We all want the same thing – but some need dessert too.

At a public meeting last month, Kim Alboum, the NC director for HSUS, told a group of Person Co citizens concerned about the fact that the local pound was gassing roughly 7 out of 10 of the pets in its care:

“I can’t tell you just how far it goes to just stop at the shelter with some cupcakes or cookies if you have an issue and say ‘let’s just chat’.”

Totally.  Because people who stuff puppies, kittens, dogs and cats into a gas chamber hand over fist instead of doing their jobs should be rewarded with baked goods and social activity.  Then, when they hear your ideas on how they could stop killing pets and start saving them whilst downing your culinary delights, they reform themselves.

Maddie’s Fund seems to have jumped on the idea of advocacy through confections and has this tip for those wanting their local shelter to stop killing community cats:

Email or call the animal control director and ask if you can come by for a short talk. He won’t answer your call or email? Stop by with a couple dozen donuts and see if you can catch him in his office. If you get to talk to him, great; if not, leave your business card with your cell phone number asking him to call you. Leave the donuts and spend some time talking to whoever you can, taking care not to get in the way of their work.

Yeah, don’t get in the way of their work and make sure you are not blocking the aisle in front of the gas chamber because that is a heavy traffic area.

If you are wanting to save the community cats currently being killed by your local shelter director and he refuses to even reply to your e-mails or take your calls, you should definitely run right out and get a couple boxes of Krispy Kremes to personally deliver to the pound.  But why stop there?  Wouldn’t a bouquet of daisies be really sweet?  How about a heart shaped box of assorted chocolates?  Because remember, you are really asking a lot from your paid public servants here.  You are asking your shelter director to start doing his job when he’s already clearly indicated to you that he is not interested in what you have to say.  But of course a box of savory deep-fried pastries will have him reforming the pound in no time.

(Thank you Ryan for the link.)

22 thoughts on “We all want the same thing – but some need dessert too.

  1. When people would ask me about bringing “Treats” – I told them to bring dog and cat supplies and treats. I bought my staff lunch and treats out of my own pocket and lunches for out weekly meetings. Money spent on baked goods sure isn’t the answer!!! My staff soon realized – when we lengthened our adoption hours – just how POSITIVE the media and the citizens viewed us…AND how positive THEY felt doing the “right thing” – which was a HUGE change for them and the county. WHEN is this walking on egg shells pandering to Animal Control going to END? ONLY WHEN citizens VOTE OUT the Mayors and Commissioners of counties who havet this SICK view point.

    1. “WHEN is this walking on egg shells pandering to Animal Control going to END?”

      Excellent question. The answer is apparently not today for HSUS or Maddie’s Fund at least.

  2. The bottom line is that the shelter near me wants to have their volunteers come in and clean and do paperwork. Excuse me? You all are getting a decent salary and you are sitting around, texting, shooting the breeze, smoking and running errands for snack while you should be cleaning, feeding and caring for the animals. The volunteers should be focusing on exercise, socializing and training of the dogs and cats.

    1. Wendy – I totally agree with you for the most part. I did NOT allow volunteers to answer the phones or do paperwork or clean. Why? Because of the reasons you stated above – the AC staff received a paycheck to do these things. HOWEVER – I didi have volunteers who did kennel “sprucing up” during long adoption hours – when we were slammed with people and the puppies had accidents in the kennels. Also – I do know that many of the faciliites in rural areas are not staffed with enough people on the county payroll to clean and feed much less vaccinate, etc. BUT – this is the Director’s job to communicate this to the Commissioners and TELL THEM and document what they need to get the job done at AC.

    2. I have to say, I somewhat agree but disagree at the same time. While your feelings may be accurate for the particular shelter you are near, it’s not the same everywhere. My volunteers are expected to come in and clean; mop floors, wash litter boxes,etc. If any volunteer thinks they work harder than I do, I would welcome them to come in at 4:30 every morning and stay until 6PM or even later. They can do that for 7 days a week just like I do and they would change their tone pretty quickly. Needless to say, I don’t have that problem, as my volunteers don’t whine about doing dirty work. They know that most of my day is spent doing the same while the admin duties pile up. In fact, they see and understand the work load I have and even offer to be on call or come in an extra day just so I can get some time away from the workload to have somewhat of a “normal” life. By the way, my paycheck equates to $2.17 an hour.

  3. Is this their answer to no kill? YIKES! We are all in trouble.
    Maybe if they did their jobs we’d feel like taking treats in – but when they have trouble doing what they are paid to do because they are so busy killing animals, it’s a no go for me.
    Who in their right mind would even suggest this? And why?

    1. I’m pretty sure if I failed to do my job, deleted my boss’s emails asking me to do my job and refused to take his calls – I would get fired, not given cookies.

  4. Shirley you kill me! :-) Sarcasm – just one more service we offer! LOL. Yea, why not get them all gift cards to Walmart?? What about a team-style T-shirt blitz, maybe with the “Hello Kitty” logo for all the staff and supervisors? I think it’s a GREAT idea. hahahaha

  5. So basically they want bribes to even consider doing their jobs and saving animals? When treats won’t get you in to see someone, what next – cash? How sad that this is the mentality of people who hold the life of innocent creatures in their hands. What a disgrace.

  6. Bring cookies or cupcakes-wth! What happened to bringing donations for the animals, not for the human. When I would pick up or visit a dog for a rescue group from a shelter, I would bring a donation. I would ask the shelter first for what they need. I have given cat food, dog food and treats, laundry detergent, and monetary donations. Another reason against giving food is that someone might have a dietary restriction and the food could go to waste.

  7. So.. Since the HSUS never responds to my phone calls asking them to do what the donors pay them to do..for one help shelter animals ( as HSUS commercials) I guess I should drop off a box of donuts.. Then.. Just maybe maybe they will speak to me….and..help save shelters animals and reforms shelters..
    And… YES.. I know they never will…just use shekter animals to dupe well intentioned people..

  8. don’t forget to buy them lunch. From the same article: “…you are now ready for another visit with the director. Hopefully this time you may be able to suggest a lunch meeting…. If you do get a chance to go to lunch, you will want to discreetly pick up the check.”

    1. Most government employees are not allowed to accept gifts over a certain amount or an amount per year or not at all if the company has a contract with them. She is recommending that government employees break the law. Now you have to wonder how often she and the employees of HSUS, have done that. It sounds like something that needs to be investigated! The rule is probably different for federal, state, county, and city employees. One would have to research each case.

  9. Good god, they really said that?!? “Bring cupcakes”?!? Just when you think they can’t sink any lower….

  10. Wow. “No, I wont do my job that I am being paid to do. But maybe if you bring me in some cupcakes and donuts, I may think about it”. Despicable.

  11. this is just the attitude i get from the director at our county shelter… he is IMPORTANT and BUSY and you are inconvenient… he allows rescues to pull and volunteers to market the pets and they had better be grateful for the privilege… anyone who has anything negative to say about the hours or the policies of the shelter, even on facebook, will not be tolerated — who DO these people think they are?

    1. I do not think they understand that they are public employees and their salaries are paid by the taxpayers. They need to be reminded of that fact. Many times the employees are union members and it can be difficult to fire them.

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