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  1. Recently I became aware of a cat in NYC that desperately needs a foster or a forever home. He is a pure white cat – looks to be medium hair – and he is terrified. He sits in his cage with his eyes closed. I am trying to get more info so I can help pass him on but if anyone in the NY area is interested here is his info:

    But first, I’m hoping one of readers in the New York City area has it in their heart and home to foster this sweet scared kitty Snowball. My friend Lisa visits vet offices for her job and sees rescue animals all the time. But she cannot get this boy out of her mind, and so I told her I’d post him on my blog today.

    Snowball is scared and needs a patient foster parent (NY, NY)

    He’s petrified and literally sits there with his eyes closed. He’s in need of a patient foster Mom or Dad who can work to gain his trust and socialize him. It’s the only chance he has at every being adopted. Snowball is on Long Island but transportation to a foster home in the area can be provided. Email Lisa if you can help (Lakitty12@nyc.rr.com).

    You can see a picture and the info I just posted at the bottom of this page:


    This guy hits my heart – but with 8 cats i can’t help him myself. I would love for him to have a happy ending. Plus its my birthday so having him get into a better situation would be a great present.

    1. Unfortunatley many many people and animal control departments have sent animals to Boggs Mountain – a No Kill Shelter/Rescue. NOT. Horrendous.

    1. Michael VIck is an idiot and doesn’t get “it.” What he did was horrific and no matter what he does to “make up for it,” nothing ever will. He should spend the rest of his live trying to make amends… and if he was truly sorry for what he did, he would. I’m all for second chances, but most murderers are prohibited from having contact with their victims’ families. Same should go for him.

      1. At 40 some years old I quit anything related to pro sports when the Philadelphia team hired him. I was already feeling like it was a big waste of time and money anyway.

    1. This story needs to be shouted from the rooftops! Finally, a cop with a heart. Lucky pup, lucky man. Wonderful outcome!

      He needs to be training other police officers in how to handle a “dangerous” dog!

    1. I totally disagree with what the AVMA is planning. As long as you know how to provide the right balanced raw diet, it is the best thing in the world. I brought a beloved heart dog back from the brink of death years ago by switching him to RAWFAB immediately and without a switch-over time, and he lived for another two whole healthy years.

  2. This is animal-related: my beloved husband had a heart attack yesterday. I am going to have to put a some dogs up for adoption, and would like any NYS readers/rescuers to contact me at my email if they are interested. I will then provide pics and details. Please help us. I need to lighten the load because I don’t yet know what kind of changes are going to have to be made when he comes home. Also, if any of you pray, please pray for Gary. As for my mental health, well, it’s going to the dogs hahahahahaha. Oy vey.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope you’re networking for them in your region on Facebook. I think if you post photos and share with friends, it will help. Taking photos likely is not a priority now but perhaps a friend could do it for you.

    1. There is a long history of disinformation from sociopath killers. Who wants to admit THEY are wrong?

  3. Oh Morgana, I am so sorry. Healing prayers for Gary and you are coming your way.

    It’s been a tough week, I know we animal advocates see things we shouldn’t see alot. Things that can cause nightmares I know I do on daily basis on facebook.

    So in an attempt to get help and see something lighter today, I am wondering if all you facebookers can help me out. My dog Panda was dumped as a puppy with his mom and siling in the Mojave desert last summer. With predators and temps reachingtriple digits he never wouldve survived. He was rescued by Villalobos rescue center and his rescue was featured on the TV show Pitbulls & Parolees.

    Since Villalobos moved to New Orleans they’ve been partnering with a great rescue Paws in the park, LA. They all work alot with Pibbles. My dog is in the calendar contest they are having right now. I just need help getting likes on his photo so he can make the calendar and I have the least fb friends of any contestant lol and my husband is not even on fb.

    Can anyone go like his photo for me? Your helping a good cause too, getting traffic to their fb page. Here’s the link:


    Shameless I know but thanks so much!

  4. I was reading the Oklahoma Statute on Animals – http://understand-a-bull.com/BSL/Locations/Laws/OKStatelaw.pdf – because someone had posted a petition to stop the Washington County SPCA from practicing BSL (which is against the law there). What I saw in the statute on a different subject outraged me.

    In sections §4-391 to §4-402 it discusses the use of animals from the pound to be used for scientific experiments.

    And if an owner comes forth and wants the animal back the institution has to bring it back to the pound “however, that no institution shall be liable to
    the owner for any injury or illness or subsequent death of
    any such animal, resulting from the transportation,
    detention, or proper use of the dog in its scientific and
    educational activities.”

    So any animal who is unfortunate enough to end up at the Washington County SPCA could be picked up and taken to a lab to be experimented on and this is just fine with the county.

    All of this is outrageous!

    1. I want to let you know that I heard from the Washington County SPCA saying they did not participate in the practice of handing over animals for scientific experiments. But I’m still upset that Oklahoma allows and protects shelters who do.

  5. Interesting information regarding New York Animal Care and Control, which makes it sound an awful lot like Memphis Animal Services.

    I have two dogs adopted from NYACC via Urgent Part on Facebook and Amsterdog, both of whom had big problems at NYACC.

    One was pregnant with full-term pups who NYACC aborted when they spayed her, leaving her full of milk and maternal hormones, which took weeks to subside after Amsterdog pulled her and she came to live with me.

    The other dog had a compound fracture of one hind leg, which NYACC did not treat with any pain medication, splinting, or other medical assistance — he was simply left to suffer with his broken limb. Amsterdog pulled him, supplied medical care which included surgery to place a rod in his femur and a plate to repair his hip, and found him a home with me.

    They are both great dogs who would have ended up in trash bags in a dumpster had it not been for the caring folks of Urgent Part 2 on Facebook and Amsterdog. Undoubtedly, neither would have made it out of NYACC alive, as they would have failed temperament testing — for very valid reasons — and both probably would have caught “the cold”.

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