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  1. mikken – that is EXACTLY what I thought….and I checked PH and there aren’t ANY white puppies from July 14th….there is clearly a puppy in the cage ….

    1. The puppy’s spine and ribs are prominent, the belly is bloated…whether from parasites or from being dead for a while, I don’t know.

      But that is a dead puppy. How long was he left in there with the mom? Why did he die? Did anyone bother to remove his body after the photo was taken?

      And you can see the mentality here – no problem posting the photo, because senseless death is part of the entrenched culture at MAS.

      Can someone local please call to get that damned rope off of the mom’s neck? It’s clearly a hazard and should have been removed immediately upon intake.

  2. Holy ish … that’s definitely a puppy, and my first thought was that it is dead.

    Just when you think MAS can’t get more incompetent, uncaring, barbaric, cruel, horrible, horrifying, etc., there’s something like this.

  3. I see a single belly-bloated, skinny puppy behind the dog, presumably the mother, whose posture and expression strike me as protective. Because of the pink flush on the puppy’s skin I believe it’s still alive, although with the bloat & prominence of the spine I suspect it’s got a hell of a parasite load. The puppy’s limp posture suggests to me it’s either ill or exhausted. The dog is wearing what looks to be the remains of a yellow nylon rope around her neck, and looks fairly healthy and well-nourished.

    1. I disagree that the flushed skin is an indication of a live pup.

      Both mom and pup are smooth coated white dogs, and both appear to be suffering from some form of alopecia.

      Short, smooth fur + hair loss + July heatwave = sunburn.

      Not suggesting the pup’s not possibly alive – but sunburn looks present on momma as well. :(

  4. Admittedly, I’ve seen some pretty messed up sleeping positions from tired puppies.

    But that is not one of them. Not in a stressful situation, faced with a stranger holding a camera.

    IF that puppy was alive when this photo was taken, it looks to be knocking on death’s door.

    IF that puppy was alive when this photo was taken, only an idiot would take the time to snap this pic instead of rushing to a vet.

    RIP, poor little puppy. Anyone in Memphis able to help out mom at least? Those eyes are burning a hole in my heart. Poor babies.

  5. I called the police in Memphis to report animal cruelty.. they told me this “people can do anything with photos on line”..

    1. Thank you for trying Alice. That photo is pulled directly from the MAS page on PetHarbor and it is still there. Unless MAS manipulated it, it hasn’t been altered.

      1. Right. Someone took the time to photoshop a pic.I would hate to see their answers on a Rorschach test.Their bizarre answer and lack of concern is just another reflection of the local governments callous warped priorities. Memphis citizens need to speak up.

    1. One of their minions was probably reading here and got rid of the photo because of the dead puppy and other horrors in that photo. Or maybe rogers decided to take a look after LAM contacted him.
      Now that it’s down, it was prolly just a figment of our imagination. LaLaLa – you don’t see what you think you see.

      It’s time for action! Memphis folks – can’t you get together and get something started? Animals are paying dearly for the sins of MAS.

  6. I just noticed that – however, look at ID# 243793 – this appears to be the dog under a DIFFERENT ID# and the puppy is ID# 243794. I am glad MAS monitors this page – now they can post good pictures…….UGH

    1. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but I just looked up those two ID’s, and both return a “record not found” (at MAS). Did they take those two down as well?

      1. You need an A in front of them. They’re there now, but as to *when* the photos were taken, I can’t say.

        The photo with the apparently dead puppy is dated today. The “new” photos with new ID’s have no date on them and may have been taken upon intake. I won’t comment on the heavy leash placed on a 5 week old sickly puppy except to say that it’s a disturbing image.

        Either way, the puppy was not entered into the system until today (two days after intake date) and the mom has been wearing that nasty rope around her neck the whole time she’s been MAS’s legal responsibility.

        Is the puppy still alive? If the puppy is still alive, has she been medically evaluated? Clearly with that spine and belly, she needs immediate care. If the puppy is dead, what is the cause of death?

  7. They are so busy in CYA mode they don’t have time to do anything else. This is criminal now . . . and I am royally pi$$ed!

