17 thoughts on “Name That Animal

  1. Ooh, oooh, it’s one of those landcrab things that eat coconuts! Are they called coconut crabs?

  2. I think coconut crab! They can open garbage cans and they’re HUGE. Also, I’m pretty sure his name is Marvin. And he’s looking for a lime…

  3. Coconut crab. They’re hermit crabs, believe it or not, grown extra large. And they’re very tasty.

    When I lived on Guam back in ’80, there were stretches of road that were crawling with these guys at night. Sometimes I’d just park my bike and watch them, feeling like I was in a scene from some 70s eco-disaster flick.

  4. Polynesian Coconut Crab. The world’s largest Hermit crab and the most radioactive food you can eat!

  5. I dont know, but if I saw that thing coming towards me, I would probably run in the other direction!

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