Pet Ownership InfoGraphic

Click for an interesting snapshot of pet ownership stats as compiled from multiple sources in The Week.

Via The Week

Any of the figures in the infographic surprise you?

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  1. Karen F

     /  December 18, 2012

    I had no idea there were so many fish-owners . . . almost as many as cat- and dog-owners combined, if my math is right.

  2. Eucritta

     /  December 18, 2012

    I’m just happy to see fishkeepers listed among pet owners. Historically, fishkeeping has tended to be classed as a hobby, and fish as ‘living jewels’ or the like. The latter really grates my cheese.

    I *was* surprised at the numbers for pet reptiles.

  3. bealsie2

     /  December 18, 2012

    The fish didn’t surprise me so much – you can fit a lot of fish in a tank! The first year cost of a rabbit surprised the heck out of me! Also cats at little, but then I never buy cats – they just show up and move in.

  4. Joel

     /  December 18, 2012

    Yeah anybody who has one fish is probably going to have 10.

    I couldn’t even tell what a few of those icons represented.

    Depends on vet costs and how much you “indulge” your pets (I don’t), but about $80 per month per dog is what it works out to for me.

  5. mikken

     /  December 18, 2012

    I’m still looking for a vet to neuter my fish… :)

  6. All of it surprises me… even the comments



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