Worst Neighbor in the World

A pet hating neighbor cited a 50 year old ordinance on the books in North Haven, CT to file a complaint with the town’s zoning enforcement office about a 7 year old girl’s pet bunny called Sandy.  The outdated ordinance states that a property must be a minimum of 2 acres in order to raise rabbits:

The ordinance was put in place about 50 years ago when North Haven was a large farming community, and it was designed to prevent people from raising and selling rabbits and other livestock on less than 2 acres in competition with farmers, [North Haven First Selectman Michael] Freda said.

Sandy’s family received a cease and desist order.  The little girl could not understand how anyone could be so cruel as to force her to give up her pet and her father says she cried every night over the situation.  But the so-called irresponsible public rallied behind Sandy and bombarded town officials with phone calls and e-mails ultimately resulting in the town changing the ordinance to allow bunnies to be kept as pets.  Sandy will be allowed to stay at home with his girl.

I am of course way more mature than a 7 year old girl so it would be irresponsible of me to suggest that she take Sandy out for walks along the edge of the property every single time the neighbor is outside for the rest of Sandy’s life while singing, “Go Sandy! Go Sandy! It’s your birthday!”, holding a sparkler and doing the hula-hoop.

17 thoughts on “Worst Neighbor in the World

  1. I am so relieved the council came to their senses and changed it so she could keep her beloved bunny. Why on earth are people so idiotic and senseless? To take out your hatred of animals on a young girl and her bunny is beyond my realm of reality.

  2. There’s a lot of that going around . . . stupid seems to be a dominant characteristic in some places.
    Glad that the little girl and her bunny get to stay together. Hope the neighbor gets some help – that was just mean!

  3. Literally, LOL, Shirley; not the usual response to your posts. Great story, hilarious comment and perfect visual. Bunny happily on, Sandy, idiocy has been spanked and a giant YAY all around.

    1. Having 4 chickens in my backyard, I’m always worried about stuff like this. Our yard doesn’t touch anyone else’s, and our animal control’s website specifically states we can have up to a dozen hens, but we have *a* neighbor who doesn’t like us (because on the day we moved in, my husband had his van parked in a legal spot but the neighbor didn’t like it, and yelled at my husband to move it, my husband said it was fine and the guy called him a name), and we don’t live in the nicest area, so I’m constantly worried someone is going to do something to our chickens. *smh* people are crazy sometimes.

  4. The good thing about all of this is that a outdated law was changed. I hope the neighbor finds his very own rabbit hole and…oops! *I’m late I’m late for a very important date!*

  5. This type of action is happening in many places these days, as the anti-pet crowd (“animal rights” movement true believers) deliver their poison into the mainstream and *enable* mean-spirited individuals in their aggression towards pet owners. We can change that, but it’ll take making the anti-pet and anti-breeder actions of AR-led organizations (e.g., H$U$, A$PCA, PeTA, ALDF, et al) *socially unacceptable* when they attack animal industries and individual owners through their propaganda mill BIG LIES [google the term].

  6. I guess owning one rabbit is the same as raising them! One needs to be careful about pet hating neighbors as I had one that called the zoning several times and claimed I had 9 dogs and that the yard smelled because I did not pick up after them and none of it was true. These people can make your life miserable!

  7. The problem is that nasty neighbors can complain with impunity. We need to have laws on the books that when a neighbor makes a bogus complaint that requires any action by the government, they have to pay for the cost of the response to their complaint.

    Wont stop all of it, but it sure would put a damper on AHoles. We have a neighbor like that, so everytime we do something that is within code, she calls with an exaggerated scenerio. So anytime we do something, we call code and tell them what we did and to expect a call from the NutJob. We have become good friends with code and saved taxpayers money to boot.

  8. I first thought you were going write about an ex-neighbor I had that poisoned 3 of my dogs, killing 2 & messing up the 3rd. But this is really a good story. At least the neighbor didn’t poison the rabbit.

  9. Some people just dont have anything better to do with their time. Karma will eventually catch up with that neighbour and it will not be pretty. live and let live.

  10. LOL! this is just about as dumb as it can get isn’t it! Stupid old woman! Is she an old maid or something? I love the idea you had.. I’d do it even if the girl’s family had to take turns doing it to her every time the old bat is outside!!

    Oh.. talking about old laws and ordinances … the small town in VA, where I live, there is a LAW still on the books here that you can actually HANG someone if you catch them stealing your horse! Honest! It’s on the books! Amazing…. good thing I had to sell my horses before I moved back home from Georgia.. .. I just thought that was just a funny law to still be on the books.. but not for this little town!

    Thanks for the great story about the girl and the rabbit.. You go girl! It’s your birthday! lol!!

    “Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened” Kathie


  11. Wow! What a crazy neighbor! So glad the little girl got to keep her beloved pet. What is wrong with some people? Id be careful with the pet around the neighbor though. Ive seen too many times where a neighbor just ups and shoots a dog for accidentally going on their property for just one second. I wouldnt put it past these people to do the same for a rabbit. Keep it inside.

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