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You may have seen this news tidbit in animal welfare circles:  Michael Vick’s puppy is a Belgian Malinois and he is taking her (him?) to training classes at a Petsmart in NJ.  I have seen different reactions to this story and wondered where readers here fall.  Which one best describes your views?  (You can choose more than one if you like.)

56 thoughts on “Poll On Latest Michael Vick Dog Story

  1. Her. Her name is Angel.
    Anyone wondering what is happening to this dog at home where there is no-one to supervise this psycho when she disappoints him somehow?

      1. Also known as a Belgian Shepherd. Not any more aggressive or intelligent than a German Shepherd, but military are using them more because of their smaller stature they can be more easily picked up & carried by their handler when necessary.

  2. I think that Michael Vick should have actually had to serve time for animal cruelty (instead of racketeering, which is what he served time for) and I think he should have a lifetime prohibition from owning dogs. Clearly, it doesn’t matter what we think or want, because that’s not what the judicial system served up. So I will go back to hoping for a career-ending injury on the football field instead.

    As to Petsmart, I think they were stuck. Even if they had a clause that people who had been convicted of animal cruelty were not permitted to take the class, he’s never been convicted of animal cruelty, only racketeering. (And prosecutors that make these kinds of plea bargains are a special kind of scum.) They had no legal basis on which to refuse him access.

  3. Part of me hopes that it is him on the right path. The other larger portion of me believes it is a publicity stunt. Why else take his puppy to a PetSmart class and not get private training? Because I REALLY believe the majority of dog trainers would work with him. They might hate him, but they would want to make sure he is training his dog correctly and want to benefit the dog as much as possible, especially with an owner like him. That said I am happy he is at least being taught about positive reinforcement because someone like him really should not be using choke chains and such.

    The thing that really makes me mad when he talks about how it isn’t fair for his kids not to have a dog, well Mr. Father of a Lifetime, please EXPLAIN to them the actions on your behalf that caused a what should have been permanent ban on him owning animals. It wasn’t the judge. It was you, and whenever I see him talk about it he does not take responsibility. And when he says “I want to teach them to love God’s creatures.” Yeah… why now? Why do you suddenly want to make sure they aren’t beating animals to death?
    End rant. And here, I didn’t even choose the comment option…

  4. My mother is a freelance writer. Called Petsmart Media line asking for the companies statement to be e-mailed about Mike Vick..
    Petsmarts media line “refused” and hang up.
    Very professional handling of the “issue”. Great for those that have stock shares in Petsmart as well….

      1. LARKIN, I repeated my post because new people commenting always read all the back post. People have commented as to what Petsmart corporation must be thinking..
        I think “hanging” up shows a clear picture of how they are handling the issue.
        It’s people like you the feel the need to “put people down” that make them unfollow someone’s blog or comment.
        I do so much for animal rescue and rights. People that feel the need to “belittle” people who wear people down.
        I never “belittle” anyone don’t belittle me. This is a nice blog that doesn’t deserve comments “targeted” at one person.

      2. Oh and Larkin typing from my phone that deletes, shortens and repeats words ….so please excuse the “mishaps”…..

  5. A Belgian Malinois is not a family dog. I am sure the kids had no say in the choice of dog or they would have picked a little fluffy dog. I hate that he has a dog, and I hate that he is learning to control a dog. My idea of hell is being his dog.

  6. They couldn’t refuse to let him shop or train his dog but they should not have allowed their employee to have her picture taken with him with his arm around her. You wouldn’t let a pedophile take a picture with your child would you.? I will no longer shop in a Petsmart store. I spoke to a manager at my local Petsmart they didn’ t know anything about it and was calling their district office.
    Everyone needs to call

    1. While he legally can come in the store. It was unfair to others that pay in advance for group training.. Booked in advanced. We they advised?
      Can you imagine showing up for your 1st of 6 classes with the MOST KNOWN dog abuser in American history?
      And, why isn’t the great HSUS Silent their own spokeperson bought the dog??? Another HSUS public blunder…good going Wayne!

