Teach us about compassion, James M. Rogers

Cage card of an apparently healthy, friendly 6 month old puppy whose owner died. She was surrendered to MAS on October 11, 2012. (click to enlarge)
MAS killed the puppy the next day without ever offering her for adoption or issuing a plea to the public. As always, the pound had plenty of empty cages in which to house her. (click to enlarge)

This is the only note, apparently entered by MAS interim director James M. Rogers, in the puppy’s records:

MAS interim director James M. Rogers discusses compassion at a public meeting of the advisory board in March 2012:

19 thoughts on “Teach us about compassion, James M. Rogers

  1. Time expired! No holds requested?? No one knew the pup was there! How can a hold be requested for a puppy that the public doesn’t know about? I’m just sick.

  2. Can you start posting these pictures and stories around Memphis? Are there message boards? Telephone poles? You have an overwhelming amount of evidence of atrocities. You are preaching to the choir on this website!

    1. If Shirley lived in Memphis she would probably be leading daily demonstrations outside the pound or city hall! Do you happen to live in Memphis, by any chance?

  3. How dare he! How dare James Rogers explain to anyone what compassion is. He talks at them like he’s talking to four year olds. In the meantime while he is treating them with such disrespect in talking down to them he is killing dogs that haven’t been given 24 hours to make it known to any rescues that the dog is there. A puppy only 6 months old. I’m telling you that the word compassion should choke the hell out of James Rogers.

  4. According to my notes, On Oct 12th there were 33 dogs listed on PH in “adopt” and of those 33, 6 were missing pictures….a little difficult to fall in love with your next pet without a picture. There were 97 dogs in “Lost” – and they killed 49 dogs. Do you know that James Rogers doesn’t even walk the halls where the dogs are kept – each day he gets a list of the dogs in his facility and he checks off which dogs he wants killed- never knowing anything about them. Yesterday, there were only 20 dogs in “adopt”….WTH?!

  5. I’ve only been through Memphis once. I was on a Greyhound bus. We stopped at the station for 15 minutes. I went into the rest room. 12 stalls. 7 were so filthy no one would use them. 2 were actually missing the actual toilet. 3 stalls for more than 40 women on my bus. This was in 2002.

    In 2011, Greyhound became a partner/tenant at the new MATA bus depot. I will never go to Memphis again (unless Thor’s Hammer takes out the city administration, and everyone else who’s a fucking scumbag there), but I am curious to find out how many clean, working toilets there are in the $22 million dollar terminal.

    Same shit, just different places it’s being piled.

  6. James needs to retrain his new hire. She was rude for absolutely no reason tonight. She was all weird about me video taping the dogs. At one point I asked if they could get this little black poodle out of the kennel and she gave me a look and actually asked if I was going to adopt the dog. As if she was not going to let the dog come out of the dark kennel unless I said I was going to adopt.

      1. Yes after I said I was thinking about adopting. She allowed a tech to get the dog out and then he complained that the flash from my camera was blinding him.

  7. Ugh. Not really surprising, but definitely hypocritical.

    On another note, does TN have a new governor now? I went to email him about a subject, unrelated to MAS, and there was a new website with a new Governor. Hopefully he will be more pro-animal.

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