Just let me hobble along please until I reach Normalville.

A Memphis resident trying to help an injured bird reportedly sought assistance from the city but received none. She then reached out to several other local animal agencies and businesses but still found no one willing to help the bird. Ultimately a PETA volunteer in Los Angeles found someone willing to pick up the bird and take him for treatment.

So to clarify, someone from the Memphis pound, who apparently told a police officer the bird would have to be dead before MAS would offer any assistance, was outshone by a volunteer for PETA, one of the killingest animal “shelters” in the country.

Dang, I’d hate to be a bird with a busted wing in Memphis.  I think I’d walk as far as I could get.

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  1. I’m in NC and I know exactly who to call for help. The “But” here is my local Sheriffs Dept has no clue nor any interest in finding out who to call. Calling the AC or animal shelter won’t help you either.. Shameful.

    1. Every animal shelter should have a list of numbers by the phone to direct callers who need help with wildlife as well as other issues shelters can reasonably expect to receive calls about regularly (spay-neuter clinics, dog behaviorists, etc). No excuse.

      On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 12:36 PM, YesBiscuit!

      1. Seriously. Not only do my local shelters have the numbers to wildlife people, so do all of the vet offices.

    1. sorry I haven’t been on lately. Seems my YesBiscuit posts have been sent to Spam. Whatever. At any rate, you are dealing with Memphis, Tennessee, who is totally enmeshed in incompetence, especially in any government or city capacity. Have numbers for wildlife or rescue agencies???? HARDLY. They don’t even know numbers to transfer you to for anything. Still an appalling and disturbing state of affairs.

    1. Donna, you will not get a reply. Anyone who says anything bad about MAS or our sloppy city government will be greatly ignored. Sad, but true. Never go my meeting with Wharton, but I haven’t given up yet. It takes someone in California to help an injured bird? Unforgivable to me.

  2. Blessings on the person who took the extra steps to help another living creature. Blessings on YesBiscuit for raising public awareness and empathy on behalf of the animals, who cannot do this for themselves. Blessings on all of us who are willing to work together to promote humane treatment of all life. We do make a difference. ~Gerean, The Animal Spirits.

  3. ): if that EVER happens again, I hope the concerned citizens will reach out to animal advocates on FB, as I would have suggested a place in Leesburg, Va that helps almost any injured or orphaned animal, especially wild life. I’ve taken baby mice, injured birds, and a baby bunny, and brought them to the emergency clinic “as a good Samaritan” meaning no financial obligation or culpability to me. they would treat them and release them to foster volunteers who made sure they healed and got to live! Every ANIMAL deserves the chance to live !!

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  4. When my cat cornered a bird that was having difficulty flying, I gently captured the bird in a shoe box, then reached out to the public on my FB wall for help. Within minutes of my posting of “who do I call / where should I go”, I received several suggestions and Googled the infornation to find out the specifics. I was happy to spend the gas money and minimal amount of time driving to and from, knowing the bird would receive Vet care and the chance to live. There was an easy “Good Samaritan” form to fill out, asking about the emergency. If I could find out, based on my friends’ experience, so should ANY ONE working in a ‘shelter’ capacity! Guess another example of the “irresponsible public” huh? *smh* at the ‘shelter’ system…. sad

  5. I was wondering why I haven’t been receiving any posts from YesBiscuit…..turns out, they are all going to my spam folder, even though I have you as three different contacts. Sheesh. Sorry everyone.

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  6. I find this very disturbing. If the people involved and the authorities are not capable or competent and turn their heads then why even have this ‘so-called’ organization. It’s a disgrace but I have not seen any stories (or missed them) on the Causes site.

    More and more people should be made aware of this so that a petition can be sent around and people get a chance to respond.

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