MAS Director Breaks Policy Rules for His Boss

Earlier this week, a local advocate was trying to save a dog for whom the Memphis pound was doing ZERO marketing and interim director James Rogers was all like, “The MAS Policy Manual does not allow for a non-owner to put a hold on an animal.”  Well I think that’s a lousy attitude and a terrible way to treat someone trying to do your job for you but whatever.  The rules is the rules.  And rules must be obeyed.  Unless of course you are LaSonya Hall, James Rogers’ boss:

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Even though the public was told at the most recent MAS advisory board meeting that ACOs are 1000 calls behind, they were able to promptly respond to a July 31 call from LaSonya Hall who had a loose dog on her property. And despite what the MAS Policy Manual says, records show Ms. Hall was allowed to place a hold on this dog for a friend:

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Quick review: If you are a member of the public who regularly helps save animals from the bind-torture-kill room at MAS, you get squat. But if you are LaSonya Hall:

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Mayor Wharton – clean up this mess.

17 thoughts on “MAS Director Breaks Policy Rules for His Boss

  1. Rules are rules. Oh, unless we don’t want to follow them, of course. Then they’re “guidelines” or “suggestions” or “out the window”.

    I like especially how the priority level of the call is 1PRIO – top priority. I’m sure a small poodle loose usually rates that, right?

  2. Hmmm…I see the as part of the email address! I know of another person who was treated like royalty that had a email address while I and an actual rescue, that used to take pictures of the dogs in stray hold and network them on FB, were treated like garbage and as if we annoyed them. I guess you have to work for the city and then the rules don’t apply to you!!

  3. I’m glad they bent the rules for this snarky poodle mix and I hope that his new owner adores him. I wish they’d extend this courtesy to more people and more animals.

  4. Let’s see…….using government computer for personal business……knowingly asking someone to break the rules for you when you demand others follow them to the letter…….knowingly breaking those same rules to curry favor with those in authority……Tsk, tsk, tsk…..Shame on all of you! Grounds for dismissal I’d say!

  5. They actually saved one and didn’t torture him? That is even more amazing. Plus they got the instructions right and didn’t even kill him by mistake. One less pet to escape their guillotine. Maybe the “doctor” can call in a hold and get a friend to take one everyday and save 7 a week, that would be nice.

  6. Good grief .. this is just a mess.  They have someone ready willing and able to adopt the dog and is just more than likely getting a place ready for him to come home to . I don’t feel there is anything wrong with putting a  hold on the dog.  It’s not the people we’re worrying about is it?  Isn’t ALL this supposed to be about the ANIMALS???  It’s their voice that we are  using and I’m sure they would much rather not fight and just go ahead and do what’s right and save this dog!  Too much infighting for me.. They all need to wake up down there and figure out every thing they do is supposed to be FOR THE ANIMALS WELFARE!!!  NOT THE HUMANS!   

    Come on Memphis.. and all the people that are supposed to be advocating for these animals..  shut your mouth, put the hold on the dog, get it adopted and wow.. guess what.. you will have actually accomplished something!!!! 

     Again, God Bless and just try to work together people .. it’s for the animals. not the people.  We are the only voice they have and I’m sure they would agree with me.   Thanks and if I’ve stepped on toes, sorry I don’t apologize.  It’s just the right thing to do.  I’d much rather see a little bit of nepotisim than the destruction of an innocent animals life.

    Good Luck!

    Katherine              “Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened”                               Kathie


    1. Yes and no.

      First, there are times and places when it’s not possible to work together. MAS happens to be one of those places, where not only do their policies make it extraordinarily difficult for anyone outside their crony system to pull pets, they’ve a track record of changing their policies on the fly to deny access at whim.

      Second, any time a policy or law is applied unequally by those with the power to enforce it, it’s an ethical problem, and a very serious one – one that erodes faith and invites corruption. In this case, the very same people who have willfully and at times whimsically denied access to rescue and ordinary citizens, have bent over backwards to provide service that should be routine as a special favor to their boss.

      So. Am I happy this pooch got out and into a home? Absolutely. But I also have very serious qualms – beyond reservations – about how it happened, and because of these I’m not about to celebrate. Thing is, if it takes this kind of pull to get reasonable service from MAS, what implications does this have for ordinary pets and people?

  7. Are you a friend Katherine? Whose? You condone saving one and the killing the hundreds? Don’t think so……looking at the bigger picture is important. Realize that yes, working together is the thing to do. However, a level playing field would be nice for ALL of the animals. The same rules for ALL the people. Just fairness….that’s all. Don’t appreciate being told to shut my mouth either. How rude!

  8. I notice that when it’s someone “important”, they can be bothered to make great, big, life-saving notes on animals’ cards, too.

    People who have offered to foster animals, adopt stray animals that they brought in if no one else does, etc., those notes get “forgotten” and animals are killed even though they had people interested in them. No big notes in red and blue markers on their cage cards, just a shrug and a “I don’t know why they didn’t call you, that animal was euthanized yesterday”…

  9. Not being able to put a hold on an animal at MAS is a major problem especially if this includes rescues! How can one make sure they do not kill an animal if rescue is wanting to pick it up? Are rescues even able to get animals from MAS? Does a rescue have to go through Friends of MAS? I am a volunteer for a 501c3 breed rescue and I would like to know in case I ever see a dog of my breed at MAS!

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