Buyer’s Remorse

The anonymous commenting feature is enabled on this blog in order to allow whistleblowers the protection they need to speak out about cruelty in animal shelters and provide information in a public forum without fear of retaliation by their employers.  It’s been abused in the past but that has been the exception, not the rule, and since I have a pretty liberal comment policy, I’m not displeased with the feature overall.  Like all things internet though, it does have its drawbacks.

Someone who made use of the anonymous commenting feature has decided that she (or he, I don’t know either way) no longer likes what she wrote in those anonymous comments.  She contacted me, still masking her identity, and asked me to delete them.  Considering the fact that both the comments and the e-mails are anonymous, I have no way of verifying that the e-mailer is in fact the author of the comments on the blog.  It could simply be one faker attempting to subvert another.  But to be fair, I explained that I don’t delete comments unless they fall outside the posted guidelines and that she should feel welcome to post an additional comment clarifying her opinions.  She apparently felt that wasn’t good enough and now says I am causing her to suffer and that, stay with me here, by forcing her to contact her attorney regarding her intellectual property rights (lawl), I am taking money away from saving kittens.

Dude.  We have all, myself included, posted stuff on blogs that, upon reflection, could use some editing, clarification or in some cases napalming.  That’s the nature of online discussions.  Think before you post.  If that fails, clarify/apologize/explains it betters later.  Or just take your fake identity and go home since no one knows you anyway.  Options – you haz them.  But do not attempt to bully me.  That will get you banned from the blog.  Think of the kittens!

Photo submitted by reader Ashley, who writes:  "My foster kitten, Ollie, at 1 week old, right after a feed."
Photo submitted by reader Ashley, who writes: “My foster kitten, Ollie, at 1 week old, right after a feed.”


17 thoughts on “Buyer’s Remorse

  1. Oh yeah…been there…done that…mine? All are the really bad temper tantrums when I was learning the ropes of this animal welfare stuff…Now I just look back at them and smile. Some of the comments when they float by on a google search are just part of my history on learning how to walk the fine line of this nightmare called advocacy.

  2. oh my goodness.. kittens *squees*

    Everyone has had a moment where they say something they regret. That’s why it’s imperative to “think before you act”.. or in this case “think before you comment”.

    If I don’t agree with someone’s post, I just leave a generic comment like “thanks for your opinion” “interesting piece” something completely neutral.

    No one needs to agree with everything everyone says, if you believe someone is wrong then look up the facts and blog about the subject yourself and quote them for their opinion. Personal attacks are never necessary.

    That’s just my two cents.

    good luck and I love the kitten picture.. it made me smile.. =^..^=

  3. This person may have missed the time where the Memphis city attorney tried to intimidate you and failed.

  4. Some people just do not have a clue and will do anything to test what they do or say. Lawyer?????? Good luck on that one. The internet and blogs are public information, and what you say is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, not that of anyone else’s . He/she should have thought before opening their mouth. Yes, let’s think of the kittens.

  5. The unknown commentor is insane, but I didn’t know an annonamous function was available, and who could forget the kitten? Un oh, I’ve said the wrong thing. I don’t like this, but I can’t control my unability to hit the “Post Comment” button. Oh no, I’m going to sue!

  6. My first thought to this was, you gotta be shittin me”
    2 nd thought was it my crazy neighbor who since she is married to a lawyer wants to sue people all the time for messes she gets herself into.
    3 rd response was this gives cat people a bad rap- so can I sue her for deflamation of character to a whole group of people? Which takes me back to 1.

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