  7. I had to click ‘none of the above’ because Vick should NEVER, EVER be allowed to have another dog, no matter what breed. Vick is a very sick man and him taking his new puppy to classes doesn’t make him a good man… it’s all PR and it doesn’t wash with me. HE SHOULD BE BANNED FOR LIFE FROM EVER OWNING A DOG AGAIN!!!!

    1. It’s known here in Philly.. Vick like good or bad attention…
      It was written locally how he went into the NJ shoprite was so rude.. They hope he never comes back…

    2. I agree and also checked “none of the above” for the same reasons. He has no business owning an animal ever again. He has proven that he is unsafe around any animals, whether they are “family pets” (that he previously threw into fighting rings for fun) or fighting dogs. Ugh. He makes me so sick!

    3. He should be banned for life AND serving a lot of time in prison for what he did AND out of pro football forever. If he got the prison sentence he should have, he would’ve been too old to play by the time he got out anyway. I like that! It absolutely blows my mind that ANYONE would defend him, much less the large number of people who do. As for Petsmart, I’m sure it says in their contract that they can refuse service to anyone, for any reason. Bad press? They wouldn’t lose a thing. People like the commenters here would be cheering them on. And I think (hope) there are more of us than the idiots who support him.

  8. YesBiscuit.. You should try calling the media line. My mother is a freelance writer. I called asking for Petsmarts official statement to be e-mailed. The media department really know how to handle the Mike Vick/Petsmart story.
    They said you only looking to smear us and hang up.. Ever so comforting I’m sure to their stockholders that took a 6 point nose drive from a earning reports as well.

  9. I wish he was going somewhere better to train than Petsmart. I have several friends who have worked there as trainers and they all say it’s a crappy place to take classes.

    1. He is narcisstic and like any attention. We all know he could have had a private trainer if he wanted. It was a attempt for attention and a attempt to “say” I care I’m training my dog..His children didn’t select that breed he did..

  10. He shouldn’t be allowed near ANY animal ever again! He shouldn’t even be allowed near humans, lock him up and actually punish him for the disgustingly cruel things he did! Either they don’t actually know about what he did or they don’t care! “People” like him don’t just change!

  11. Vick has enough money to hire a private, professional trainer, yet he chose to go to PetSmart, undoubtedly for the media attention, which he has received. It’s just another way for him to try to polish his reputation. It is not about training the dog– it never was. His sanctimonious posturing about teaching his kids responsibility and kindness to animals is nauseating.

  12. I hate that he is allowed to have a dog, period. I hate that he has a Malinois, and hope that he quickly gives it to a more suitable home. Yuck, I hate him and hate the adulation he gets from sports worshippers! Yuck!!!!

  13. Vick is simply laughing in the face of America taking his Mainois to PetSmart and hanging around the store. So he gets one of the most intense working breeds available – a breed with so much drive that they simply cannot be pets? Again – he knows exactly what he’s got in this dog – that’s why he chose a Mal. Again – he’s laughing in the face of America. The entire situation of dysfunction around Vick and everything he’s done and is doing is disgusting and very disappointing. My heart just aches for this dog.

    1. Karen you couldn’t say that better! How would you like to be unlucky enough to be in Philadelphia having to hear about him all the time…the HSUS stopped the dog fighting program he was involved in changed the name “pets for life program” not surprised.. They wanted until the public wasn’t watching..when he spoke at schools it was with no notice and a limited group of kids..just for media PR..to make headlines… He has never donated a “dime” to our shelters…but.. No one expected it either.
      He is narcisstic..his actions are “staged” to slap animal lovers in the face..

