Mama Dog with Dead Leg Denied Needed Vet Care by MAS

Dog ID #248891 with her 8 puppies at the Memphis pound.

This plea was forwarded to me this afternoon:

From: “” <>
Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2012 10:06 AM
Subject: Aussie/pit mix in great need – 248891

Dr. Coleman has asked for an emergency rescue for this dog. She is a Aussie/Pit mix with 8 pups and is about 2 yrs. old. She is extremely sweet and loving. She came into the shelter on 11/27/12 as a stray with an injury. She is HW-, but her left rear leg is in need of an amputation. She apparently had a rubber band or something like that around her leg. It is necrotic and beginning to smell. I know it is very short notice but we need to have an answer today about this dog. If you can’t help mom, could you help the pups? Please let me know ASAP. Thank you in advance for all your help.

Tracy Dunlap

Sr. Animal Care Technician/Volunteer Coordinator

Memphis Animal Services

The apparently dog came in to MAS with an injured leg yesterday.  She appears to have a litter of newborn pups whom she is caring for.  Her leg is in such bad shape that the tissue is dead, it stinks and can not be saved.  MAS with its “cutting edge” vet clinic the city likes to brag about in its new $7.2 million facility isn’t helping her.  But if no member of the irresponsible public steps up by 5:00 to get the vet care MAS refuses to provide for mama, it sounds like they’ll kill her and her pups.  Alternatively, it sounds like they’ll kill mama and let someone bottle feed her pups if requested.

Last I heard, MAS was seeking AAHA accreditation for the vet clinic in an effort to reassure the public that pets were being cared for at the pound.  I hope people will make sure AAHA is aware of the pound’s refusal to treat this poor mama dog.  It’s not because the MAS vets don’t know how to amputate legs – they’ve done it before.  But that was then, I guess.  Now=mama dog with her leg rotting off, left in a cage with her 8 newborn pups, but only until 5 o’clock.  It’s starting to smell.

Monsters.  Fire them all.  This is not a shelter.  It is a pet slaughterhouse.

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  1. I can only contribute financially to save them, but that I will do (call in a credit card to a vet) but it’s 3:50PM as I type this and she/they only have until 5 – There are no words bad enough to describe this hellhole/slaughterhouse.


    1. Please call Donna at Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue in Memphis and let her know that you would like to help financially. See my comment below regarding her post on Facebook.

  2. Contact Us

    American Animal Hospital Association
    12575 W. Bayaud Ave.
    Lakewood, Colorado, USA 80228

    Member Service Center:
    800-883-6301 Open 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., MST, Monday through Friday

  3. Typical for this kill “shelter”, that gets paid $30 to kill each dog. Gee, doing the math, they would get 8 pups, 1 mama = 9 dogs. Multiply times $30 = $270.00. Where do you think their mind is? It certainly is NOT to save mama and her babies. Hope someone steps up to save this family.

  4. Hearts of Gold has requested help with the transport of Mom and pups. If anyone in Memphis can help, PLEASE CALL DONNA.

    From Facebook:

    We need someone to transport a mother and her 8 puppies from Memphis animal shelter to Berclair Animal Hospital on Summer Avenue. Mother has injury and needs her leg amputated. If you can help please call Donna at 901-491-2818 ASAP!

    1. Why does the tax paying public have to drop everything to move this dog and her 8 newborn pups to a private facility where someone will have to pay for her expensive treatment when MAS can do everything in house right now? The public has ALREADY PAID for this dog’s care with their taxes.

      1. MAS is disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i won,t ever go back to memphis,tennessee glad i got GRACELAND out of my system!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Good question. Ever since Rogers took over, it seems to me, MAS has been not just a hellhole, but one run with extraordinarily brutal austerity. Why?

      3. MAS could do the surgery, but if that were your dog, would you really want them to? Would you trust their vet to do a decent job? I wouldn’t–I wouldn’t want them or their vet to touch my dog, especially in an emergency situation like this. She needs real vet care asap. Thank God for Hearts of Gold.

