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The executive director of Spay Neuter Charlotte has a letter in the Charlotte Observer today advocating for a no kill community.  (Thank you Lisa for the link.)

On Thanksgiving night, firefighters were called to the scene of a brush fire in Cheatham Co, TN where they found 65 chained dogs without food or water and in need of vet care.  The dogs – reportedly pitbulls and beagles – are suspected to have been kept for dogfighting and have been seized by county AC.

A PA rescue group claims the city of Harrisburg is not responding to complaints of neglected dogs.

Arlington, TX is training its police officers on dog behavior and non-lethal ways to handle dangerous dogs.  One city down, thousands more to go.  (Thanks Arlene for the link.)

Brought up from the comments:  Michigan Companion Animal Organization Best Practices Handbook.  I don’t agree with everything in the handbook, nor have I read it in its entirety, but it looks like there is some good info in there.  We need more reference materials like this for rescuers and pet advocates.


In the Turkish city of Istanbul, the government wants to round up stray dogs and take them to some sort of sanctuary where they will be protected and made available for adoption.  Many residents are deeply opposed to the plan, believing the stray dogs have a right to live freely in the community.  (Thank you Valerie for the link.)

An animal sanctuary in Colombia takes in lions, tigers, jaguars and various other wild animals seized from drug kingpins, death squad commanders, smugglers and other criminals.

Coffee that costs more than $200 a pound is made from the feces of civets who are kept caged and fed coffee berries in Indonesia.

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  1. I’d missed Clarice’s link to the Handbook – it does look like it’s close to what I had in mind! Enough to be going on with, certainly. I especially like that it’s got lots of lists; it looks like it would be possible to sit down with them, and at the very least be able to determine what else is necessary, or what one doesn’t agree with and why.

  2. “Arlington, TX is training its police officers on dog behavior and non-lethal ways to handle dangerous dogs. One city down, thousands more to go.”

    It’s at least 2 cities down. Fort Worth started a program in October. Seems like I’ve heard of another, but dang if I can remember.

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