  14. He was banned from having a dog during his probation period, which expired. He is legally allowed to own a dog

    Petsmart has no reason to refuse a customer (particularly one who has received the HSUS “stamp of approval”). They have no obligation to respond to hate email on this subject. In fact, if they DO respond, it will be something sanctimonious about how he’s changed…

    He chose a Malinois NOT for his family. duh. It’s a high drive/protection-instinct breed. He’ll be doing bitesports with it and videos will surface showing him laughing about his dog biting the decoy

    Petsmart trainer advising on a Malinois? (shudder)

    Malinois pushed further along the road towards replacing pit bulls as the “breed most owned by a**h***s

    A publicity stunt? without a doubt. HSUS involved? hmmmmmmm I’ll be watching Wayne’s blog

    1. “Petsmart trainer advising on a Malinois? (shudder)”

      I know, right?

      Do we think this is the same dog he had back when the photo of the milkbones biscuits was spotted? Or are we on another dog, now?

      I honestly don’t know what to vote in the poll. It’s all just so very, very repulsive…the man is a sociopath and a narcissist who should have been locked away for the good of his children and society. Going to PetSmart for training is just more of his “look at meeeee” bullshit.

      Very disappointing that PetSmart did not just give him references for private trainers and send him on his way. Thanks HSUS for feeding this monster. Good job.

    2. HSUS is largely responsible for Michael Vick’s return to football. Ironically, HSUS may be partly responsible for the demise of Vick’s football career. The more time he chose to spend with fellow conscience-free narcissist/publicity hound Wayne Pacelle, the more he neglected to work on the serious flaws in his game. Wayne was actually a bad influence on Vick, who now has just one year to salvage his career. Sounds like Vick is still focused on self-love and giving the middle finger to his critics. I look forward to the next debacle of a season for the Eagles and the end of Vick’s football days..

      1. Just e-mailed YesBiscuit box.. barnes and noble March 26th is hosting a book signing for Mike Vick’s new book “Finally Free” in Exton, Pa.
        Animal Welfare PA organizations planned to protest outside…..

      2. I wonder if they sell copies of “The Lost Dogs:Michael Vick’s Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption”?

  15. I am thoroughtly disgusted that he has a pet at all. This evil, good for nothing monster doesn’t deserves a “second chance”. It’s bad enough that so many of his “Vick-tims” suffered unimaginable horrors before death yet, he still walks the earth. I am equally disgusted that any reputable animal interest group would give that monster a thumbs up. Shame on them! In exchange for his money, you’ve earned yourself a less reputable image.Worth it?

  16. I am sorely disappointed in petsmart. I do think everyone who is an animal advocate should call, email and voice their displeasure. I can only hope and pray this dog does not suffer the same fate as his previous ones, but I fear it will. There is a special place in hell for people like him.

  17. I am sorely disappointed in petsmart. I do think everyone who is an animal advocate should call, email and voice their displeasure. I can only hope and pray this dog does not suffer the same fate as his previous ones, but I fear it will. There is a special place in hell for people like him.

    1. Petsmarts media line hung up on me after I
      called asking for the corporations statement about Vick.. My mother is a freelance writer.. All they would say is writers only want to write negative article about them.. The click…Hung up… Real professional media relations…

  18. A malinut puppy can make the angels weep.

    A violent dog-murderer who lacks the prefrontal physiology to control any impulse? “Educated” on effective dog training by the fine checkout girls hired by PetsMart to deliver their canned curriculum?

    Puppy is in big trouble.

    As would be any puppy, but a Mal is especially vulnerable.

    1. someone posted that if Vick tries to pull any sh** on the Malinois and it bites him (because Mals are kind of a take no sh** breed), the whole world will laugh in approval

      1. I hope that does not happen because the mal would then become his next victim.. do you think Vick would tolerate any dog biting him

  19. It is a sad heavy feeling knowing that Vick has such a strong and powerful dog. It does not bode well for this puppy considering Vick’s past experiences with dogs. I agree with H. Houlahan. Puppy is in big trouble.

  20. The dog breed doesn’t matter. The training does’t matter. what matters is a person who admitted to torturing and killing dogs can get a dog. Thanks Wayne Pacelle. You’re a real hero for helping and defending Vick.

