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  1. Off topic, but we just got a dog. She’s a two year old basset mix, cutest thing. However, she’s afraid of the cats. She’ll be OK if they walk near her, but she doesn’t want to walk near them, and if they walk too close to her or turn to look at her, she yelps. This, in turn scares them and they hiss and puff up their fur. How do we get her less afraid of the cats? We’ve heard ignoring her when she does this, instead of reassuring her, may help as that teaches her there’s nothing to be scared of. Any other suggestions? Is there an animal behaviorist anyone knows of that we could call?

    1. If you haven’t had her long and the cats aren’t actually attacking/threatening her, I would give it a little time to let her get more comfortable with the idea of living with cats.

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