  5. Shirley .. is there any money in the fund that could help? I don’t know what this means…” AAHA accreditation ” One hour left… so now what? I shared on FB,

    1. Thank you Donna and friends. IF this momma dog winds up as dog-friendly and nobody else will take her, even though we are financially strapped, we will give her a home. But she HAS to be doggie friendly.

      as for MAS, shoot the lot of those bastards who refuse to do anything but collect a salary. That includes members of the Council and AC Wharton, if you ask me.

      Also, if she has systemic infection from the leg, her pups are drinking contaminated breast milk and will need prophylactic antibiotics or they will sicken.

      Tracy Dunlap has a helluva nerve to post to the “irresponsibly public” to do his friggin’ job for him and his crew of morons.

    2. Donna isn’t answering, I’m sure she’s being bombarded with calls. My daughter doesn’t know whether to turn around or keep going. Saw offers on FB to pick them up as well. Does anyone have an update?

      1. Keep going! Even if the dog has been saved by the time she gets there (which I have NO CONFIRMATION OF right now), she can still raise holy hell that the vet left this dog to suffer with her babies since yesterday and tell MAS they need to do their jobs!

  6. Just called Donna at Heart(s) of Gold and left a voice mail. Is there anyplace else (vet’s office) I can call to contribute. I’m at work and can’t do any of this easily. Thanks.

  7. Yea, they’re not answering the phone because they’re trying to figure out how to get themselves out of the shithole they dug themselves! Then they’ll say they killed all of them and insist that nobody came out in time to save them! Christ on a bicycle! Tell the daughter to keep going and make her own stink even if the dog and pups were picked up by someone else.!!!

  8. I’m leaving work in 15 minutes but will check back when I get on computer at home and offer stands to call in credit card to either Donna or vet’s office (prefer vet’s office) – just don’t have PayPal and my credit card never works on any site that takes PayPal even when I don’t use that as an option. Anyway, money is here from me for them. Waiting to hear.

  9. I will donate too for this poor mama and her babies. Not a bit surprised that MAS won’t amputate the mama’s leg. Shame on them! Hope someone can get there before MAS puts them down.

  10. Call the news stations and gather a group of people at MAS before it is too late and demand answers and resolution to this situation! MAS would rather kill a mama dog and all of her pups instead of helping her. They are heartless and cold and I am not impressed with their facility and less impressed with what it cost. That money could have been spent toward the “care” of these animals rather than the bricks and mortar it was built with. You could run a great shelter out of a barn if need be. What is inside is what makes the difference and there isn’t anything walking on 2 legs inside that building that is worth a d*mn.

  11. I sent this blog to ABC 24 News in Memphis. They have covered MAS before and hopefully they will again. If anyone has any contacts in local media please call them.

    As for the claims that Elizabeth Wood has made I say PROVE YOUR CLAIM You have made statements like this before. You need to provide proof of your claim or deliver an apology.

  12. The email was sent out at 2:46pm by Tracy Dunlap and they are going to kill her at 5:00pm if one of us doesn’t rescue her by 5pm? This almost sounds like a sick joke from the volunteers at the pound. Everyone there hates us or anyone else who disagrees with their cruelty.

  13. Two things….

    1. I do not believe the claim made by Elizabeth Woods. I have checked into it and can find no proof. If you know Elizabeth and trust her, then fine. If not, I believe it might be posted to cast doubt about the validity of the Yes Biscuit posts.

    2. This story has been sent to all media (every station), broadcast and print. We will see if anyone does the story.

    1. I don’t think we can take the chance of not believing Elizabeth Woods. The first time we ignore and not believe will be a time regretted. At very least, MAS let this dog suffer in pain for 24 hours without medical attention. This is still unacceptable and horrific treatment of animals.

      1. The two have nothing to do with each other.
        The place is horrific enough…we need to stick with the facts.
        If Elizabeth has proof…she should come forward with it..
        If she does not…she should quit making the claim.

    1. Other than the leg, how are her spirits? general health? Any idea how the leg got so bad? IF someone actually brought her in, seems like they might be able to investigate how she got hurt so badly – head slap, sorry, I forgot this is mas.

