More Pets Go Missing from MAS

Kitten #240135 was impounded by Memphis Animal Services (MAS) on May 1, 2012. She was listed as a 1 month old female. As of September 18, there is no outcome for this kitten. The entirety of her medical records consists of a single exam on May 2 containing the note “too young”.

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The records clerk was asked three times (once on the initial request and twice in follow up e-mails after the records were received) for the outcome records for this pet. The records clerk confirmed there are no other records. There is no record that this kitten was adopted, went to rescue or foster, died in her cage or was killed by MAS. This kitten is not in a cage at MAS to the best of my knowledge and hasn’t been there for months. Where is kitten #240135?

Puppy #244868 was surrendered to MAS on August 9, 2012. He was listed as a 4 week old male weighing one pound. On August 10, he was dewormed and vaccinated. I don’t know if he was ever seen again because the only other notation in this puppy’s record is on September 15 when the MAS veterinarian reported that his “location and disposition are unknown”. Where is puppy #244868?

Puppy #244812 was impounded by MAS on August 8, 2012. He was vaccinated on August 9 and someone expressed an interest in adopting him on August 14. I don’t know if he was ever seen again because the only other notation in this puppy’s record is on September 15 when the MAS veterinarian reported that his “location and disposition are unknown”. Where is puppy #244812?

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Are these babies unaccounted for due to shoddy record keeping or is there some other explanation? What happened to these pets? Are they alive somewhere? What staff members were signing off on the daily cleaning, feeding and care for each of these pets?  How does a shelter with such a notorious history of pets going “missing” continue to lose pets? When is Memphis going to clean up its act and get rid of everyone there who participates in and enables this unacceptable state of affairs? Fire. Them. All.

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  1. Sloppy documentation is symptomatic of a system where NO ONE MAKES GETTING ANIMALS OUT ALIVE THE TOP PRIORITY.

    Sloppy documentation is rife throughout MAS. Animals “missing”, animals killed too soon, animals not fed, whole rooms of animals “forgotten”, animals with medical conditions left to suffer…

    Pet Harbor records are still not maintained properly – they are incomplete, improperly maintained (old data left on, new data not posted), and still no one bothers to add staff comments about animals in that could help owners find missing pets or help adopters choose pets.

    No one bothers to maintain a current list of potential fosters for bottle babies.

    No one knows how long an animal has to live after the hold period is up because the kill list is constructed in an apparently random fashion. Animals in the adoption area (including Pet of the Day) are not safe from the kill list, either.

    The whole system is treated in a careless fashion that results in unnecessary deaths and suffering, rescuer/volunteer abuse and burnout, and emotional shut down of the paid staff.

    For all we know, these pets are being sold out the back door to dog fighters for bait. Where is Mr. Rogers? Why is he not putting a stop to the slipshod record keeping?

      1. Right. He’s part of the problem. I think we all knew from the beginning of his tenior nothing was going to change. He’s Mayor Wharton’s buddy & obviously thinks just like him & the reason he was placed there.

  2. We have the same kind of “record keeping” down here. When it was discussed about overhauling our “shelter”, the record keeper was quoted as saying, “you don’t touch my computer”. That should say it all.

    1. What happens when the person goes on vacation or takes sick leave? I guess no one does the work! When employees have that kind of attitude, the employer needs to check up on them. Many times it turns out they are stealing or doing something illegal.

  3. #244868 – a 10 week old male Black Lab Puppy listed as weighing 1 pound? ONE? And #240135 – the kitten is only listed as “TOO YOUNG” – for what? And all three of these babies are missing. Given the horrendous people that have been allowed to work at MAS it makes us all think the worse for these souls.

  4. Whenever pets just go “missing” with no other documentation, especially at MAS, my first thought is “dog fighting”. But these puppies are most likely way too young to be a bait dog, and I’ve never really heard of them using little kittens for it either. So my most educated guess is just crappy record keeping. They just simply don’t care. If they don’t care enough to get them out alive, or even enough to feed them and give them medical care in most cases, then why would they “waste their time” with record keeping? They know where the animals are going to go eventually. Which is even more of a shame because those sweet little babies would’ve been adopted QUICKLY had they been given proper time. But I’m sure they are now in the big MAS hole of dead animals by now.

    1. not too long ago I read a story about a litter of tiny puppies being tossed to a dog to kill that was a fighting dog. There was an arrest made, but I never did see anything about that case later on.

  5. I can’t help but think the “usual” has happened to them, that they were killed but the killer was just too busy (lazy) to pull the tag or list that they were killed. Maybe even “practiced” on by a new killer employee. But you know a visitor couldn’t of walked out with them, because visitors are only allowed an “usher controled ” 10 minutes of time inside, according to the rule book.

  6. And for Mr. Rogers who seems to think that the Chameleon training went great – that missing puppy #A244868?

    He’s still posted on Pet Harbor as adoptable today.

    The Pet Harbor records are not kept current. The Pet Harbor records are not complete. The Pet Harbor records are missing vital information (where strays were found, which animals came in with offspring, identifying markings, records of injuries noted, etc.).

    But the purpose of the Pet Harbor records is to get animals out of the shelter alive, and I know that that’s not a priority for MAS.

  7. FoMAS has a dog up on their FB page who is up for adoption – ID # A246637.

    This dog, who is reportedly “HW+, in the adoption area, spayed and ready to go to” has never appeared on Pet Harbor.

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