Fired OR Shelter Worker Claims Retaliation for Whistleblowing

The Greenhill Humane Society took over the Lane Co shelter in Oregon in July.  A vet tech who worked at the facility before and after the management change has filed a lawsuit against Greenhill:

[Heidy] Hollister claims that sick and injured animals did not receive adequate medication or hygienic care to relieve their suffering.

Hollister contends that in July she reported her concerns to the agency’s veterinarian, who responded that the animals in question were going to be euthanized when their holding period expired and that Hollister should not provide any additional care.

Complaints to Greenhill’s executive director were ignored, she said.

Ms. Hollister was fired in August.  Her lawsuit alleges she “was fired in retaliation for performing her public duty to report what she believed to be criminal conduct by the veterinarian.”  She is seeking reinstatement with back pay as well as other damages totaling $700,000.  A trial date has not been set.

8 thoughts on “Fired OR Shelter Worker Claims Retaliation for Whistleblowing

  1. Doesn’t say what specific kind of treatment wasn’t given, but how compassionless and jaded must a veterinarian be not to try to relieve suffering – even knowing the animal didn’t have long to live. While they’re alive, if they’re suffering, a normal person would be screaming “DO SOMETHING”!! I agree with calling what the vet didn’t do “criminal conduct”. I wouldn’t want that vet anywhere around any animals I knew about!!!

  2. Thank you for covering this! This is in my community. You can check out the details of some of the claims at Our Facebook page is The neglect by Greenhill has happened for many years and continues to this day. We are working to make it stop so the animals and staff have a safe environment. No Kill is the Way.

  3. This is being discussed across the US. These Shelters who retaliate against Rescues, Employees and Volunteers who speak up need to be exposed, they’ve been accountable to no one for far to long.
    They can either spend money on legal fees or they can do right by the animals and save themselves a lot of trouble and save lives.
    This Vet needs to find other employment, I guess he forgot his oath to protect and serve the animals?

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