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You have likely seen the viral photo of an elderly dog sleeping in the arms of his owner while floating in Lake Superior.  MSNBC has got a story posted with some background on the photo.  In the interview, the owner of the 19 year old rescue dog called Schoep talks openly about battling depression and being low-income.  It’s a very moving piece and a touching reminder about why every life is precious.

14 thoughts on “Story Behind Viral Photo

  1. Is there a way that people could donate something to John Unger? It seems that Schoep has received lots of wonderful donations and payment for treatments. I’m so happy about that. I have to feel that John could use some of the same kindness. As a person who has battled depression, I know all too well how he feels or has felt. I would like to make a small contribution to try to make his life a little more comfortable. Maybe if others do the same, it will make a difference in his life.

  2. Adorable. Touching. Moving. Donations have come in to the vet so the dog is getting laser treatments for his arthritis, and he seems to be more comfortable. Also, he is getting supplements.

    The owner will be given some proceeds from photos that the photographer took. She is a friend who admired how kind he was to his dog, and he has not always had work due to his depression. Now his dog is being helped, he is being admired, he may get a bit of money as well, PLUS there are women wanting to meet him because he is so good to his dog!!!

    The photographer says she likes taking ‘relationship photos’, and she has a wonderful FB page, ‘Stonehouse Photography’. She likes to ‘pay it forward’, and help make the world a better place. She certainly has done so with this photo and story and kindness to a friend!

  3. Just seeing the picture was touching enough. Reading the article and interview was enough to make me quite literally weep. What a wonderful man and dog…to any who doubt the strength and joy that animals can bring to one’s life, this is the story they should read.

  4. I haven’t seen such a paean to the human/non-human bond in a very long time. There’s something HUGe in my eyes right now….and my heart just stopped.

  5. I think it shows a lot about the kind of person John is. Those laser teatments coast A LOT and knowing that he couldn’t afford them he got creative with his “floating” treatments And boy did is pay off in more ways then he thought!

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