Treats on the Internets – Photo Edition

A Good Sam photographed a litter of emaciated puppies on a road in NC then sent the photos and address to Granville Co AC.  The director left him a voicemail in response in which she said, “They appear to be on the thin side but nothing as far as totally emaciated or anything like that.”

Portion of a photo posted on Facebook, from a series of shots documenting a litter of emaciated pups in NC.


Business Insider has an article detailing how the irresponsible public is helping the pets affected by Hurricane Sandy via social networking sites while NYC ACC seems to be coming up short:

Rumors are going around that ACC is euthanizing large numbers of animals, but Jane Hoffman, the president of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, which oversees the ACC, said in an e-mail that’s all it is–a rumor.
She added that if people want to help, they can adopt, donate, and volunteer.

Thanks for the tip Jane.

A posting from the Facebook page Hurricane Sandy Lost and Found Pets showing a dog called Lexi who was lost on the Jersey Shore.


A 2 year old boy whose mother had held him up to get a better view at the African painted dogs exhibit at the Pittsburgh Zoo was mauled to death after falling into the enclosure. Zookeepers were able to lure most of the wild dogs away from the boy but one animal who continued attacking was shot to death by police.

African painted dog pups at the Pittsburgh Zoo on April 14, 2011. Andrew Russell | Tribune-Review file photo, as seen on the WPXI website.


In Mason Co, WA, rivers have flooded onto streets causing salmon to swim across paved roads where they make an easy meal for a local dog. (Video)

10 thoughts on “Treats on the Internets – Photo Edition

  1. How can a supposed “professional” say that the state of those puppies is not immediately actionable? Clearly, they need to replace her with someone with some degree of competence.

  2. PLEASe tell me that someone has rescued those poor puppies. And someone else tell me how to get that sodoff GRanville Co. SCO FIRED!!!!!

  3. Little bit worried about salmon poisoning with the dog catching the salmon. PNW salmonids are not something that I would let my dog eat fresh.

    1. Thankfully this is not a situation I’ll ever have to deal with but I can imagine the Keystone Cops type reel that could be made of me trying to get my pack out of the street with the swimming salmon.

  4. I’m also wondering if someone helped those starving pups. Is there anyway to find out? Obviously the AC there doesn’t know the first thing about animals. How DO they get those jobs?

  5. NYCACC issued its first kill list since the storm. You can see the dogs at Urgent Part 2 – Urgent Death Row Dogs on Facebook. Go to the Albums. This is a non-profit group that lists the dogs available at the NYCACC shelters.

  6. I really wish the photographer had picked them up when he saw them. ARGH…I’m not sure how anyone could drive away from a litter like this…And the AC sucks…I contacted them with no response…yet…

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