Pictures from a Mobile Vaccine Clinic in South Carolina

We took Schroeder to a mobile vaccine clinic in a grocery store parking lot to get his final puppy shots yesterday. Here are some of the other pets whose owners were waiting with us.

little and big dog at vax clinic

kitty at vax clinic

black dog at vax clinic

The hound, the Chihuahua and the kitty are all from the same family.  The black dog is their neighbor.

blue and wht pup at vax clinic

pups at vax clinic

b and w dogs at vax clinic

sheps at vax clinic

Schroeder kept talking in line.
Schroeder kept talking in line.

Not everyone takes care of their pets in the same way but it doesn’t mean the animals aren’t well loved. Poor people are often prevented from adopting pets by those who claim to have the best interests of the animals at heart. Meanwhile, shelters are sending pets to the landfill by the millions. It’s 2013. Resolve to cast off your biases and let pets go home with people who love them.  Then go fill up those empty cages with more pets who need help.

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  1. and yet we have people screaming in LA to ENFORCE THE LAW and fine these people $500 for not having their pets castrated..if they don;t pay their pets can be taken from them, impounded and of course other CA “shelters” people who cannot pay for a license are threatened with impoundment.. and of course more killing.
    here is a section from a group in Stockton Ca who are trying to save this persons pets.. plus a note that was sent to the very wealthy person screaming for MORE FINES:

    Dear Carole:
    I thought you might like to see what happens when poor people lose their pets because they cannot pay the 500 dollar fine you keep pushing This is in Stockton, a poor community where Pat Claerbout, a known pet killer who rarely follows CA holding policy and current “shelter director”, is holding this dog hostage because to owners cannot “pay the fine” that you so want them to pay, You may laugh at the spelling and poor grammar but this woman loves her dog as much as you love yours. Perhaps you can pay the fine for her so her dog can be returned. I hope so because this is a large “husky mix’ that will undoubtedly be on the “kill floor’ if the woman cannot pay. Looks like you will get your wish in this one and those horrible irresponsible people will PAY.. with their dogs life.
    This is why I am outraged when you publish posts using “caps” ( and surely not a pun at all) saying things will be so much better if we ENFORCE THE LAW’.. really? better for whom? Certainly not better for this dog.. or this family.. but surely they must be least in your world.
    I hope your check arrives in the mail so this puppy can go home.. in fact I think they would probably take your credit card.
    Do the right thing. pay to release this dog

    Central California Pets Alive
    The message below was posted tonight to the CCPA page, and it matches the dog information in Petharbor. I have to wonder why one day’s impoundment costs more than $400? Part of the fine is for not having the dog licensed, and under the Animal Protection League plan, we’d be seeing a lot more of those extortionate fines, and killing (or in the case of high value cute and fluffies, transfer to SF SPCA for sale in San Francisco) when Stockton residents can’t pay. CCPA followers, think for yourselves, and if you are sympathetic to the plight of Loba and her puppy Hassy, please take a minute to contact Stockton’s city council and mayor. I do think people should spay and neuter their pets, but I don’t think those pets should be killed or the owners should be charged exorbitant fines for the infraction, and I don’t believe outlaw Stockton Animal Services has the right to charge anyone for any infraction, given its own refusal to follow the law!

    “((( ” Please “))) I need help…. yesterday afternoon when me n my family left home to my doctor appointment we let my Puppy Husky and to the back yard them when we got back to the house she was not an to my back yard, some body open my back yard door an let her goo way. the neighbors call the police an reporter. she is 1 year old a Siberian Husky she is very playful dog and so quiet i got her wen she was 8 weeks =(( now she is in a shelter they charge me too muchs $ 420 dollars for the take home. i can not give that money because I am “8” months pregnant i really need my dog back to mee. she is part of my family =((( my house is soo quiet with out her now. my kids ther so..!!! sad. =(( pleaseee.. help me get her back to me i miss her soo bad… awwww. my poor ***HASSY*** i wast cry all nite.. an today too.. she is my baby.. =(((“

    1. I am finding these “do gooder” laws so against common basic logic that they are laughable if not for the pain and death that results.
      For Gods sake set up a fund to help these people get their pets fixed. Hold garage sales, bake sales, etc. Put them on a payment plan so the monies can be paid forward. I live in a poverty area and this is what we do EVERY day. Also grants thru the health dept can help with funding yearly rabies vaccinations. And IMHO licensing should be free for fixed.

    2. Shirley is there anything to be done for this woman? Does anyone know how to contact Nathan Winograd, maybe he could shame them into giving back the dog?

      1. IDK any details but Central CA Pets Alive is an active advocacy group and if they need help, I know they will ask for it. Maybe try contacting them on FB and see if there is anything they need.

  2. That is some fine picture-taking. Thanks for sharing these, they really tell a story – just enough words to frame the setting, and the pictures say all we need to know about people who love pets. I am especially charmed by the baby puppies held in their owners’ arms. I wish those families lived next door to me. Maybe they would allow me to puppy-sit now and then.

  3. how many of these people actually got their dogs from ‘rescue’.. the ones where applications are 10 pages long and you have to have a “house check”, give your bank statement etc?? would be interesting to know

  4. We have low cost Vaccination Clinics in our county every month. We have had for 2 years now. They are continually booked full and we continue to serve animals and owners who have never been to a vet – who live in the outskirts of the rural county we are in. It’s an ongoing process that should keep on keeping on. Some people cannot afford to keep their pets like many of us do – but their pets are loved and cared for. When people come for Vax – they get a short “appt” with the Vet and they get literature on Spay and Neuter and our Laws. We serve refreshments and make it a kind of festive occasion. It’s amazing how far it goes!!!

  5. In my area , Upstate SC , two shelters hold weekly vax clinics. Always full. Another has a monthly clinic. Always a line. And , we have the mobile vet that does them in different areas every weekend.
    Over this past summer , Greenville County shelter held a $1 per vax clinic over 2 days. I believe there were over 200 animals vax’d in 2 days. Yet , this same shelter , who has a contract with my county (Spartanburg) regularly posts Urgent animals that folks can’t afford to “get out of jail”. Usually it’s the running at large violation that costs an arm and a leg. Or a life……

    1. Do you know if the ACOs exhaust all efforts in trying to bring a loose pet home before impounding? Because they should…

      On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 11:15 PM, YesBiscuit!

  6. Of all the problems, crime, economy & the trouble folks give each other, there’s the a..holes who feel tags on your dog or lack of their reproductive ability is so important, to only them, they place high fees & fines on the “owners” & end up killing many many dogs in the end. For what? Their own personal war on common sense, or their greed for collecting moneys that nothing is given for? Free money?

    These fees, fines, deaths of dogs & the suffering of families who loose their dogs is surely not worth what little they think it’s doing.

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