+1 for the Irresponsible Public: Amber is Safe

No one can say for certain what would have happened to Amber if not for the irresponsible public. But I can say what I believe would have happened, based on the overwhelming evidence of what has happened to so many other Pitbull type dogs at MAS:

  • She would have been left in that stinking cage with her dead puppy.
  • She wouldn’t have been taken out until her mandatory hold period was up.
  • At that time, her puppy’s corpse would have been thrown in the trash and she would have been taken to the kill room, never having been offered for adoption.
  • She would have been killed, her body tossed in the dumpster with her dead baby, still wearing that damn rope around her neck.

But thanks to everyone who saw her photo and raised hell and to the rescuers who fought for her despite all the roadblocks MAS put up, she is Out. Of. There.

So you got the baby for your dumpster MAS but you didn’t get the mama. She is out of your clutches and lost to you forever. Look at her check you out in the rearview as she gets driven away.

Amber is HW+ and will be receiving treatment. We are making a donation from the YesBiscuit reader fund to help with her vet bills. If anyone wants to make an additional donation for Amber, you can do that via Paypal (recipient:  tndeathrowdogs@gmail.com ) or send a check by mail to:

Tennessee Death Row Dogs
P.O. Box 1015
Spring Hill, TN 37174

Anyone in the area who can offer a foster home to Amber during her HW treatment should contact TN Death Row Dogs.

Thank you everyone.

26 thoughts on “+1 for the Irresponsible Public: Amber is Safe

  1. this is such great news… I can’t donate anything until the 3rd of the month… please remind me if help is still needed at that time

  2. Thank you so much Yesbiscuit! Without your time and efforts, none of us would have ever known Amber was at MAS. As you said, she never would have been offered for adoption or given any kind of a chance. It saddens me that the more things are supposedly changing for the better there, the more we really see that things are as horrible as they ever were. Amber and her dead puppy are a perfect example. I can’t even imagine what else probably goes on there that we never find out about. Amber got her second chance and it started today. If anyone would like to follow her progress, we’ll post updates on our Facebook page. Thank you everyone for caring and helping us save this sweet girl.

  3. I will get a check in the mail when my paycheck comes next week. Thanks to everyone who saved this beautiful dog. Just goes to show what we can do when we work together.

    I hope that everyone who is an MAS apologist sees this and hangs his/her head in shame.

    You go, Amber! RIP little one. I’m sorry that you never had a chance to grow up and know love.

  4. Good news, good news, good news. Poor puppy, hope she is resting in peace in doggie heaven. Thanks to the irresponsible public for saving this dog’s life. This one, with hundreds more to go.

  5. This is absolutely the best news! Amber will now have a long and happy life; the one her puppy should have been able to share with her. As for MAS, no words to say what I think of you! The only one I can say out loud is disgusting hell hole.

  6. Amber is sooo beautiful! and so is this YesBiscuit group! Me too this payday I will send something.

  7. Thank you for doing what you do, Shirley! Another win for the irresponsible public :)

  8. damn I am so irresponsible I forgot my paypal password.. as soon as I get another.. MONEY FOR AMBER.. and lots of kisses.. for her an hugs for you Shirley.. and the rescue.. what GREAT NEWS..

  9. opps i sent my donation to Chip in .. it was not much but please take it for Amber.. 10 bucks!!!

  10. She’ll finally get kisses on her “kiss me here spot” on her head! Thank you so much TNDRD!!!

  11. Yay!! I needed to hear some good news today, so this is great!! Look at the change in demeanor from the cage to this car (not that I blame her, MAS is horrible)! Thanks to everyone who got her out alive!!

  12. Amber looks SOOO happy! Who can’t believe that these animals know when they’ve been rescued–Amber sure knows! Please plant lots of kisses on that spot of hers for all of us, and THANK YOU for saving her!

    1. It would make a nice photo if she got a bunch of lipstick kiss marks on her kiss-me-here spot.

      I’m still on an Amber Is Safe high this morning.

      1. That’s such good news !! In your FACE–>MAS !!!
        Donating $ via PayPal now.
        Great job, Shirley, in rallying the troops! (:

      2. Sending a virtual smooch to Amber’s Kiss-Me-Here spot. And a real donation to TN Death Row Dogs and the reader fund. This is wonderful news. She looks so excited…like she knows just exactly how lucky she is to have the Irresponsible Public on her side. Long and happy life to you, Amber Dog.

  13. That dead baby haunted me. Amber’s story and others like her is the reason we keep on truckin’ despite the cascade of misery and hell we empathetically endure daily. The transformation in Amber upon leaving was amazing and a joy. Thank you Shirley and the rescue TN Death Dogs. We will end shelter pets unnecessary deaths in our lifetime!

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