SC Animal Control Officer – ah heck, I just don’t know

Image of Charleston ACO hanging a gator by a chokepole from the WCSC website.

When an alligator turned up 1 mile away from the nearest body of water in the parking lot of a store in West Ashley, SC, Charleston AC came to save the day.  And by “save the day”, I mean:  Snare the gator in a chokepole, drag and lift him by said chokepole and place him in an open wire cage directly next to some poor dog the ACO already had on the truck.

It’s all on video (including plenty of ACO asscrack, in case you are watching at work).  It makes me wonder what handling technique this guy used to get the dog into his cage.

(Thanks Liz for sending me this story.)

19 thoughts on “SC Animal Control Officer – ah heck, I just don’t know

  1. Oh my goodness besides being totally grossed out by the crack. That gator was just a baby! I had bigger ones in my PETTING ZOO! The guy could have pinned it with his copious bulk and by hand put it in a crate. Did he even think to duct tape the gators mouth shut? Prob not! I would love to see the video of him getting the gator out!!! But i guess it is just common sense for this CAJUN on how to handle an Louisiana yard dog!

  2. Another “professional animal handler” at work. No knowledge of how to use a chokepole properly, no compunction about an animals’ full weight supported only by a wire around their neck, no empathy at all.

    How does animal control find so many of these types and why does it continue to employ them?

  3. I LOVE the Ass Crack Officer! Animal Control Departments run by County Government pay low wages and hire the lowest common denominator. They literally SEARCH for people who don’t think outside the box and people who don’t care. When I was hiring at two different facilities – I stated that we needed to elevate the new hires to be thinkers and feelers. The Commissioners looked at me and some literally said “They don’t need to think – they simply need to do what we tell them to do.” The County Governments that are in power are as much to blame as anyone for these travesties.

  4. I am astounded by the fact that AC will pick up wildlife when their staff don’t know shit from shinola about the species! Two things could have happened there: the guy could have had his hand or foot taken off, or the poor critter could have strangled in his stupid chokepole. And clearly, he was afraid of the gator. I swear, sometimes I want to just puke – IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE WILDLIFE, MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THE NUMBER OF THE NEAREST THREE WILDLIFE REHABBERS who DO know how, and without harm to themselves or the animal(s). The animal was already stressed out finding himself in a strange place, you could tell by his body language. Then to have some ass-crack come at him, I think he was saying, where he turns to face the guy: “Hey, bud, I might be a gator on the wrong side of town, but YOUR CRACK IS SHOWING AND EVERYONE CAN SEE IT!!”.

  5. I thought one was supposed to contact the Dept. of Wildlife/Natural Resources for this problem. The SC Dept. of Natural Resources has a list of wildlife removal services. It states that a permit is required if it is out of season and gator hunting does not start until Sept. 8. Do you think AC had a permit? There is a number one is supposed to call for a nusiance alligator during business hours, 843-953-9856 in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties. Anyone nearby that would want to call and see if AC was allowed to pick up this gator?

    1. There aren’t many animal control departments that actually have the necessary Wildlife Permit required. None of them I have worked with here in Tennessee do. It’s a separate liability and insurance coverage as well. I hope someone there calls.

  6. this is not of the most ignorant people i have ever seen . i hope he gets what is coming to him. i am a 15 year old girl and i no that is not how u ketch any animal and that was a small one honestly i could of handled that better

  7. ACOs, or “dog-catchers”, aren’t the brightest bulbs on the Xmas trees. I’ve seen one video of the “dog-catcher” draging a gator with his vehicle out of the crowd’s view, then shoot the gator with a gun!

    I personally haven’t ever seen a compassionate caring ACO. (dog-catcher)

  8. Wow…just awful. And as you mentioned, Shirley, next to the poor dog who was probably scared out of his mind. I know I wouldve been, as a human. She couldve put the dog in the backseat, at the very least. Oh and I love “Ass Crack Officer”! Teehee.

  9. I will say that the ACO’s in my county are fantastic. They also contract with wildlife rescue to have trained volunteers who are familiar with the various species handle any special requests. Those animals, once brought in, are then handed off to the same rescues for rehabilitation (if necessary) and release.

    I do feel a little sorry for the officer. Probably the first time he had to deal with a gator and was terrified to get too close. Not excusing his actions, but just saying we sometimes do stupid things when we are panicky and are also feeling like everyone is looking to us to be an expert (no, I’m not an ACO). I feel more sorry for that poor dog!! It must have been a LONG ride back to the county for him!

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