21 thoughts on “Lucky 13

  1. she looks terrific
    “animal crackers and cocoa to drink, that is the finest of suppers I think..
    Happy Birthday Sweetheart

      1. Then you can sing ‘Strange Things in My Soup’ for her –

        Strange things in my soup,
        That’s what I found there.
        Little tiny things
        That move around there.
        Looking down I see,
        They’re looking up at me.

        Soup was meant to be
        Completely free of all extraneous debris
        Except for now and then a noodle or some rice
        But these things aren’t nice.
        See them swimming, splashing, thriving,
        Holy smoke, they’re scuba diving.

        (Allan Sherman)

  2. She is beautifull!! We had a beagle for 16 years and she looks just like him. There aren’t that many beagles that look like like them. Seeing her picture brought tears to my eyes. Happy Birthday Graham….. I am glad you have such loving parents.

  3. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! I’m surprised there even was a “crunch” after they made you wait so long for that cookie! Here, it would have been swallowed whole :)

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