What is your local shelter doing for Black Friday?

Black dog, green tennis ball.

Is your local shelter running an adoption promotion on Black Friday in order to take advantage of so many people being off work and out shopping?  A long weekend is an excellent time to bring home a new pet since there will be extra time to spend helping him learn the new routine.

Kansas Humane Society in Wichita is waiving adoption fees on all black pets this Friday and discounting fees on their other pets.  The Charlotte pound in NC will be closed to the public although the website doesn’t state if the kill room will operate on normal hours.

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  1. We have a local city shelter here that is going to be closed Thursday-Sunday. It makes me want to cry. Our shelter will be open Friday-Sunday, and our new retail adoption center will have extended hours for the weekend.

  2. Seriously??? The County of Sonoma is taking the Holiday! But I bet they will still kill animals in there, the ones that are working. They did on the 4th of July. Yep…I guess I’ll be doing another FOIA on this wonderfully screwed up Holiday for the Shelter Animals of Sonoma County…Sigh…

  3. Buffalo Humane is having a Cat Friday adoption event – https://www.facebook.com/events/454798967900125/ We adopted all our black cats at our Halloween event, so we couldn’t do a black cat event ;) It is rather silly to be closed on one of the biggest shopping days of the year. We tried to get a mall adoption event going, but we were too late this year to get a spot. Hopefully next year!

  4. Excited that Buffalo, NY has such a motivated group like Buffalo Humane but so disappointed in our local shelters who dispite millions of dollars in grants still kill over 1/3 of our animals. Take a good look at Buffalo Humane, WNY shelters and start doing what they do or get out of their way!

  5. County Governments RARELY take Animal Control OR adoptions into consideration for hoiidays – or any other day for that matter! For example – in Montgomery County Tennessee where I was Director – I was reprimanded when I had the faciltiy open for adoptions and had staff working to get animals to a safe home. The county HR Director informed me that I violated a Federal Wage and Hour Law doing so and that my staff needed their holiday more than anyone. We rotated shifts and holidays and the staff didn’t mind…except one who I subsequenlty fired. But then in Cheatham County Tennessee where I was Director – it was supported for me to be open for adoptions whenever I felt it would benefit – AND it was allowed for staff to take their “holiday” another day. Staff has to work everyday to care for the animals so WHY NOT be open to the public too??? It’s all in who’s running the local government. And most of them frankly don’t give a damn. BUT we elect these people and need to do a better job vetting them!!!

  6. Humane Society of Memphis/Shelby County 935 Farm Road · Memphis TN, 38134 :
    “Take advantage of our adoption specials on Black Friday, with a doorbuster sale from 10 a.m. to noon of 75% off any animal for approved adopters, and after that, 50% off any animal for approved adopters. Regular adoption fee is $90 (plus a non-discountable $6 rabies license for dogs).”

  7. Just emailed the directors of the local ac/humane society to see if they are doing anything special (and asked, if not, would they consider doing something). Great idea. Hopefully more will take advantage of the crowds and folks off of work.

  8. In NYC, there will be a 1st Annual Black Friday Puppy Mill Awareness & Pet Store Protest from 4-6 p.m.at CitiPups, 45 Christopher St.(off of 7th Ave). Help stop the suffering and abuse of the breeding dogs, particularly the breeding moms. If you have friends/relatives in NYC, please let them know. I was sent this info from Brooklyn Animal Foster Network.

  9. Local humane society: Black Cat Friday, with free adoption of black cats and kittens.

    City shelter and county shelter: both closed on Thursday and Friday. :-(

  10. I wish they were doing something. Shelby Humane Society (Columbiana, AL) will be closed to the public November 22nd through November 26th and reopen on November 27th.

    SHS is a LOT better than it used to be, but there’s still LOTS of room for improvement. To that end, I’ve started No Kill Shelby County Alabama. Currently FB only although I’m working on getting a blog/site together.

  11. The Humane Society of Charlotte is open Fri, Sat, Sun with a “Black Sunday” special with fee waived or reduced fees on all black animals (or black and white, or black and tan, or black and white and tan lol)

  12. I dont have much faith LOL more than likely, they will be closed all weekend to take advantage of it being a holiday weekend. I am very appreciative of the shelters who will be open since its seems fairly rare nowadays.

  13. The local pet killing facility will be closed for Black Friday. The staff will be there, presumably feeding, cleaning and killing animals, but they will keep the doors locked. Shameful.

  14. We stopped by the big shelter in the next county over, looking for a dog for my niece (had visited our small local shelter and they didn’t have what she was looking for). The building was closed. No sign, no anything, just locked up tight. The message on the answering machine says that they’re closed for holidays. Apparently, Black Friday is a “holiday” now.

  15. Where I live, it is closed and here is its message on Facebook:

    The Animal Resource Center will be closed to the public Thanksgiving Day 11/22/12. There will be no lost & found services. Animal Care & Control will be available for emergency services only such as a dangerous, injured or sick stray dog.

    The Animal Resource Center will be closed for adoptions on Friday 11/23/12. Lost & found services will be available from 11am – 1pm. Animal Care & Control will be handling regular calls for service.

    SICSA, a private rescue organization, in my area, is having a Black Friday Sale, with all pets with black fur at 30% off! There is a gorgeous black & white cat available.

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