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      1. An Incident this afternoon leads me to believe that any attempted abduction of my youngest cat by ETs would end in a whirling dust-cloud spinning off growls and assorted body parts.

    1. He looks like a bear cub! Thank you for helping him. You should post your location in case anyone is interested.

      On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 10:23 AM, YesBiscuit!

      1. some of us actually started calling him Lil Bear – haha. You’re right – duh. MEMPHIS area – but will drive/meet folks out of the area within reason.

    2. He looks as sweet as sugar, little baby! I wish I could help, but I am in upstate NY!!! I LOVE chow mixes, they are the best. If someone is coming north for Christmas, they can bring him along and drop him here.

    1. That’s horrible. It seems the easiest way to see who is telling the truth (not that it will help the puppy now) is to look at the woman’s phone bills. If she called the shelter several times like she said, it will be on her phone record and it will also show if they ever tried to call her. I would make the assumption no call was ever made to her though.

    2. If it costs $200 to neuter an animal at MAS, something is seriously wrong! Why do they charge the owner this? Someone needs to look into this. There are plenty of low cost spay/neuter clinics across the country that charge much less than this even for a spay. Why would MAS also charge an owner for treating an illness that a stray animal has? It sounds like a big scam by MAS! I would not trust anything its vet said about a diagnosis of a stray animal.

      If I had a show dog and it would happen to get out of my yard and MAS wanted me to spay/neuter it just because it was a stray, MAS would have a big fight/legal battle on its hands!

    3. It is so typical for MAS to not give any information about anything over the phone. They will not tell you if your dog is there or not but will require you to come there yourself to see.

      Even the “people” who answer the phone at MAS can’t do a good job.

      1. Kapone’s owner, Nola’s owner and Oliver’s owner all went to MAS to look for their dogs. MAS failed to shelter the dogs in all 3 cases,

  1. Many here will remember the killing of Rosie, a Newfoundland, by police officers in Des Moines, Washington, two years ago. Her family has now filed a civil rights lawsuit in federal court after attempts at another type of remedy failed.

    There was front-page coverage of the lawsuit in yesterday’s Seattle Times. A sidebar provides links to the key portions of the police dashcam records.


  2. KarenF – YAY! This is EXACTLY what I had hoped the family would do. There is NO way to make changes without taking solid action – which they are doing. Most people get the deer in the headlights look when it comes to contacting Government, Courts, and Law Enforcement. This is so excellent!

  3. Read on Facebook yesterday that No Kill Nation prevailed in a defamation suit against Randy DeCarlo. Not sure of the whole story but I know he’s been bashing everyone under the sun including Nathan and other no kill leaders so I found this quite interesting.

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