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A pair of ACOs in Sullivan Co, TN were charged with animal cruelty for holding a cat with pelvic and tail fractures in a cage for 6 days without treatment before killing him.  Their attorney argued that the cat was not suffering because he did not bite the ACOs.  A jury found both ACOs not guilty and they are returning to their jobs.  (Thanks Ona for alerting me to this story.)

Because 9 dogs exhibited unspecified symptoms consistent with parvo, the Pickens Co pound in GA killed 62 dogs.  (Thank you Clarice.)

The State of VA has ordered Dogs Deserve Better to put the 8 dogs at its Good Newz Rehab Center into foster care.  (Note: pay site)

That dang irresponsible public in Memphis supports kitty rescue group House of Mews.  (Thanks George for the link.)

Instructional video on how to acclimate barn cats (Thanks Arlene for the link.)

Are $10 wild horses sold by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management for adoption actually going  to slaughter?

No kill tuna tourism<——thing I’ve never typed before

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  1. I was able to read the article at that annoying pay newspaper site by quickly selecting “all” and very quickly copying before the popup blocked me, then pasting into a text file.

    So there.

    All the article and a lot else copied over.

    Know what didn’t? The ads.

    They may want to think about that.

  2. I’m trying to decide, with the first story, if I should be appalled by the witnesses’ and jury’s ignorance of feline behavior, the defense attorney’s cynical use of it, or both. I think I’ll go with both. I’m not too bad at multitasking.

    A long time ago when I was on jury duty and was among the potential jurors being interviewed for a case for which a quack doctor was going to provide expert testimony, the judge stopped the proceedings about half-way through my interview to instruct all of us, that we weren’t permitted to question whether or not an expert witness allowed by the court was, in fact, qualified to be such.

    Gave me a cold chill, that did, and whenever boneheaded decisions like this are made, I often wonder if there was any scientific or medical testimony given, and if so by whom.

    1. Eucritta, yes, it’s scary. My neighbor once acted as an “expert witness” in a case that involved the death of a dog. The dog was killed in her own enclosure with a metal pipe – blood, broken teeth, all that. But the guy who did it got off because my neighbor testified that the dog might have died of bloat.

      My neighbor’s credentials as a “dog health expert”? He trained dogs in the army 20 years ago. Yep. He was also a fellow lawyer and friend of the defense attorney. Guess who got a nice fee for helping a dog killer get off? Yep.

  3. It is utterly baffling to me why these things are allowed to happen! The justice system is broken, the shelter system is broken, the people raising children are “broken”. This does not bode well for the good old USA.

    People need to be held accountable for the things that they do wrong and if they themselves don’t own their errors someone has to hold them responsible. The people need to speak up and get rid of the lawyers and judges and bad shelter directors and staff. The animals surely can’t speak for themselves.

  4. It makes me want to seriously ask the question in open court: “Does everyone here realize that a cat can not speak and say the words “My broken back hurts”? I wonder if the case involved a mute human, would the caregivers be let off because the person never told them she was in terrible pain?

    1. Sadly, yes, this sort of crap does happen with people, and yes, it’s usually with the most vulnerable. ProPublica’s got up a database of nursing home inspections, for instance, that’s pretty damn depressing reading, and the consequences, when there are any, tend to seem trivial – even downright picayune – compared to the misery inflicted.

  5. I wonder if we had “an eye for an eye” system if this horror would continue. I think not. Those who inflict the pain and suffering on other beings certainly would be the first to scream if it was done to them.

  6. How could broken bones not hurt? Are they all idiots? I actually know one of the defense attorneys. I can say that he is not stupid, but rather heinously immoral.

  7. If that poor cat had bitten them, they’d have said it was proof he was vicious, not evidence he was in pain. Everyone involved is scum, and no, I do no except the jury. We all know broken bones hurt.

  8. Hello, Shirley-Update on Ollie. Her mom is still with her, and we are still in need of a future placement for Ollie. I had one inquiry from a very nice person in Pennsylvania, but our ideal is still someone within driving distance-Ollie’s mom would really like the person to spend some time with Ollie before the pup has to move. I have agreed to take Ollie into my own home in the interim, if need be, but we are really in search of a home near Memphis for her, once her human can no longer care for her. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks!

  9. Awful stories. Or at least the 1st, 2nd and 5th ones are. Not sure what to think on the others. Thanks for the updates!

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