Sweet German Shepherd Dog Killed at MAS

Dog #245894 at the Memphis pound. Photo by Jody Fisher.

Dog ID #245894 was impounded as a stray by Memphis Animal Services on the night of September 5.  Her review date is listed in her records, obtained via FOIA request, as September 11.  However on September 7, there is a note that a person was interested in adopting her.  A second potential adopter was recorded on September 8 with the note “will be here at 11:00 to adopt”.  But dog #245894 was not eligible for adoption on either of these days since she was being held as a stray.  I don’t know how this mix up occurred because local rescuers have told me on numerous occasions that MAS is very strict about not allowing any access to stray pets before the hold period has expired.  I don’t know if either adopter actually attempted to adopt this dog or what happened if they did.  In any case, she had not been adopted on her review date so Jody Fisher requested a hold be placed on the dog while she networked her.  She was given just 48 hours.

Dog #245894 at the Memphis pound. Photo by Jody Fisher.

The medical history for this dog is also troubling.  The dog received no exam or vaccines upon impound and in fact did not receive any vet care until her review date, September 11, when she was given a heartworm test.  On September 13 – eight days after impound – the dog was weighed, dewormed, given a topical flea treatment, and vaccines.  The following day, a “mild dry cough” was noted.  The day after that, September 15, she was moved to isolation for treatment of a “moist productive cough” and the vet noted:  “Tracy Dunlap to contact rescue.”  The next note is on September 18 from Tracy Dunlap:  “OK to decide disposition.  No rescue stepped forward for this dog.”

There are no notes documenting that any rescue groups were contacted between September 15 and September 18 or any other time regarding this dog.  As far as I know, no pleas to rescue groups registered with MAS were ever issued for this dog.  If they were, and again – no evidence exists of any rescue pleas to the best of my knowledge, they would have had to say something like, “You have 2 days to get this coughing dog, who is in heat, out before we kill her.”  This would be a challenging plea for any group to respond to, had any plea ever been made.

A supervisor put the dog on the kill list immediately after the “OK to decide disposition” note because of “space needed”. Space was not needed. MAS had plenty of space for this dog, just like they always do. But they killed her the next day anyway.

There are so many failures here, it’s painful to count.  If the dog would have received vaccinations upon impound, maybe she never would have gotten a cough.  There was obvious interest from the public in this dog and she would have been easy to adopt if no owner reclaimed her.  If rescue groups had been contacted and the dog had been aggressively marketed from day one, she would have almost certainly gotten out alive.

Dog #245894 was needlessly killed when other options to save her were ignored.  How many more, Memphis?

19 thoughts on “Sweet German Shepherd Dog Killed at MAS

  1. This tears my heart up! This should be seen on the Memphis news stations by everyone. Anyone with a heart will know immediately that this dog was not given a chance. Dunlap does NOT do his job! Coleman does NOT do her job! Rogers does NOT do his job.

    Memphis, GET RID OF THESE SO CALLED HUMANS and get those that really care about the animals.

  2. This dog is typical at MAS – taken in, never networked, no one pursues people who are interested, no one contacts rescue groups, no one there advocates for the dog, dog is killed.

    It happens over and over and over again, day after day at MAS. And yet they think they’re doing “just fine”. When leadership doesn’t care about getting animals out alive, when job descriptions are not written to get animals out alive (or even proper care), and when killing is the default option, this is what you get. You get MAS and every place like it.

  3. My heart breaks every time I see a beautiful animal destroyed by those very people whose job it was to “shelter” him/her. I have no doubt that this dog would have been very easy to adopt, but I guess that’s not what MAS is all about. Much easier to just kill her.
    RIP Beauty – you deserved so much better, as do all the animals who end up in such hell holes.

  4. You are right! Those in charge truly do not care!! Actions speak louder than words and THEIR actions are disgraceful (and I am being kind with my words). There are so many people that DO care and give suggestions to Rogers – he yeses you and does nothing. He will tell you how he is going to turn this shelter around – yada yada yada – lip service at it’s best.

  5. THIS dog was amazing! She couldn’t get close enough to me through the metal door of her kennel…..she melted into my hand, as most of those dogs do. She clearly was someone’s pet because she was wearing a red collar….she cried everytime I walked away from her….this one stays forever in my heart…..

    1. That makes her death even more horrific – if she was clearly someone’s pet then they should have done everything in their power to reunite her with them. I hope that the owners find out what happened and raise hell with MAS – still services (as in killing services) as far as I’m concerned. There is no sheltering going on there.

    2. Oh wow! That is so tragic and heartbreaking. This poor animal.

      And this story is so infuriating, on every level.

      As KateH said down below, they pumped money into this dog for medicines and what not..wouldnt the most logical thing to do be to try to get that money back through adoption fees?? Why are these people so downright stupid??

      1. Stupidity could be a potential explanation. As could a desire to kill pets that is so strong, even common sense, public pressure and basic human decency can not overcome it. We just don’t know.

  6. On Facebook Friends of Memphis Animal Services is using a new LOGO that says Friends of Memphis Animal Shelter. Unless the MAS has changed names this group has chosen to use the word “shelter” instead of services for a logo. What a crock. This place is the worst excuse in the world for a shelter or a service. Either way they stink and there is no excuse for the stuff that happens there.

  7. This breaks my heart. How do these people sleep at night?? This horror continues….when will it stop?

  8. There is a special place in hell for people like this and I pray for no mercy – just like they gave this beautiful girl…RIP GSD…

  9. So sad and happens over and over and over at so many animal controls across the U.S. Waste of life, and waste of tax money, to just catch and kill when the public now wants and expects better.

  10. Considering that they say that she was given vaccines, heartworm testing, deworming meds, and a flea treatment – which they may or may not have really done – they may have put money into her that they could have recouped by adopting her out.

    Shit-for-brains, as my mother would have said.

  11. I don’t understand why this place cannot improve. Obviously there are caring volunteers at this shelter, but many times I have read that they have been chased out or banned from the shelter. This dog was gorgeous and a GSD rescue somewhere would have taken her… Memphis is very centrally located and a midwest, east coast or southern GSD rescue could have easily been found for this dog. All dogs should be vaccinated upon entry in an animal shelter, within 24 hours if not immediately. Such a shame… I hope these people don’t sleep at night… they sure have caused enough death amongst pets and angst amongst humans. Ask for help if you can’t do it yourself… take criticism with a swallow and start correcting what has been called a very corrupt and heartless operation. Who do they have working there that has compassion for animals??? Doesn’t sound like many there are [compassionate].

  12. I am so sorry to hear this. I remember my experience. . .came the last day to pick her up since no had claimed her. She had been in the cage shaking like a leaf, thin as rail and they told me she was unadoptable. She weighed 32 pounds and was at least three years old when I got her. . and had been use to people. Her purpose was to fed to pitbulls to increase their confidence. Yes, she is not full blooded. . .looks wolfy vet said is between a german shepard and husky mix. Today. . .you should see her and the sweet dispostion she has. . .I’ve gained her trust and my niece but no one else really. She is very large and healthy. . .and quite beautiful to look at. . .loves tummy rubs. It is corrupt . . and I hate they fixed her. Unadoptable huh. . .everyone needs a not second chance but chance at life. What picture she is today. . .just that sweetheart behind those bars would of been I”m sure.

    Makes me want to cry for her too. . .ok so did cry. . sorry the world doesn’t what we are loosing. . .until its too late.

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