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This is the anything goes spot for all animal related links, comments, questions, updates, etc.

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  1. As a beagle lover, I am hoping you will publicize this protest against the use of beagles as research animals at AstraZeneca. Of course, many research facilities use beagles, which is just horrible. We need to go after them, one at a time.

  2. Rhea County TN shelter wont allow networking of animals or photos to be taken

  3. If you live close to Buffalo, NY (and even if you don’t) please join us on Sunday February 17th to hear Nathan Winograd present “Building a No Kill Community” at the Center for the Arts, University at Buffalo, North Campus for this FREE event. Starting with an information fair at noon, Nathan will speak from 1 – 3:30, followed by a book signing from 4 – 4:30 and a cocktail reception from 4-6pm. Pre-registration is required at:

  4. elaine

     /  February 2, 2013

    I’m couple days late posting to this thread, but just found an “adoption special” that seems worthy of recognizing.

    Cute Overload:has some nice photos:
    “Attention all Bay Area peeps! In honor of the San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl appearance, the Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority (SVACA) is adopting select kittehs for $4 and select doggehs for $9. (4 and 9…..geddit?).”
    “Quoting their site: “All dogs & cats with a football themed photo and den or condo can be adopted for these low fees. So rush on down to SVACA and help us tackle the overpopulation problem by scoring your new best friend! Learn more about our adoption program!” [Nice football metaphors! -Ed]”

    The dogs pictured are all the size of a regulation football, but maybe they have some of the less popular ones that are just right for many families in need of a pet. And offered at prices set to entice people to consider them as well as the chihuahuas.

    I know nothing about the organization and personally shun the term “adoption,” but I appreciate that there are people who care for homeless dogs and make them available and APPEALING to permanent families.

  5. Wanderer’s Rest Humane Society in Canastota NY is advertising February as spay/neuter month and offering vouchers. At least they are saying so on their Facebook page. There is nothing on their webpage to that effect, and based on the comments on their Facebook, at least one person has been trying to get vouchers without success.

  6. What happened to the petition to the President requesting shelter reform! We need to fight for this very important cause!



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