The Official Beagle Announcement

As you may have heard, we got a new Beagle a week and a half ago.  Her name is Wendy.  I took her to see my vet the first full day we had her and posted the report here.  Since then she has received a round of Panacur, two doses of Ivermectin and is finishing up her Doxycycline.  She is a good eater (that is, she demands a second breakfast and a second dinner every day) and began putting some meat on her bones right away.  Her coat is also looking much better – the copious dandruff now gone and a nice little shine beginning to take hold.

Wendy is a great snuggle buddy and sleeps with us every night.  She often attempts to convince Surrey that she is a super bed buddy by trying to squeeze into whichever bed Surrey is curled up in at the time.  Usually all Wendy can manage is to get her back end sort of on top of snoozing Surrey but she has squeezed herself full in there once or twice.  Thankfully she’s tiny.

Here is the photo that was included in the forwarded e-mail I received about Wendy being in a catch and kill pound:


She does not look particularly thin to me in that photo but after she’d been there for however long she was, all her bones were sticking out which makes me wonder if they bother feeding the animals at the place and if they do, what are they feeding them?  At any rate, here she is today, in all her cuteness:

wendy feb 10 2013

For those keeping score, I got Wendy for free. It’s been a week and a half but the novelty has not worn off yet. That is, I haven’t put her on the 5 foot chain and hut accommodations in the backyard.  For some reason, I find I still love her.  Come to think of it, I still love Surrey too.  And she was free as well.  Go figure.

Wendy has just half a tail.  Surrey actually has a whole tail but is wagging ot so fast, it looks like half here.
Wendy has just half a tail. Surrey actually has a whole tail but is wagging it so fast, it looks like half here.

21 thoughts on “The Official Beagle Announcement

  1. Lucky beagley girl! I’m glad that she has found such a wonderful home. It looks like life was a bit rough for her before she found you.

  2. I can see why you are in love with Wendy. She’s beautiful and in time may become a great friend to Surrey, equally. The Beagle Beauty gals! May you have a long and wonderful life with both.

  3. I’m still looking for my dog. You have much better luck than I do. I have answered dozens of ads and virtually everyone is looking for a farm where their dog can run the livestock to its heart’s content. I guess the farms must be available because the ads are taken down pretty quickly.

    Even the pit bulls are quickly gobbled up. I guess that will change now that puppy season has started but I don’t want a puppy. I’m looking for an older dog that has settled down. Apparently older dogs are in high demand right now. Go figure.

      1. Lisa, I live in Maryland. My problem is I can’t travel very far. So far I have found better dogs from individuals than from shelters. That is because the owners love their dogs enough to try to find good homes for their dogs. They can also tell me about any quirks the dog might have such as jumping the fence. I prefer to know about that before having to pay a heft fine (and possibly vet bills) because the dog jumps the fence. Unfortunately, a lot of the dogs being offered do jump the fence or they are too big or too small. I need a very calm dog that is 18″ at the shoulder and weighs around 80 lbs. I prefer older dogs because they are usually pretty shock proof once they get 5 or older. I know there are hundreds of dogs out there but somehow I always pick the best ones as they are already spoken for by the time anyone returns my call or email.

    1. I prefer older dogs too, mostly because they are past their chewing stage & no longer desire sampling the texture of everything that fits in their mouth. And of course are not as exciteable by everything that moves & every new face. There should be enough of them out there & I hope you find exactly who needs you most.

    1. I think she wanted to save her money so she could vet the dog properly. My average intake vet bill, for a rescue, runs about $500. When I need to save money I buy a purebred.

  4. Is it true that Beagles bark more than any other dog? Wendy looks too sweet to be any problem, or a barker, unless necessary. I’m sure she’s glad to be there with you.

  5. Beagles are the greatest! And to answer ezbuddy, no, we don’t find ours excessively barky. Maybe it’s just us, but we find ours remarkably good to live with.

      1. We’ve had five, and the only barking trouble we’ve had is with one that gets overexcited when playing with the others! Ours are fairly quiet in general, and especially so when they’ve been living alone or in a pair. We now have four dogs, three of them beagles, and they are barkier than the single and paired beagles we’ve had, but only during play. And even then it’s not excessive, at least not to us!

  6. Animal Planet’s ‘Dogs 101’ said Beagles were barkers, and awhile back, a neighbor had some very barking Beagles, but I think when guardians are thoughtful enough to concern themselves with what the dogs are barking about, the dogs have less reason to continue to bark. So, you folks here must be good thoughtful guardians to your dogs. …Of course, who else would be here.

    1. I’ve always thought of “barky breeds” similarly to what you are saying – that is, all dogs bark, some more than others and if you leave dogs to their own devices, you get what you get.

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