Representative Steve King Derails the Crazy Train

One of our many Congressional nutters here in the U.S. is Rep. Steve King (R-IA). During a recent tele-town hall, he made a comment about dogfighting that naturally got picked up by various media outlets. This is what he said:

When the legislation that passed in the farm bill that says that it’s a federal crime to watch animals fight or to induce someone else to watch an animal fight but it’s not a federal crime to induce somebody to watch people fighting, there’s something wrong with the priorities of people that think like that.

In fairness, I don’t think he intended to indicate support of legalized dogfighting, as some have interpreted the remark.  Rather, I chalked it up to yet another asinine comment from a moronic hater.  I didn’t intend to blog about it DOT DOT DOT

But then he came out with this “clarification” of the animal fighting remarks and I just sort of didn’t feel like giving him a pass anymore:

By the way, in case any kiddie rapists are paying attention, what Rep. King says is “not against the law in the United States of America” is in fact totally and completely against the law in the United States of America. I would not recommend anyone use the Steve King Defense at trial.

26 thoughts on “Representative Steve King Derails the Crazy Train

  1. This just makes one wonder how someone with that mindset could possibly get themselves elected to the legislature in the first place! Makes me embarrassed to know that our congress is so deficient in brain cells.

    1. Because sadly, the people who vote him into office think the same way. He’s also responsible for getting the Ag Gag bill passed that makes it a criminal offense if you report animal cruelty on farms. I think he’s the new poster child for animal abuse. SOCIOPATH!

  2. It seems that if you’re going to put in the effort to backpedal that fast you ought at least try to make sense. And, oh yeah, try to be accurate. This guy’s career is over. He’s goin’ down as fast as Chick-fil-A!

  3. I just finished writing him AGAIN. Told him, after watching and listening, TWICE, to his “clarification,” that he’s actually more stupid than I thought he was, that he needs a remedal thinking class or a brain transplant.

    If he was in my family, I’d be too embarassed to claim him…

  4. Maybe it’s just in Iowa that kidnapping and raping a 13 year old isn’t against the law. Or maybe it’s just that way in King’s insanely stupid mind.

  5. very interesting; how did he get from dog fighting to rape and abortion? And that we shouldn’t have laws against dog fighting until we’ve abolished abortion? ??? It’s amazing and revealing to find out what goes on in people’s heads, isn’t it? I obviously expect way too much from my elected officials. Please keep this video if only for the fact that he admits that his “bird dogs” fight.

  6. Whaaaaaaat? Too bad this guy in a such a position of power cannot multitask. Many of us can manage to care about people and animals AT THE SAME TIME.

  7. The good news: his district has been eliminated. The bad news: he’s running in the newly-redistricted CD 4. His opponent is former Iowa first lady Christie Vilsack:
    I wrote to her to get her opinion on Rep. King’s comments. I’ll let you know if I get a response. She might need to get cash-bombed by all the animal lovers.

    1. All she has to do is say something remotely coherent and avoid characterizing kiddie rape and kidnapping as “legal” and she’s in like Flynn.

  8. Christie Vilisak is a pawn of the HSUS.she has already shown up aas as a donor to HSUS PAC. frying pan or fire .. you choose. She supports Waynes newest raid on dog breeders. the dreaded INTERNET SALE. I don;t like King but I fear Vilsiak and so do my pets.

  9. Oh Please he did not say his dogs “fight” he said they squabble.. so so mine.. anyone who has more than one dog should be able to admit that dogs do argue.. just like harm no foul.. they just do is too bad he used his inane comparison.. I too think people are more important than dogs.. how else would we care of them otherwise

    1. He expressed his outrage that dog fighting is illegal but child kidnapping, rape, and forced abortion are not, and you’re focusing on one flip comment about his dogs? Really?

      1. Sorry, I didn’t see where he wants dog fighting to be legal. He said he doesn’t think watching dogs fight should be a federal crime.

        I’m not sure what the exact wording of the legislation is he is referring to, but I remember awhile ago there was a proposed law to make it illegal to watch videos depicting animal cruelty – cockfighting, dogfighting, crush videos, etc. even if you weren’t involved in their making or actually at the event. If he’s talking about something like that, his response seems perfectly fine to me. Someone shouldn’t be thrown in prison for torrenting a video of a cockfight, nor should someone be made a criminal if they download all the videos on Youtube of bored Iraq soldiers pitting lizards and bugs together to fight and make a DVD of it.

        People were also worried that hunting videos could possibly be argued to count as animal cruelty as well, as some of the groups pushing the law, such as the HSUS, also believe hunting to be animal cruelty.

        Some wildlife documentaries are also set up, including the old “Wild America” series. Staff members admitted to tying prey animals in place so they could be killed by predators on camera in certain episodes. Could this not also be a form of animal cruelty?

        I do believe that his comparison to kidnapping and rape was stupid and unnecessary, however.

        I also find it funny the HSUS is making such a big deal about his comment, when they themselves stated dog fighting isn’t a big deal, which could also be taken out of context. However, King is trying to make it so egg farmers from outside California can sell their eggs there, which the HSUS is vehemently against, so it makes sense for them to want to sensationalize what he said and smear him.

    2. Saying people are more important than animals is one of those blanket statements that with a bit of thinking, really isn’t true. I mean, honestly, we all have people we dislike, even hate, and if you could save them from a burning building, or your most-loved dog, cat, hamster, parakeet, and you picked the human, just because they’re human (let’s just use the horrible president of Syria as an example), you’d be making an ill-considered call. Not every single person is better or ‘worth’ more than any animal. Ted Bundy vesus some kid’s gerbil – the gerbil wins.

  10. I would think that kidnapping and rape would be completely against the law but then again I live in the United States. Where does this guy live again?

    (note sacrasm)

  11. A prime example of giving a “big word” response when all that was needed was a simple statement – “dog fighting is horrid, horrible, and anyone involved with dog fighting should be charged with a federal offense.” No comparison needed. We all know that abusing people is illegal (but “organized” pro boxing isn’t) and rape is a crime, but comparing one to the other is asinine. Each can stand on its own.

    Remember what Teddy Roosevelt said when the press found out he father an illegitimate child? He simple reply was yes, that the child was well cared for (mother had married), and he was taking care of the child and mother financially. Any other questions or comments? Nope.

    Told the truth in a short, simple statement. No comparisons, big words, dancing around the question, no confusions. It’s a lost art. Being able to verbally convey what is right and wrong has become as hard as seeing the difference for some.

  12. He actually has a kind of insanity-Called Nut Cake Syndrome- He speaks in a nonsensical way and needs treatment ASAP – Yes it frightening how we are asleep at the wheel in terms of voting for such creatures. Though I did not vote for him I am guilty for being cynical, having no hope and am basically asleep. I repent!!!
    Wake up call here!

  13. Wow…Okay…So many things to say here.

    First off, why couldn’t he just give a simple “No, I don’t believe in dog-fighting or watching dog-fighting, but I do believe that we need more legislation that would help humans first and that should be our top priority”- something along those lines. Personally I think you can make legislation to help both humans and animals, but let’s face it, our congress sucks and cant get anything done lately, so if it’s one at-a-time, then whatever.

    But then why does he have to bring raping a 13 year old girl and abortion into it? Seriously, abortion is like all Republican politicians can talk about nowadays! So he’s saying that it’s more important to make sure that a girl who was raped, a 13 year old no less, can’t have an abortion if she gets pregnant by said rapist?! Okay, that makes me sick.


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