Kershaw Co, SC Pound Reports False Lifesaving Rates

Kershaw Co, SC contracts with a non-profit group, the Kershaw Co Humane Society, to run the pound.  That group is operating the shelter primarily as a pet killing facility where roughly 3 out of 4 pets were killed in 2011.  And yet the HS issued a report to the county breaking down its kill rate by month with astonishingly low – and false – kill rates:

I have asked about these false numbers but no one has offered any explanations.  I want to set the record straight:  The Kershaw Co pound did not kill 3% of its pets during any month in 2011, nor 10%, 11% or anything even remotely close to those numbers.  It killed 73% of the pets in its care in 2011.  Although I asked repeatedly for the 2011 stats from the HS, I never received any responses.  I ultimately had to FOIA the report from the county which is when I discovered the false kill rates being reported.

If you receive a report on how your local shelter is doing, be sure to check the claims made within it.  Not everyone is truthful in their reporting and especially those who know what they’re doing is wrong and want to hide it from the public paying their salaries.

From the 2011 stats for the Kershaw Co pound:

  • Total Intake:  4328
  • Total Killed:  3147
  • Kill Rate:  73%  (not included on report)

Kershaw Co can do better.  A new Facebook page has been set up to help advocates fight back against those running the pet killing facility and their failure to save lives or even tell the truth about what they are doing.  If you would like to add your voice to those supporting the right of shelter pets to live in Kershaw Co, please “LIKE” the No Kill Kershaw County page on FB and join the conversation.

14 thoughts on “Kershaw Co, SC Pound Reports False Lifesaving Rates

  1. Thank you, Yesbiscuit!, for keeping us informed & your tireless work getting involved to keep the light on the evilness within “shelters” everywhere.

    When will everyone else stand up & scream loud enough to stop the killing?

  2. This is nothing but pure SICK and INHUMANE!!! and they are all a bunch of LIARS!!! Is there ANYTHING AT ALL WE CAN DO ABOUT IT????? PETITIONS DON’T HELP.L.. I WONDER IF A BIG GROUP OF PROTESTERS WOULD????? I KMNOW IT WOULD ‘T HUT EXCEPT FOR THE FAC THAT THEY WOULD BE PUT IN JAIL! WHICH WOULDN’T HELP THE ANIMALS ANY.. THE MAKES ME SO MAD I DON”T KNOW WHICH WAY TO TURN!! sorry about the caps.. I am just so mad at the lying and paper switching and the whole thing .. I just wish I could do something about the whole thing…. Do they actually expect people to BELIEVE THIS CRAP??? I DON’T THINK SO! I wish THEY coudl be put inthe cages and sit and wonder if THEY were going to be put to death at any time……………….. “Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened” Kathie


  3. I tried to work backwards to see where they got their low percentages from, but I can’t find how it was done.

    1. I attempted to do that also – seeing if perhaps they singled out a certain category and counted only those pets in the “euth rate” while ignoring the others but I couldn’t come up with anything either. As far as I can tell, their “euth rates” are based on nothing real. Just some low numbers that might impress donors or the county that holds the contract.

      1. Hand waving! See? We run a GREAT shelter! Pay no attention to the real numbers behind the curtain…

  4. How is it that the month where they kill the most animals for *space* is the month with the lowest percentage?! How does THAT work?
    Maybe the Euth Rate column is for the number of employees that actually had to stick needles in animals?

  5. Who is responsible for reporting these numbers? How do we know which ones are correct? If the shelter is intentionally reporting incorrect numbers to make themselves look better, what can be done about that? Perhaps County Council needs to investigate, ASAP.

    1. I’d like to know that answer too. Do you have a step-by-step instruction sheet has to how/who and what forms to use to get this information? I’d like to do it at my local shelter.

      1. You can file a FOIA request with the custodian of records – usually the shelter or an official FOIA officer for the county. Check out your county’s website to see if they have a link on FOIA requests. Some provide all the necessary info to citizens on their website which makes filing easy. Let me know if you need help.

  6. This is awful…but doesn’t really surprise me. Nothing surprises me from shelters anymore at this point. Did they just pull these numbers out of their you-know-whats? Who can we contact about an investigation on this, the county council members?

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