Bonded Pair of Strays Would Have Been Better Off on the Streets of Memphis

A pair of bonded dogs impounded as strays on July 2, 2012 by the Memphis pound and referred to by the “Friends” as “Beagle Brothers, Huey and Louie” were posted on Facebook on July 14:

Screencapture from Facebook.

As indicated both in the FB comments and in the dogs’ records from MAS (obtained via FOIA request), an area resident offered to foster the pair.  It appears as if the foster tried repeatedly to get the dogs out of the pound but due to a cough which turned into an “exposed to distemper” stamp of death, MAS refused.  These are the final 3 comments on “Friends” FB post for Huey and Louie, after the foster mentioned the illness:

Screencapture from Facebook.

On July 20, the day a comment was posted stating the dogs were being treated in Isolation and thanking the head of the “Friends” for “watching out for their well being”, Huey and Louie were in garbage bags on the kill room floor.  They were killed because of a cough, which did not immediately respond to antibiotics, while a foster repeatedly offered to take them out of the shelter.  The July 20 notes indicate the shelter was “over capacity to care” and an additional note was added later that day mentioning the exposure to distemper.  The kill records for both dogs indicate they were killed due to health and space limitation with a note that says “coughing/Iso full”.

(Note:  The records are slightly confusing to read.  It appears interim director James Rogers originally put the dogs on the kill list on their review date, July 7, due to “space” but whatever the reason, they weren’t killed but were instead vaccinated that day – a full 5 days after they were impounded.)

Could these dogs have been saved if MAS had vaccinated and begun marketing them upon date of intake, July 2, so that their owner could have redeemed them or an adopter could have taken them home before they ever got sick?  Could they have been saved if a plea had been issued to the public for a foster willing to provide appropriate isolation and care once they began coughing?  Could they have been saved if anyone at MAS was doing their jobs or if any of the volunteers were willing to stand up and advocate for these dogs’ right to live?

I don’t know the answers to these questions and tragically, no one ever will.  But I know there is no excuse for killing pets someone else is willing to save and little reason to expect anything but death from a place that killed 70% of its animals in the first 7 months of this year.

How many more, Memphis?

18 thoughts on “Bonded Pair of Strays Would Have Been Better Off on the Streets of Memphis

  1. I think the fact that “Friend” Jeanne Chancellor enables the killing sickens me more than anything else…

  2. What beautiful dogs – and how very sad that they never had a chance. There is a culture of cruelty and killing and it starts at the very top – mayor and runs through the administration to the killing facility director and straight through to the so-called friends. These animals simply do not have a chance to survive. And, yes, these pups would have been so much safer on the streets. Isn’t that sad?

    1. The FB thread is still up; it would appear as if the potential foster/adopter may have spoken to Jeanne.

      If I understand the postings correctly, she went to MAS and tried to adopt this pair and was denied because of “possible distemper”.

  3. I call bullshit on the ‘distemper’ ‘diagnosis.’ Was that done by the ‘vet’ there? I say the ‘cough’ happened because of shitty use of catch poles – if it happened at all, which I don’t actually believe either. They are all lying sacks of shit!

  4. Not Beagles, English Coonhound PUPPIES– and I would guess fully purebred. Sometimes I wish MAS would just implode. Yes, we’d lose the animal inmates, but the human garbage would go too. I think I’ve come to end of my rope.

    1. I knew they weren’t beagles but wasn’t sure if they looked enough like blue tick coonhounds to be purebred. They do appear to have big paws in the above photo but MAS listed them as 1 year old.

      1. And MAS thinks that Labradors come in “calico” too. My guess is that these puppies were about four months old. The English Coonhound has recently been admitted to the AKC (under the slightly moronic “American English Coonhound”) I tried to post a reply with a link, but it didn’t go through. If you do an image search for “English coonhound” on google, you will see the breed. Breaks my damn heart.

