Updates on Featured Pets from the Memphis Pound

Via FOIA requests, I have updates on some of the pets at Memphis Animal Services (MAS) that have been featured on the blog or shared on the YesBiscuit! Facebook page.

Pet ID #242336, as posted on the MAS listings on PetHarbor.

When I saw this photo on PetHarbor, I wondered what chance this puppy would have at adoption or rescue since no one could see his face, let alone fall in love with him. As it turns out, this photo was in fact his only chance since MAS kept him locked away from the public and then killed him. Impounded as a stray on June 16, 2012 and killed on June 25. Oh and yeah, MAS did have a better photo of the puppy, as seen on the records – they just chose not to post it. You know, why bother? Because irresponsible public and stuff.

You might remember this baby’s paw from the MAS PetHarbor photo:

Dog #241196 at the Memphis pound, listed on PetHarbor.com as a 4 week old male Pitbull.

He was impounded as a stray on May 23, 2012 and killed on May 29:

Note the reference to “failing to thrive” which is a term used to describe a neonate who does not gain weight or otherwise seems to be fading in comparison to his littermates. Apparently the vet deemed this pup’s entire litter (ID numbers 241195, 196, 197, 198, 199, 200 and 201) as “failing to thrive” which is highly unusual, especially considering that 4 week old puppies are able to eat on their own (if anyone is feeding them, that is). I turned to the vet records for more info on this troubling diagnosis only to find more disturbing notes:

“No fosters available” would imply that a reasonable search for fosters was conducted and came up empty. In other words, that MAS searched its own database of foster homes, issued a plea to everyone on its rescue mailing list for fosters, contacted the media with a plea and posted the plea on its website, social media sites, etc. but no one answered. To the best of my knowledge, this did not happen. The search for fosters consisted of nothing more than killing the puppies.

Also troublesome is a note in this puppy’s records dated 2010 and referring to Matthew Pepper, then director of the pound. When the public records officer, Chandell Ryan, was asked about this entry, she replied via e-mail, “I advised that my only role is to supply records and that I would verify whether the complete notes were supplied. All notes were supplied.” I take it that’s fancy city lawyer-speak for “Frell if I know. Leave me alone.”


Remember the poor dog they left wearing a padlock?

Dog #243126 at Memphis pound on Saturday, June 30, 2012.

She was impounded as a stray on June 29, 2012 and killed for “space” as soon as her review date came up on July 6. MAS was “unable to scan” her for a microchip but who cares? She probably put that padlock on herself and never had any owner anyway.


I do have one non-horrifying update, courtesy of the so-called irresponsible public, regarding former Shelter Pet of the Day, Paddington.  He was adopted after being pulled by a rescue group from the pound!  Here are a couple of photos of him, courtesy of his new family:

I love this photo.


7 thoughts on “Updates on Featured Pets from the Memphis Pound

  1. There are so many things wrong here, I just don’t know where to start.

    Animals never seen, never marketed, killed for space when cages are available. Four week old puppies killed for “failing to thrive” – no effort made to get them to thrive, of course, just easier to throw them out in small plastic bags.

    “Unable to scan”? WTF does that mean? Our scanner is broken? The dog is too wiggly? There’s a chip but our chip reader can’t read it? Did anyone even TRY with this dog? No, because if they gave a rat’s ass, she would have had that filthy padlock removed on intake. Instead, they left it on her and killed her and threw her in the dumpster with it still on – a pitiful reminder of how many people failed her in her short life.

  2. Memphis Animal Services, the people who work there and the people who cover for their disgrace are the shame of Memphis…

    Killing so many for “space” must mean space they’re filling in their dumpsters.

    Who wants to live in a community where they have no better respect for life?

  3. This is horrible and when will it end?? No compassion and no hope for the poor souls that enter MAS. We recently found a stray 3 month old pitbull puppy. Within 3 days she had a great home. TRY HARDER MAS!!
    Thanks for the good picture too!

  4. Does MAS have special food for the extremely young pups? Usually one mixes a gruel with puppy food and milk replacer formulated for puppies and feed them several times a day. The pup should have seen a vet if it was not thriving. I consider this animal cruelty if they did not do these things!

    Thanks for the update of Paddington-great pictures! At least there was some good news in this blog.

  5. So sad. And what’s even sadder is that this is just the tip of the iceberg. I’m sure the number of pets killed there would blow someone away.

    Hurray for Paddington though!! That picture at the end is just heartwarming!

    And how had is it to take a photo there? Seriously. It doesn’t have to be some professional wedding photo, you just have to make sure the dog is sitting there and that the flash is on. It doesn’t take a genius. My 6 year old niece could do a better job than that!

    1. And speaking of nice pictures, I think you all will get a “kick” out of this one! Not only is this coming very close to being abusive (or is), but you might as well hold up a big sign that says “this cat is dangerous!! Dont adopt him!”

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