Pre-Announcement Announcement

I was going to wait until I had more info to share, such as a name and other important items, but I am too happy to wait.  So this is the pre-announcement announcing the arrival of a new beagley family member, who will be announced in more detail in an upcoming announcement.

This little girl was in a catch and kill pound which allows someone in to photograph dogs.  The photographer then sends out an e-mail with the pictures and that e-mail gets forwarded by various pet advocates.  Someone forwarded me the e-mail containing the beagle pic one week ago and with the help of some people I’ve never met, the dog was pulled, fostered and transported to within 90 minutes of me.  I picked her up yesterday.

The ride home.  Those toenails were trimmed shortly after arrival.
The ride home. Those toenails were trimmed shortly after arrival.

Her bones are sticking out, half her tail got left somewhere at some point and she looks generally like she’s been through the wringer.  But she is as gentle and sweet as can be.  She’s been sleeping in one of the beagle beds like she has never slept before in her life.  She’s only gotten up when it’s time to eat or to go out and potty.  We have a vet appointment today for a tune-up and an all points inspection.  You can count on seeing an update on this gal very soon.

Thank you so kindly to everyone who sent me beagles in need.  And of course to those who helped me get this sweet dog home.


I have always depended on the kindness of strangers. – Tennessee Williams, A Streetcar Named Desire

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS to both of you! So glad you have this sweet new beagle–and always, always glad to see a beagle in need find a loving permanent home!

    1. We have Surrey, so we now are back to having 2 beagles. I think I need to let Billy recover a little – at least get off life support – before talking about bringing home another. But oh yes, it’s in my future. *evil laugh*

  2. YAY! Congratulations, she looks like an absolute sweetheart. She certainly fell into clover, landing with you :-).

  3. Congratulations, Shirley! Have you spent enough time with her to decide on a name yet? She may never know how lucky she is to have made her way into your heart and home!

      1. I think we changed our foster dog’s name 4 times before we finally agreed on one… and then I think I sorta just said “that’s it! no more!” rather than it being an agreement. haha

  4. She is a beautiful little girl – she looks so content, safe and happy :)thank you for saving and sharing her story

  5. The Beagle has landed! Hooray!

    We shall needs lots more photos. Big thanks to all the strangers who made this rescue and so many others possible every single day.

    1. I second that notion! photo’s lots and lots of photo’s!!! Photos of dog sleeping, more photo’s of dog sleeping, photo’s of dog eating. photo’s of dog sleeping some more. photo’s of dog with person or other dog, and… of course, more photo’s of dog sleeping.

  6. Congratulations!! She looks very content and thank you for rescuing her from certain death. Now you are on your way to that beagle sanctuary…:-)

  7. Such a FABULOUS rescue and adoption effort! It takes a village to save one animals – and this girl – she had it in spades. Now on to the BEST LIFE EVER! I am so thankful for you rescuing yet another deserving baby Shirley. HUGS all around.

  8. Congratulations! I always assumed that rescue bloggers were so inundated with such pictures and requests that they became immune to the heartstring tugging of one particular animal. So happy to be wrong! :0)

  9. She’s one lucky beagley girl! I’m so glad that she’s finally yours. And I add my thanks to those who made this happen. Looking forward to seeing more pictures and hearing more stories as she settles in with her new family.

  10. Very happy for you Shirley. Also very happy for this little girl. You and she are blessed. Congratulations to all of you, including Billy.

  11. Thank you everyone for your nice comments.

    This just in: Beagle now called Wendy. This was the name I liked the best out of the ones Billy suggested. It seems the most fitting to her. All the names I suggested were terrible. Or so I’ve been told.

    1. Welcome home, Wendy!

      Alas, all the Wendy songs I know of are either gloomy or angry. Perhaps she’d be better off with a swapped vowel, & the Association’s ‘Windy.’

      My husband is terrible at names. I’m not much better. Fortunately, we’ve yet had a pet who minded.

      1. Wendy from Peter Pan is a happy character. Although she doesn’t have a song. But if you say “Wendy” with a southern accent, it’s a lot like “Windy”.

  12. Well, this is just such exciting news! That girl is one of the luckiest dogs alive today. Catch and kill is a death sentence. What a lucky happy dog. Good going, Shirley!
    (Now, if I could just find a happy home for Tiger!!)

  13. YEAH! CONGRATULATIONS! As for naming, I always like to take some time to get to know a new animal a bit, sort of let the animal itself “tell” me it’s name in some way, something about that animal that just fits, or suggests, the right name.

  14. You say you’ve scheduled a vet appointment? But, but… You’re POOR! We know you would never take a dog to the vet!!

    1. Yeah, what’s the status on that 5′ chain and doghouse – is that set up way in the backyard, behind the garage where you can’t see how she’s doing? (snort!)

      That trusting sleep of a dog gotten from a killing place is the most humbling thing. They go from beyond scared to “Thank dog I can relax and get over this nightmare” and you go from happy “Yay!” to quiet heart-expanding joy. It is so wonderful!

      1. It’s not a doghouse, it’s a “hut” *ahem*. I only took her to the vet for a pre-tying-out-in-the-backyard-forever exam. She passed! Now I just have to get her out from under the covers with Billy. She wouldn’t even come out for breakfast this morning – I had to scoop her up. Once she got to the bowl she was happy to eat. Then it was right back to snuggling under the blankets. Meanwhile I am sitting here in the cold, typing… Who’s the smart one?

  15. The vet report:

    The vet suspects she has sarcoptic mange even though a skin scraping came up negative. Either that or “she’s been living in filth”. (I took her right to the kitchen sink for a good scrubbing as soon as we got home from the initial pick-up.) So she’s having me treat with ivermectin for 3 weeks.

    The fecal also came up negative (they were only able to get a very small sample) but the vet says she has no doubt there is a need for panacur treatments which I had already started.

    Her blood work was ok except she is anemic. Maybe this is why her HW test came up negative – she was too slim pickins for even the mosquitoes.

    The vet prescribed doxy as a precaution in case she is brewing up a case of kennel cough inside her wee body.

    All her front teeth are worn down to nothing. The vet says she sees this condition in dogs who live in cages and chew on the bars. 3 of her toenails are ripped off as well as half her tail.

    She was in ok enough shape to get her vax but she needs to gain some weight and get healthier before spay surgery is considered. Going for a re-check in 3 weeks.

    The vet estimates she is in the 5 or 6 year old range. Which is total HA on Billy who, upon seeing Wendy for the first time announced, “That is an OLD dog. She’s not going to live much longer!” It was a bit of a downer at the time but now, HA.

    1. Wow. Sounds like she’s one lucky pup. And it’s very good of Billy to keep her little anemic self warm in bed!

      Did any of the people who got her to you have any background on her at all?

      1. No. My understanding of the situation is that the pound allows a person in very briefly to take photos of the pets. They are rushing her to get out while she’s there and record keeping is – maybe “casual” is the kindest way to put it. If the person can find placement for any of the pets, they will allow her to pull them, unless they won’t – which happened with one of the dogs who was there same time as Wendy. There are no fees or paperwork involved to my knowledge. My assumption is that she was picked up as a stray (since the place is not open to the public) and that no one claimed her during the mandated holding period.

      2. Astonishing that some shelters are still operating as if it’s 1952. So glad that Wendy is out of there.

  16. Wendy is adorable and very lucky to live with you and Billy. As are so many shelter dogs, I think Wendy is a diamond in the rough.

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