  21. Most of me is concerned that he’s getting his dog trained at a PetSmart and not with an individual licensed CPDT dog trainer with experience in positive reinforcement-based training methods, someone who can conceivably try to get some ethology into his head. The rest of me is concerned that animal torture is a pathology that cannot be rehabilitated.

  22. What happened to the first dog? You know the one where he was “busted” when a photo appeared of a Milk-bone box on the dining room table? That’s not this puppy– this puppy is much younger than that. :-(

    1. The Milk Bones tweet was more than 5 months ago. Even if that was the first day he had his new dog and the pup was just 2 months old at that time, that would make her over 7 months old now.

  23. I’m reasonably certain (with no evidence I’ll admit) that Vick taking his puppy to Petsmart is a publicity stunt. On his part anyway. Doubt Petsmart Corporate had much to do with it and they’re probly now trying to figure out why they’re in the bullseye and WTF to do about it…..The picture with the employee was done in the entrance lobby, doubt Petsmart had much to do with that either. Though the employee is a perfect example of why Vick gets away with it.

    The fact that Vick has a PUPPY just makes me want to scream. The fact that Vick has a Malinois puppy makes me madder than heck. Though I’ll note that we can probly assume that it came from either a BYB or overseas since I can’t imagine any reputable US breeder selling a puppy to Vick (overseas breeders might not have connected his name). Mal’s are NOT a breed to screw around with, and I hope for the puppy’s sake that they’re getting actual training. And I also hope, for the puppy’s sake, that the PR people are smart enough to stay on top of Vick’s dog care, if only to keep his name from heading further into the mud….

  24. Taking the puppy to Petsmart for training means that, at least for a few weeks, other people will see her on a regular basis, and that may be some temporary protection for her.

    Petsmart has no reason and no basis to refuse Vick as a customer. He has, sadly, not been convicted of animal cruelty. They’re not an animal welfare organization; they’re a pet supply chain. Absent a conviction for animal cruelty, they really have no business passing judgment on their customers for anything other than behavior they see, or see direct evidence of (i.e., if the puppy shows up for class with injuries or behaviors suggesting current abuse.)

    I hate that he owns a dog again. I wish to God that he had been convicted of animal cruelty and had a lifetime ban on owning animals. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened.

    Obviously the Mal is not for his kids, and I think “bite sports” is a reasonable guess as to what he has in mind. I wonder what kind of reception he’s likely to get, in clubs that aren’t in Petsmart’s position of really having to take all comers unless their current behavior gives them a basis for refusal?

    1. Petsmart has group training session that you enroll in advanced prepay for a six week session. While I understand Mike Vick cannot be refuse to go to Petsmart. They had a responsibilitiy to respect the consumer rights of the other pre-enrolled. And, by the pictures taken of Vick with the Petsmart employee it is obvious they care more about the attempted “limelight” of week then other in the group class. Yes, he free to walk in but I’m free to walk put or never walk back in.
      He was not charged with animal cruelty the charges didn’t hold the harsher sentence the gambling, etc. did.. The pictures/details were used as evidence is not disputed by the court or Vick himself.
      Other people have right not to want to spend a Monday night for 6 weeks with the most well known cruelty abuser in american history.

  25. He should never own a dog for as long as he lives. No animal is safe around this monster.

  26. I would have selected # 1 — basically he should’ve have a dog at all. But I feel many of the sentiments of the other responses. I’m concerned he got a Belgian Malinois — perhaps a Mini-mutt would be more appropriate. Did he get it from a breeder? Probably. And while Petsmart is good to have classes, I object to having classes in a store rather than a training environment. And I’d be embarrassed if I were Petsmart. This smells of Wayne Pacelles and corporate sponsorship. Ugh.

  27. He only went to PetSmart for training classes so he could be seen in public & say, “See how nice I am to dogs? See what a good responsible pet “owner” I can be?” He doesn’t fool anyone, except star struck PetSmart employees.

    He got away with his killing & abuse only because of his wealth & position in pro-sports. He gets away with nothing in the minds of those who care & know what he’s done.

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