  5. Actions speak louder than words…. The only actions MAS is capable of is killing….I hated reading about this and the fact someone wanted to foster …. I am truly beginning to believe Rogers is confused about what it means to get “the numbers up” – it appears he thinks getting the KILL numbers up is a positive… Anyone out there that can explain to him otherwise? ( sarcasm) I guess ignorance is bliss in his world. Dang, I am absolutely disgusted!!!

  6. So, they were both vaccinated for distemper nine days before reported exposure. They are also listed as “too young” for heartworm testing, but what it really is is that they don’t bother to test for heartworm unless they know that the dog isn’t leaving in a plastic bag out the back.

    For all we know, these dogs were related (likely) and both had an allergy to the crap food that MAS feeds. Or seasonal allergies to weed pollens. I have a dog right now who coughs like he’s going to die every year at this time because of his seasonal allergies.

    MAS’s priority is not to get animals out alive. What is MAS’s priority? Because right now, it looks like killing.

    1. The “too young” for HW testing makes me think that, despite the records indicating they are 1 year old Beagles, someone there realized they were Bluetick Coonhound puppies (or mixes). They just didn’t bother to correct the records in Chameleon so an owner could actually find them that way. Cos you know – who cares, right?

  7. NOW you see what I’m so afraid of with this Texas rescue group I’ve been telling you about. I”m so so afraid they are nothing but a killing field! They need our help darlin.. I don’t know where to ask, to turn or just what to do, but this can not keep on going! Every animal in that shelter ws going to DIE! they don’t do much vetting there from what I’ve read either. but they LOVE to kill!! I can’t stand much more of this! WE are the only voice they have you know that, right? Let’s be that voice. I’ll be happy to help. write letters etc.. I’m just too far away to physically help even if I were able.. which I’m not. but I still adore our baby!! Thanks daaarlin! “Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened” Kathie


  8. Heartbreaking. Look well cared for with nails recently groomed, probably had an owners frantically looking for them. I wonder how many owners they turn away stating their dog isn’t there. Well cared for is doublespeak for killing is kindness.

  9. These PATHETIC ASS COWARDS @ MAS are all they are and just that a bunch OF SPINELESS PATHETIC ASS COWARDS. THAT’S ALL THEIR ARE THERE AT MAS. I CAN’T SAY ANYTHING MORE ABOUT THEM WHEN THEY’VE MURDERED OVER 70 percent of these beautiful and healthy ” well healthy as can be from a fucked up shelter that don’t give a damm one way or another.” So finally, Someone either the State of Tennessee or the County that Memphis resides in needs to come in an take over control of MAS coz right now they are running a CLUSTERFUCK OPERATION THERE RIGHT NOW. This ASSHOLE Assistant Director needs to PULL HIS HEAD OUT OF HIS ASS AND SMELL SOMETHING OTHER THAN HIS OWN FECAL MATTER. COZ STUFF ISN’T HAPPENING THERE FOR THESE BABIES AND THAT’S WHAT THESE JERKS ARE THERE FOR TOOK.LOOK OUT FOR THE WELFARE OF THE LESS FORTUNATE AND THE VOICELESS.

  10. MAS has to go. Starting at the top with ACWharton. And it seems that Mr Rogers’ neighborhood can’t spell “love, “compassion”, “no kill”, and above all, “truth”. Notice his kill rate is rising as well. MAS = Massive Asshole Stupidity”. When is there going to be action from Memphians?

  11. how terribly sad…..i have five rescues…..the rejected, broken, imperfect cast-offs that no-one wanted…..yes, there were, and are, health issues…..but i dealt with them, and i have five happy, reasonably healthy beagles…… i look at my babies as my children….. you wouldn’t put your kids down if they were sick or exposed to an illness, would you???? from what i understand…..alot of shelters receive $$$ for the animals they put down, so my guess is it’s a money issue too….. i can’t understand the mentality…… praying for these babies….. they are with God now…… and He will deal with those responsible come judgement day!!!!

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