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A column in the L.A. Times pulls no punches in discussing the plight of local shelter pets and the delayed opening of a new facility.  (Thank you Marge for the link.)

Puppy saved from York Co pet killing facility in SC saves owners from house fire.

The owners of Rosie the Newfoundland, a dog who was tazed and shot to death by police while hiding in the bushes in 2010, continue their legal pursuit of justice.

The city of Clarksdale, MS suspended the only full time employee at the shelter over a disagreement which arose when the employee wanted a $250 donation designated specifically for the animals and the city demanded the money go in the general fund. The parties have since worked things out.

Dolphins have been washing up along the Gulf Coast shot and mutilated including one animal with a screwdriver in his head.  Dolphins are a protected species under federal law.

Police arrested a 22 year old man in connection with the killing of a patas monkey at the zoo in Boise, ID.  The remaining patas monkey at the zoo is now alone.

A baboon housed at a zoo in Israel has adopted a stray kitten.  There is a video of the two and the kitten doesn’t seem to mind the baboon’s handling in the slightest.

Actually pretty scary door knocker

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  1. With regard to the L.A. Times column, I guess I should be happy that she began by saying the pet shop ordinance is only a “bably step” to No Kill, and that it “may” mean a stay of execution for shelter anikmals, but I’m just so tired of people claiming that puppy mills are a cause of”overpopulation,” and that ending the sale of pet shop animals will do any real good to end the killing, while virtually ignoring the real reason to end puppy mills – the horrible cruelty in and of itself. The Los Angeles draft ordinance twice talks about “overpopulation” and nowhere says a word about the conditions of the puppy mills. It is so frustrating, I just wrote a blog about it.

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