    1. I don’t get these people’s game. You can’t post a photo of a mama dog w/rope around her neck with what appears to be a severely medically compromised or deceased puppy, then post her again with a different ID # in an undated photo. That makes no sense whatsoever. Dogs this size typically have large litters. A singleton would be rare. Nothing here is adding up to me.

  8. Both came up when I searched just now–mama dog at A243793 and puppy at A243794. Both impounded on 7-14-12. That baby is a scary sleeper! I have a kitty like that–have to check to make sure she’s still breathing. Hope someone can get these 2 beautiful pits out in time.

    1. Congrats on finding them both, Jeanne. They didn’t show in the general search when I looked. I had to put in their numbers, so thank you for posting them. I’m glad to see both are alive, at least. Momma looks better, but poor baby looks scared – obviously!

      1. I am not at all clear on what happened with these dogs. One dog can not have two different ID #s. If they wanted to replace a photo, that’s one thing but assigning a different ID # indicates to me that there is something wrong. Where are the rest of the puppies? Why are the “new” photos undated? Were they taken before or after the photo with the puppy who appears to be dead/dying?

    2. Fearing the worst now. The puppy’s photo isn’t coming up when I search for ID A243794 (mama is still listed). Did he die in the cage? Really MAS should answer that if someone calls and asks directly. I’ll call if no one in Memphis will.

      1. The place is closed Jeanne. There are people there playing games on the computer obviously but I’m sure no one would bother to answer the phone.

      2. Ya, just realized it’s Mon. so emailed them. Will post if I get a reply. I think that puppy died. Photo of her/him alive must have been taken earlier. What was the point of posting the cage photo (with apparently dead puppy)? I can’t imagine. Didn’t they even look at it first?

      3. If no one noticed while they were standing right there actually taking the photo that there was what appears to be a dead/dying puppy there, I can imagine it was easy to fail to notice it when posting.

  9. come on now – dogs look so much for adoptable when they have padlocks and ropes tied around their necks! (sarcasm)

    1. Hey, you get a dog AND some rope or a padlock! It’s like a little bonus.

      I simply cannot believe that there’s no policy to remove potentially dangerous items like this from animals for their own safety.

      1. Are you kidding? If they hang themselves in their cells, I mean, kennels, that saves the time/effort and $$ of “having” to kill, I mean, “euthanize” them! A win/win/win situation!!

      2. I’d like to read the vet’s notes for any dog found hanging in its cell. “Should be euthanized to end suffering but should be ok for the holding period. Gave steroid shot.”

  10. Oh my, I doubt that the vet walks past the cells slow enough to notice….otherwise explain to me how all those dogs die in their cells and it goes unnoticed? Had she checked on intake she could have known they were sick…or starved…or injured. She just doesn’t look at them!

  11. WTF??? Sorry Shirley, wish I could say you WERE wrong. Excellence at its most excellent. Yah, right. It’s a shitty day in Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood.

  12. All I can HOPE for is that SOMEONE gets up the MOXY to go to this shelter and check out the conditions-the rope around this dog’s neck should have been removed IMMEDIATELY, med. exams done IMMEDIATELY upon being brought IN.And, while I understand the need to post pics immediately if they were trying to find the owners, but SERIOUSLY?

  13. Sad update. I called MAS this a.m. and they confirmed that the puppy A243794 died in his cage. Yes, you really were looking at a puppy who died. And someone really did snap that photo and someone posted it on PetHarbor, which tells me they no longer “see” the animals, if they ever did. They didn’t know why the puppy died. The mama dog, A243793, is still at MAS on stray hold. Her release date is July 20. If she makes it out of MAS alive, this sad story will have a partly happy ending. And she’ll get spayed. The shelter didn’t know whether she came in with just one puppy or there were others. Either way, they’re gone now.
    Please help her by contacting Memphis area rescues. Adoption is a long shot for any pit at MAS, so rescue is probably her best bet. Thanks.

    1. I am so glad I copied and saved that picture of the Mom and DEAD puppy… now.. is anyone there going to explain this neglect and abuse?

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