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Screengrab from PetHarbor.

Local advocate Jody Fisher has been trying to get information about this dog from the Memphis pound but most of her questions seem to be ignored.  This is the limited info she has obtained:

Dog ID #246219 was impounded with a large hole in him which the vet stitched up and placed drains in the area.  He is heartworm negative, neutered and vaccinated.  His review date (the date he becomes city property) is today.  Jody tried to put the usual 72 hour hold on him allowed by MAS but they made it complicated.  First they said she’d have to pay $15 a day for “boarding”, then when she protested they said she didn’t have to pay the boarding but she would not be allowed the usual 72 hour old.

So in an effort to do the job MAS should be doing, Jody has been given just one day after the dog becomes city property to save him.  Her hold expires tomorrow at 5pm Central.  MAS has not specifically said they will kill the dog if Jody doesn’t take him but they never say that.  They just do it.  I’m sorry I can’t provide more solid info but we’re working with what we have here.  Please share this dog with any person or rescue group you think might be able to help him recover from his wound and get him into a permanent home.

MAS has the dog listed as a brown Chow although in the only available photo of him, he looks like a red Golden to me.  MAS told Jody the local Golden rescue had evaluated him and determined he is not a Golden.  Certainly a single photo can be misleading but I am prepared to say this dog is not a brown Chow.  At any rate, he is a dog in need of rescue.  Contact info for the pound is below or if you are unable to go to MAS yourself, leave a comment here and we will help.

Memphis Animal Services
2350 Appling City Cove
Memphis, TN 38133
Phone: (901) 636-1416
TTY: (901) 636-1416

This shelter’s kill rate was 70% for January – July 2012.

39 thoughts on “Shelter Pet of the Day

  1. I have very serious doubts that MAS contacted any Golden rescue, local or otherwise. MAS is not known for making an effort to get pets out alive and contacting rescue groups has never been a priority.

  2. I’m sharing with my network…thank you once again Shirley…and to Jody Fischer who continues to confront the bunch of crap that MAS gives to her each and every time she tries to save, adopt, or walk a dog. If this baby isn’t a golden, then maybe Irish Setter…either way – beautiful and needing help.

    1. This dog looks like an Irish Setter to me too. I’m sorry, Jody, for the hell that MAS always dishes out when you try to help the dogs. I don’t think MAS asked any rescues to take her….they are just too lazy to do that sort of search.

      1. I was thinking one of the setter breeds too. So totally NOT a chow. Even if he happens to have a purple tongue, he is so not a chow….

  3. Shirley, thank you for sharing this with your readers. This is so frustrating – it isn’t like they don’t have the space for this dog – there are definitely many empty kennels…..I don’t understand why MAS hasn’t reached out to the public, for help . Clearly he needs medical attention (24/7). I hope we can generate some interest from your post. Again- thank you!! Why they won’t let me try to help him, I will never know (well, that’s not true – we all know!)

  4. THIS NOT A CHOW.. repeat NOT A CHOW.. are they jsut f”’ing stupid? The dog look like a retriever of some type.. thansk to all who can help but horrible that they are some dumb they cannot even ID a retriever from a CHOW

  5. I am so sick of reading these things (probably almost as much as you are receiving and sharing them). They have space. They have vets on staff. Why are they making this so hard (“because they don’t care and they can… I know). S/he looks like an Irish Setter mix a bit – maybe why the Goldens turned their back? I wish like hell I could take in fosters…

    1. I had an idea that maybe I should let all of our dogs die off naturally and after that (they’re all senior-ish), maybe I could convince Billy that we should take in only fosters. That way, when he threatens to leave me (every other day) due to the crazy dog situation, I can come back at him with “It’s only temporary!”

  6. Are there any breed rescues in the area that you KNOW are being contacted? It’s almost laughable how stupid those folks at MAS are and how bent on killing animals (and alienating anyone who wants to help the animals) if it wasn’t so sad.
    SMH . . .
    If there’s anything we can do from afar, let us know.
    Hope this guy gets outta there (alive) as soon as possible.

  7. I would not trust any breed ID from MAS nor anything the employees say! Are there any rescues in the Memphis area that looks at the dogs in this shelter? He looks like either a Retriever or a Setter but I have been wrong before. He is definitely not a Chow though. He looks to have a really nice coat.


    1. If there is a charge for boarding, do we have any money left in the chip-in fund to help with that? RIght now, I just want this dog outta there alive!

      1. Yes we have plenty of money in the ChipIn. I just figured we’d use it to pay for vet expenses and such as that. I never thought we’d have to pay MAS to not kill an animal while we tried to do their jobs for them.

  9. What in the world- that dog looks nothing like a chow! I’d say some sort of setter/retriever mix, at best.

    Anyway, it’s so awful what Jody has to go through all the time for these animals but I am thankful that we have her! Major kudos, Jody!

    Any news? I’m afraid to ask actually lol…Hoping for the best!

