Shelter Pet of the Day

Submitted by Jody Fisher who saw this very frightened dog in a cage at the Memphis pound on July 28.  The dog had no cage card and no ID collar.  Jody continually contacted the pound to ask about the dog, whom she named Missy. Yesterday, MAS finally issued an ID number to Missy so she can now be adopted or pulled by a rescue group.  This is the photo MAS posted on PetHarbor:

Missy (ID #244852) at MAS, as posted on PetHarbor.

Missy is very scared at the pet killing facility and will probably be overlooked by adopters.  During Jody’s August 4 visit to check on Missy, she asked a staff member to take the dog outside.  Jody says after a short time outdoors, Missy began to relax and act like a normal dog.  Jody snapped this shot:

Missy (photo by Jody Fisher)

Jody is worried about Missy because the dogs at MAS don’t get walked and Missy has already been there for a couple of weeks. If anyone is interested in adopting Missy, please visit MAS or leave a comment here. Jody will help!

Memphis Animal Services
2350 Appling City Cove
Memphis, TN 38133
Phone: (901) 636-1416
TTY: (901) 636-1416

This shelter’s kill rate for January – May 2012 was 65%.

13 thoughts on “Shelter Pet of the Day

    1. Jody kept asking, like every day. When she received a response, they basically *blamed the dog*, if you can imagine. As if somehow the dog got her own ID collar and cage card, weighted them down with cinder blocks and tossed them in the river.

  1. And if Jody can get that kind of picture, so could the staff at MAS and use it to MARKET her. Instead of the “backed into a corner and terrified” shot that they have on Pet Harbor now.

    Tell me again why they aren’t?

  2. You know, I’ve seen the security videos and how people regularly go through the facility with clipboards and look at cage cards and check off boxes on their lists of whatever.

    That an animal would be seen without food or water or cleaning or even an ID and be ignored requires a level of apathy that I cannot imagine.

    How many more are lost in the “system”? Why isn’t Mr. Rogers on top of this kind of poor documentation?

    1. “Why isn’t Mr. Rogers on top of this kind of poor documentation?”

      Because he’s a lazy liar, spending all his time coming up with bullshit excuses and bullshit everything else. Oh, and he doesn’t give a rat’s ass.

  3. I propose starting sponsorship pledges for her and any pet showcased. Rescues (usually local) should be made aware of the fund. This has saved quite a few with the help of Facebook. We just helped save a pit bull yesterday who without this simple grass roots effort would not have had any chance from another lovely shelter (Manhattan). When the chip in reached about $400 a rescue saved her. We will start her off with a pledge of $20 to any rescue. She is precious. Please share.

  4. Thanks, Nicki – but I do what the rest of you do – just try to make a difference. I wanted to update you on Missy. She got spayed and will be leaving the shelter today or tomorrow to meet her potential adopters. They have a 5 yr old dog and if they get along ( Missy LOVES all dogs), this is where she will spend the rest of her life. I can’t wait to post the final update on her. Fingers crossed. And thank you, Shirley, for sharing her ,and for everyone here that have hearts the size of the grand canyon! :)

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