8 thoughts on “Pet Ownership InfoGraphic

  1. I had no idea there were so many fish-owners . . . almost as many as cat- and dog-owners combined, if my math is right.

  2. I’m just happy to see fishkeepers listed among pet owners. Historically, fishkeeping has tended to be classed as a hobby, and fish as ‘living jewels’ or the like. The latter really grates my cheese.

    I *was* surprised at the numbers for pet reptiles.

  3. The fish didn’t surprise me so much – you can fit a lot of fish in a tank! The first year cost of a rabbit surprised the heck out of me! Also cats at little, but then I never buy cats – they just show up and move in.

  4. Yeah anybody who has one fish is probably going to have 10.

    I couldn’t even tell what a few of those icons represented.

    Depends on vet costs and how much you “indulge” your pets (I don’t), but about $80 per month per dog is what it works out to for me.

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