  10. I think that they lie as they go along. I requested the kill rate to date and she didn’t have it. Let’s put them on the spot and continue to call and complain! Maybe they’ll realize that we aren’t giving up!

  11. I just checked PH for this dog and he is not on the list anymore. Hoping against all hope that Jody got him out. Does anyone know?

    1. I am hoping to get an update from Jody on Saturday. AFAIK, the dog is still at MAS. I don’t know why they would remove his online listing. How is anyone supposed to find him (if owned) or adopt him if they can’t see him anywhere?

  12. IF we can get him out, and figure out a transport, we could take him. It’s the transport part that’s the hardest. And I concur, I thought Irish setter mix, when I first saw “Chow chow” on the post, I thought WTF, then I remembered we were dealing with MAS.

  13. I just recalled more of the lies I was told when I talked to MAS! I asked Brandi Jackson why they weren’t letting people bond with pets they wanted to adopt. She denied this. I asked why they weren’t doing more adoption events and she said they do them all the time. I asked why some animals were kept out of the public’s view. Silence! I asked why it took so long to punish animal abusers. She said Jackson has arranged for training! I told her you can’t teach anyone to love a pet! They’re cruel sociopaths! I asked her why they prefer to kill animals rather than allow them to find homes and live happy lives. She said they euthanize not kill. I told her heart sticks is killing not euthanasia! I told her things aren’t improving and we’re sick of it. I also told her I would be posting her name and private number and she can expect plenty of calls from advocates who are as disgusted as I! I told her we won’t give up! We are the voice for the animals and we won’t keep quiet until changes are made. I also mentioned the incident about the idiot who dangled a dog with a choke pole while it peed and pooped itself! We’re sick to death and I told her I would continue to call Wharton until I get him to listen!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Who is Brandi Jackson? Do you think it would make any difference if we started calling her (or most likely she would stop answering her phone)? If so, all of you who are reasonable and smart about how to handle these things, what approach would you suggest if we do get a hold of a real live person? (If I had my way, I’d say some not-very-nice things that might make me feel better but wouldn’t probably help the animals any.)

  14. I’m sorry I didn’t get her title, but at least she talked to me and I told her I would be sharing her contact info. I was transferred to her when I told whoever answered the phone that I had several complaints. I think she must be a step higher. Also she didn’t object when I told her we would be contacting her with any problems. I don’t hold much hope since it’s MAS, but at least it’s a real person and she admitted talking to Jody. Anyway her number is 901-636-1433! I don’t know what good it will do, but it’s a contact! I don’t think she realizes how many of us there are and she may get fed up, but I told her I would be sharing the info!

  15. I wasn’t all that nice when I started talking to her, but them I changed my approach and tried to be nice, though I hate those people! She was on the defensive, but I told her it would do no good to deny the accusations as a lot of info is on tape! Also I don’t think she was happy to hear that I’m trying to reach Wharton and that I refuse to give up until positive change is made. I told her she’s lucky I don’t live in Memphis because I would be on the doorstep daily until positive change is made!

  16. **UPDATE** I went to MAS to pay his boarding fees but was told he got adopted on Thursday, September 20th… Really?! I received an e-mail from Tracy Dunlap at 4:51pm Sept. 20th giving me the fees to board THIS dog. I also sent 3 emails yesterday, but of course, no one would or could give me the courtesy of a reply… I sent “them” an email earlier asking for an explanation. I am not holding my breath for an answer. By the way, many empty kennels today!!!!

    1. I don’t understand how a place with such an abysmally low adoption rate managed to adopt out a dog with a hole in him who was not in a cage where the public is allowed to go. And the fact that they told you to come in and pay for his boarding at a time when he wasn’t even there and then simply ignored your follow up e-mails doesn’t sound legit either. Something rotten in Denmark.

  17. O. M G. I am so sorry, Jody. Why do they insist on playing these games? It is just plain vicious the way they treat you. It seems that either they know what they are doing or one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing. Either way I don’t hold out much hope for any of the animals that are sheltered there. Their entire goal is to kill as fast as they can and they are doing that. God willing someone will clean their clock soon. It’s enough already.

  18. Arlene, I agree with everything you wrote….. Just when you think they have reached an all time low, they don’t disappoint me, they just go lower…..enough IS enough!

  19. I think we need to ask for his records because I do not believe them. He is a beautiful dog, but I don’t trust them at all.

  20. I personally think that there needs to be more heat directed toward Hooks and Hall. Those two have it pretty cushy….they make all the rules and take non of the heat. Rogers is spineless or he would stand up for what is right. He knows darn well that nothing about MAS is right the way it is. He is a puppet!

    People of Memphis should show up at the city council meeting; not the advisory board meeting. The City Council meeting. They should demand that immediate changes be made at MAS. If they demand and expect better they will eventually get better treatment at MAS. The animals deserve it and they should have it.

  21. Any updates on this guy?
    I hope I’m wrong, but I’m guessing there’s a better chance that he’s dead rather than adopted.

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