Lancaster Co Pet Killers Need to “Step Up to the Plate”

The Humane League of Lancaster County in PA will cancel its 8 municipal animal control contracts in the upcoming months and begin operating as a limited admission no kill shelter in February.  Critics are concerned that municipalities aren’t being given sufficient time to secure new AC services.  Connie Kondravy, co-founder of the Organization for Responsible Care of Animals, has some additional concerns as well:

  • “Animals running in the streets”
  • “Pet overpopulation”
  • “I’ve been in this business 30 years, and I never thought I’d see this day.”
  • The Humane League is going to become a “little boutique shelter.”
  • “[P]eople are just going to be dumping animals right and left.”
  • “It’s absolutely insane.”

Also:  GAH!

And speaking of absolutely insane, Ms. Condravy warns that someone needs to “step up to the plate” because:

“When you have a no-kill shelter, someone else is going to have to kill.”

Right.  Because killing pets is the one and only plan that could ever exist in any realm of possibility.  Never mind the fact that there are dozens of open admission no kill shelters all over the country.  Never mind that killing shelter pets hasn’t solved anything anywhere ever.  Because it’s easier not to do the research or the hard work of saving pets and simply blather on about animals running in the streets.  A brilliant plan with no drawbacks.  Unless you’re a shelter pet of course.

(Thank you Jan for sending me this link.)

7 thoughts on “Lancaster Co Pet Killers Need to “Step Up to the Plate”

  1. “Organization for Responsible Care of Animals”. I do not think those words mean what she thinks they mean…

  2. “Someone else is going to *have to* kill”. But no one wants to kill shelter pets right? Why does it seem in our topsy turvy animal sheltering world that “responsible” is always a code word for KILL? Not to worry I fear they will get others that don’t “want to kill” to do so 1-2-3 instead of checking into the No Kill Equation and creating a No Kill community. I hope I’m wrong. ( FYI Shirley, the first link in your story above is not working)

  3. What citizens need to understand and what these political people need to start being truthful about is that “Limited Admission” does NOT EQUAL NO KILL. That’s NOT the equation – and the sooner people hold these name dropping BS spewing people accountable for what they are really stating the better for the animals AND the communities.

  4. Another one? GEESH, I just don’t get it. What about NOT killing do these folks not understand?
    Lancaster County also houses one of the largest groups of puppy mills (think Amish) in the country, too. And this is the state that pays for dead dogs?
    Not thinking Pennsylvania is anyplace I want to visit anytime soon.

  5. Since Lancaster Co., PA houses pretty much the largest area of puppy mills in our country, this thought process doesn’t surprise me much. But I hope that this does happen. We need more no-kill shelters, less puppy mills.

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