No Kill Conference 2012

The No Kill Conference in Washington, D.C. is underway!  I have already noticed this morning several No Kill Conference attendees posting on Facebook including Atlanta Animal Welfare Examiner, Vox Felina, Animal Wise Radio, Animal Farm Foundation, No Kill Revolution and No Kill Nation. Let us know who else you see posting there.

Christie Keith is liveblogging and Valerie Hayes will be too.  If you have links to other livebloggers, please share in the comments.

You can follow #NoKill on Twitter for updates from attendees as well.

15 thoughts on “No Kill Conference 2012

    1. Start putting away one dollar a day, or any amount you are able, in a coffee can buried in the backyard. Then see where you are at by registration time next year. There seem to always be people looking to share rooms. I hope you will be able to attend next year Lisa. You do a very good job with your blog and there will be a lot of good info available.

  1. I didn’t realize I would be In dc this weekend otherwise I would have bought a ticket months ago! Bummed I couldn’t go, but so glad this conference is such a hit!

  2. Jody Fisher from Memphis just sent me an e-mail with subject line “Yay!” and a grainy cell phone snap of Nathan Winograd. She is attending his workshop on leadership.

  3. I read that the presentation on hoarding cases and not killing was standing room only-well actually sitting on the floor!

  4. Now, lets see all that great information everyone there learns be put into action & do more for the cats & dogs this & future years. I saw little or no progress from past ‘No Kill Conferences’, here in Memphis, but then that’s Memphis & Mayor Wharton for you. I hope something from the conference rubs off on MAS.

    I’d love to be there, but my kids (cats & dogs) won’t allow me to go anywhere more than a few hours. But they aren’t an obligation but a privelege & honor to be with them.

    1. AFAIK, no one from MAS attended last year’s conference. I haven’t heard of anyone from MAS attending this year’s either. So I wouldn’t expect to see any progress at MAS made as a result of the conference unless someone from the outside manages to do something.

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