Online Reports of Kitten Left to Suffer at Tipton Co Pound

Kitten with leg partially chewed off at Tipton Co pound in TN, as posted on

A reader alerted me to this post on Facebook and the subsequent ChipIn set up to fund rescue of this kitten.  Assuming the posted information is accurate, a mama cat was recently impounded with her litter of kittens at the Tipton Co pound in TN.  It appears one of kittens had a leg partially chewed off.  Bone was protruding and there was marked swelling and redness at the site.  The pound reportedly left the kitten without veterinary treatment of any kind for days.  Rescuers are now trying to collect funds to pay for care of this kitten and the rest of the family.  (Note:  I do not personally know the rescuers or the people who set up the ChipIn and the link should not be considered an endorsement.)

Once again, we see a tax payer funded shelter failing to do its job and the so-called irresponsible public having to step up to do it for them.  If a breeder left a kitten in this condition, HSUS would be in their fancy truck, doing 90 m.p.h down I-95 to get their logo attire in front of the television cameras, showing off their “rescue” efforts and posing for photos to be used in donation ads.  But since its a “shelter” allowing the kitten to suffer, HSUS will probably give them a prize.  Or cupcakes, at least.

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  1. I recently saw a comment from a shelter employee who states that the kitten was doing just fine. Nursing, the leg showed no sign of infection or oozing. The mother cat was taking care of it as normal, no signs of distress. Whilst I’m a huge fan of sensationalism, I’ve seen shelter employees act immediately on life threatening cases. It’s neither here nor there, though. Clearly the kitten has been dealt a lousy stack of cards, the owner, obviously careless enough to not get the mother cat spayed and then dumping her and her babies at the shelter… which is usually a lose/lose situation for an unwanted/unloved animal in this area. I hope the best for all the babies.

  2. Really, no signs of distress? Let’s cut part of your leg off and see how you feel. I don’t care if there was infection or not, it’s only a matter of time. Anyone with half a brain would know that if part of your limb is severed, you need medical attention immediately.

  3. I surely hope the rescue is able to come through for this mother and her kittens. What a tough way to start in life . . .

  4. Is this family still in there? Although I understand the whole notion that it takes money to do anything and rescues need $ to rescue animals, I hate to think this kitten is sitting there in pain while a Chipin needs to be filled first before it gets pulled. Even if there is no infection now, there is a great possibility of it and no animal should be left in pain. Who knows if this shelter gives pain meds? Please keep us updated on this family!!!!

    1. My understanding is the shelter gives no vet care of any kind. The only hope the animals have is the “irresponsible public”. To make matters worse, there appears to be a culture of enabling among the volunteers.

  5. I spoke with Tipton Animal Shelter this morning
    and was told that the kitten “went to rescue” yesterday. He said that they think the kitten was born with his leg like this. I have no way of knowing if any of this is true…but I hope that the kitten is getting needed medical attention.

  6. It’s possible the cord got wrapped around the leg and cut off the circulation. Or the leg had a minor wound and the mother chewed it off.

    Is it legal for a shelter to provide no veterinary care at all? I mean…what would be the difference between the shelter not providing care and an owner not providing care?

  7. The mentality exemplified in this post makes me sick. From the H$U$ to shelters today…everything. Im sure the H$U$ will make sure that they are their shelter-of-the-month donor buddies next month. *shakes head*

  8. My super foster/friend recently took in a kitten who was found in a local park – named her Ruby – Ruby’s leg looked similar to the photo – while there was no immediate infection with Ruby’s malformed leg – problems did develop – Ruby had to have surgery – problem corrected NOW Ruby has a great home in Seattle….I hope for the same for this wee one and her family.

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