Case Update: McCracken Co Humane Society

The two employees at the McCracken Co Humane Society in KY who were charged in connection with improper pet killing and falsifying records have had their day in court.

Beau Anderson pleaded guilty to 9 counts of animal cruelty last week and received a one year sentence, most of which is probated.  He began serving the required 60 days in jail on Monday:

Anderson will remain on probation for 2 years and can no longer have a job where he is around animals.

Last month, Mr. Anderson pleaded guilty to “falsifying business records, which led to a seven day suspended sentence and a $100 fine.”

A jury found shelter manager Dalena Hall guilty in August on 10 counts of improperly killing cats:

She received a 60-day sentence at the county jail and a $250 fine.

Ms. Hall is appealing the ruling and is still employed at the McCracken Co Humane Society.  Her attorney, Jeremy Ian Smith, has all kinds of legal shenanigans up his sleeve:

He also criticized the prosecution’s case saying Hall had been charged with improper euthanization of cats but a certified animal control agency or even a cat had not been defined. A cat, he said, is a feline older than three months but the prosecution had not proved all animals involved met that definition.

We’re talking about someone who has worked at this shelter for 23 years and who was killing pets unlawfully according to a jury.  But she hasn’t served a day in jail and in fact still holds a job sheltering animals because her lawyer wants to argue about the definition of a cat.

Shame on the McCracken Co Humane Society for continuing to employ someone convicted of improperly killing pets.

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12 thoughts on “Case Update: McCracken Co Humane Society

  1. Time to clean house – top to bottom. Why is that woman allowed near the animals, much less paid to work around any animals. Yeah, shame on those who allow this to happen.

  2. Glad for the punishment, but sad for all the poor animals that suffered at the hands of cruel, inhuman and inhumane people.

  3. None of these employees should ever have a job dealing with animals! I wish the jury would have given each of them this requirement.

  4. Wow! What a stupid defense! (defining a “cat”). At least they are getting some sort of punishment though. Its not as much as I would like, but its more than a lot of other animal abusers get.

  5. Such a sham…and she’s still sucking down a salary as a county employee – racking up retirement hours and health insurance benefits while breaking the law and killing animals…Michael Vick wasn’t even sentenced NEVER to have animals again…so these cases certainly won’t get that sentence…

    1. Exactly. I hear of so many stories like this, where the people dont get NEAR the amount of jailtime/fines/etc as they should, regardless of the publicity for it. Is it because of jail-overcrowding? Or is it simply apathy for not caring about how to do you job correctly (as a judge)?

      1. Many are union employees and I would assume the union backs them up. I also do not think judges understand animal cruelty and its impact on the community.

  6. That’s just like a lawyer, defending those with the most money. I hope all invilved are hounded out of business & away from animals by the public.

    Just how many lawyer jokes are there? …One, all the rest are true.

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