Shelter Pet of the Day

Photo by Jody Fisher.

Calvin is dog ID #246495 at the Memphis pound. We have a chance to save him.

Jody Fisher requested a hold be placed on Calvin until Saturday, October 6 so that we can network him. Someone put a new nylon collar on him prior to impound but no one has claimed him and he is available for adoption. Calvin is heartworm positive but we have money available in the reader fund to help with treatment so don’t let that discourage you if you are interested in him.

Please share Calvin with your pet loving friends and contacts so we can help him get seen by the person who wants to take him home.

Photo by Jody Fisher.

Here is a short video of Calvin at MAS getting a treat. Look how good he is!

Memphis Animal Services
2350 Appling City Cove
Memphis, TN 38133
Phone: (901) 636-1416
TTY: (901) 636-1416

This shelter’s kill rate was 70% for January – July 2012.

15 thoughts on “Shelter Pet of the Day

  1. Calvin is a gem!!! I met him, for the first time last Saturday. He was incredibly stressed out, and to be honest, I just wasn’t feeling it with him…I couldn’t get him to wag his tail and he just seemed like he wanted to get away from me – the sooner the better. Well, that my friends, is what happens when these pets end up at MAS, THAT was NOT who he was – and every pet in there needs a chance to have some time to “adjust” while in there (if that makes sense). So, yesterday, Tracy brought him into one of the “meet and greet” rooms, so I could have some more one on one time with him….he was a different dog. I almost cried. he wagged his tail, and his body language told me he was very relaxed. He got lots of treats and loved, loved, loved being touched/petted. Please share Calvin with anyone and everyone. He deserves a chance, as all of the others in there, to find his permanent home and not end up in the dumpster. Thank you Shirley for posting this handsome guy!

    1. Daily walks would do much to alleviate the stress experienced by impounded pets. I wish MAS would allow the public to walk dogs. Dogs who are walked make for a healthier and more adoptable shelter population. And besides that, it’s a basic social need for dogs to have individual human time every day. Nothing takes the place of one-on-one interaction and it’s terribly sad that MAS will not allow that.

      1. But keeping them healthy and more adoptable is simply not a goal – but should be. Who will take this beautiful dog? Soon, while he still is healthy and not going cage crazy, please . . .

    2. I want to make a comment on Calvin being HW+. Being HW+ is not an issue to me and shouldn’t be to anyone else. I brought two HIGH HW+ dogs into my home and treated the with SLOW KILL.. I am very happy to report that neither dog has had any issues. Vets don’t want people to use SLOW KILL because it takes the BIG BUCKS out of their pockets. Please don’t let his being HW+ keep you from giving this dog the life he deserves.

    1. If you click on his dog ID# which is below the first photo, it will bring up his Petharbor photo.

      1. Thank you, Jennifer – didn’t see that! It’s a great shot and such an aberration for MAS to take, you know?

  2. Aww. Adorable dog. Hope he gets adopted soon! I dont know much about this Tracy person (thats the guy in the chair right?) he one of the..”good ones” ? Lol

    1. I’m having trouble making my response family-friendly…and I’ve deleted it about three times. So, yeah. Let’s just say that Tracy is fully invested in the culture of apathy at MAS and leave it at that.

      1. Ahh okay lol Thanks Mikken. I guess I just assumed he was “good” because he was giving treats and sticking around. I figured if he wasnt “good”, he’d be rushing Jody out the door or just wouldnt even be there at all.

  3. Love your answer for Jessica, Mikken. I just couldn’t think of any words that would pass the “polite” test and state the truth at the same time. Good job!

    1. Update- I visited Calvin on Saturday. I made sure he got outside for fresh air . He really is quite the happy go lucky dog- lots and lots of tail wags!!! I felt so sad when he had to go back into his kennel. Up to that point, I had not heard him bark, but once the door shut , he barked and barked and whined…..he enjoyed his time with me – he definitely wants human attention – as well as all of pets in that place…..I asked to continue my hold, but Rogers wasn’t available for me to discuss that or write the check to “board” him there (as was asked of me previously) for a few more days…..I hope someone, somewhere can find a place for him to go to – he is a super cool dog !!!

  4. I posted this on facebook but want to make sure you know that if someone can get him out of there I will pay 100% of kennel time until he gets a foster or adopt. I live in tiny apartment in San Francisco right now with my husband and 14 year old dog and am unable to foster but I can give money. I’m absolutely serious! How can I get in touch with you?

    1. Thank you Deborah. As of this comment, we have no one to pull him however we are working on it and, since another person has offered to foster, I am hopeful we will find someone. I will post an update on the blog as soon as I have any confirmed news. My e-mail is if you need to reach me.

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