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Buffalo Humane in NY is running an adoption promotion for black cats this Halloween and explains why in a blog post. (Thanks Clara for the link.)

Longtime readers might recall pet advocate Barbara Koblinksy’s efforts to save pets from a cruel rabies policy in Putnam Co, WV.  The fight cost Ms. Koblinsky her county job, twice.  Both times she went to court and won.  Hurray for free speech and thank you for keeping up the fight Ms. Koblinksy.

After the acquittal of one of the former Memphis pound employees on animal cruelty charges last week, lawyers for the other two who were charged in the 2009 raid are seeking dismissals(Thank you Arlene for the link.)

A police investigation of the Stockton Animal Shelter in CA, which falls under the authority of the police department, found that pets were being killed illegally. But the department stands behind the director because she was only breaking the letter of the law, not the spirit of the law. Anyone not under the authority of the police department care to try that out as a defense in court?  (Thanks Clarice.)

The VA Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center has added a full time behavior consultant in an effort to help make the animals more adoptable.

The religious ritual killing of fully conscious food animals by Jews and Muslims may be regulated in the Netherlands.

NYT has a video visit with photographer William Wegman and his Weims at home in Maine.

A child’s letter, 1956:  Dear Frank Lloyd Wright, My dog “is two and a half feet high and three feet long.”  Would you design him a dog house?

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  1. Great article on black cats. I just forwarded it to my local ac/hs. Finally, someone with some common sense and a heart for the animals. I hope the day will come when this is the majority of what we read and the other stuff is a rarity.

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