within the pound.

Will someone in the Memphis area please initiate some type of action this week to bring attention to the plight of pets suffering and being needlessly killed at MAS?  If you want to peacefully protest at the pound or stage a sit-in at city hall or whatever non-violent action you want to take – I’m with you.  Just let me know how I can show my support.

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  1. I am willing to participate in any of these Actions, if it is organized by someone in Memphis and is on a weekend day or a Friday. The last time I drove 4hrs from Clarksville only 3 of us showed up; needless to say, the impact was underwhelming, to say the least.

      1. Awww–that’s so nice to hear. I just wish we had been able to make more of an impact on the situation at MAS!

      2. Every little bit helps. The local media covered your 3 Woman Strong protest and that means lots more people got to hear about it. Shining a spotlight on the abuse and spreading the word can not be overemphasized.

    1. I wish I knew you were gonna be here for a protest of any kind. Just like this post, I’m just now seeing it. But if anyone else wants to join in protest of MAS, let me know what’s happening & I’ll be there, here in Memphis.

      I seem to be the last to know anything. I don’t set in front of my screen 24/7, sorry, but if I know about it, I’ll be there.

  2. This morning on PetHarbor, MAS has 18 adoptable dogs and 18 adoptable cats listed. One of the adoptable cats has no photo. This is Mr. Rogers’ idea of “excellence”?

  3. Trying to get my work week sorted and look at my schedule – I wish I could drop everything to go confront this and stand on their lawn – the poor creatures in there deserve it…

  4. I’m with you, too. I live in VA — but will show my support somehow. There are lots of advocates that create “FB Events” that help highlight the injustices that animals face. Perhaps we could do a “day of remembrance” or light a candle not only for that poor cat that suffered but ALL the animals at MAS.
    Please let me know how I can show my support, too.

  5. Great post, Shirley! I completely agree. I’d be there to show my support but I live on the west coast, so not exactly close to the action. I am there in spirit though! I hope as many people that live in and around Memphis as possible can show up.

  6. I stand in total support of any actions necessary to bring legal charges against these subhumans who have inflicted cruel and torture treatment on these Magnificent Creations. The Creator sees their actions. They are not worthy of being in the presence of any living creature, and their indifference and horrific behavior is the boomerang that will return back to them with the pain and suffeering they caused to the innocent.

    Linda Ann Reynolds, Ed.S.

  7. I live in Mississippi. About two hours from Memphis. I will do anything it takes to help take action against these “people.” Like you, I get so angry when I see things like this. I’ve been fighting for animals since I was nine years old and made my first call to the police after witnessing a man beating his dog. I will come to Memphis and join in any protests. I will write letters to whomever they need to go to asking that these monsters be removed from any work having to do with animals. Scum like that should not be allowed anywhere near animals and children.

  8. I live in NM and I’m in support of major action to bring about change. It’s long overdue and it’s up to us to do something about it! This is disgusting and no one in charge seems to care! Can’t we find legal action to support us? Someone out there must care!! These people are all sociopaths and should all be punished!

  9. Mas plan is to wear everyone who cares down so that they don’t have to make positive change. I can’t believe the people in Memphis really don’t care about those poor animals in MAS. Please don’t let MAS wear you down and not use your voice for the animals in MAS. That is their plan to make you just disappear just like the animals there. Make your voice louder and stronger to let them know you are not going to go away and they have no choice but do the right thing for the animals there. I live far up North and can’t travel there but I do try to Network the animals plight as much as I can and I do write letters and try to make in known what is going on there. They need our voice.

  10. Ok, why can’t we get some people in the MAS who know how to run it? I know it must be overwhelming to the workers there, but come on, these are GOD’s creatures! He left us all in charge of their well being and care. I have taken in 16 cats, and each one of them have brought me hours of smiles, hugs and laughs. They are amazing beings, please STOP the suffering of the less fortunate ones! Give them a chance to be adopted and loved! I live in Tipton County but whatever I can do, let me know!!

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