  14. >>her leg is so infected that surgery CANNOT BE DONE for 2-3 days. Her leg is cut down to the bone and full on infection. Top of her foot has been degloved.<< Who is responsible for intake of this dog? This is disgusting. MAS let her suffer for 24 hours.

  15. Thank God that she is out of there with her pups, too. Hope everyone who can contribute to her rescuers will do so. Shirley, is there any left in the chip-in that can be sent to help? What a beautiful mama and babies. Someone please keep us posted.

    1. Thanks for the information. I will get a check to you as soon as I can (I’m on ss/pension and we only get paid monthly). Bless your hearts for saving Mama and babies. Please keep us posted on their progress.

      I cannot even use the words I’d like to about the treatment she didn’t receive at MAS. It does seem since Rogers took over that it’s gotten even worse, if that’s possible.

  16. A couple of things to clarify. The message from MAS is timestamped 10:06am. It was apparently sent to only TWO local groups – the HS of Memphis and Hearts of Gold. MAS has a long list of rescuers but for whatever reason, this plea appears to have been issued to just the two groups. Puppies can not nurse once the mama dog is given antibiotics. I have no verified info on whether this dog was given antibiotics or any other treatment at MAS. She and her pups are reportedly out of the pound now. If I receive any additional confirmed info, I will share.

  17. And the no good POS Mayor and the rest of the Memphis city government have the blame totally on their heads. They should be so ashamed that the can’t even lift their heads but the go about business as usual without a care in the world. I honestly cannot imagine how these people are able to sleep at night. The people of Memphis have to share some of the blame because they elected this jerk :(.


  19. No matter how much anyone wishes otherwise, MAS is a kill shelter, period. And full of diseases. It’s a perilous place for newborn pups and the last place on earth for a dog to recover from serious surgery that might be complicated by infection. If MAS had amputated her leg, who would have taken care of her post-op? Who would have fed her puppies around the clock?
    I believe they did the right thing (for once) by getting her out of there and into a rescue where she had a fighting chance. Hearts of Gold said on their FB page tonight that she’s doing well after the amputation and the pups are fine. The staff at the vet clinic is bottle-feeding them. Apparently the owner has been identified and charged with aggravated animal cruelty–another thing MAS did right. Now if they would just stop killing and start saving lives in the shelter…

    1. I’m glad to hear that Mama and pups are doing well. I’m also glad to hear that MAS is actually going after the owner who did this to her. Good for them. Please keep us posted on this whole situation.

    2. Huhh.. I’m betting MAS is only NOW saying they’re going after the owner IS because of all the attention this dog has gotten I’m betting someone else saw the dog before that email was sent out. Shirley, Can you get a hold of the in-take paper work? I may have missed that info, if you already posted that.

      1. I got that info from the Hearts of Gold FB page. They posted that the owner had been identified and charged after neighborhood kids told the ACO who the person was. I don’t see any reason to doubt this–just glad cruelty charges were filed.

      2. Thank you Jeanne.. for sharing that.
        Is AC a separate entity from MAS?. In my county they are separate.
        My thoughts are still that MAS didn’t take the lead to help the dog.
        I’m am also so glad the dog and babies was helped.
        How is she doing today?

  20. I don’t think MAS handled(s) anything the right way. If it weren’t for HOGRescue stepping it up, I didn’t see Jeanne offering to run right out and rescue this dog and pups! They do not deserve credit for this, HOG does.

    1. Well, no, I don’t live in Memphis or even in TN and am not running a rescue so didn’t offer to rescue these dogs (if I’m the Jeanne you’re referring to). BTW, I’m NOT the Jeanne who volunteers at MAS with Friends of MAS–no relation, no connection. And it’s not that I think MAS deserves credit, just that I don’t think the dog would have been in good hands if she had stayed at MAS for surgery.

  21. The idiot who did the damage to her leg was 41 yr. old ANTONIO WILKERSON, on Brockcrest Cv. of Memphis, TN. Caused by him tieing her up by her leg with a rope! A rope around her leg?!! What an abusive idiot.. He was arrested 12/3/12 for the abuse & I hope he gets what he deserves & never allowed to have a pet. I want everyone to know who he is.

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