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  1. Very sad.. I agree with the statement.. “Who eats bear”.
    I don’t agree with killing wildlife for sport. I also don’t think it was right or fair to feed the bear. What a waste of a beutiful animal.

    1. ha. I will chip in one dollar.

      Actually I’ve been meaning to mention, and this is a good reminder to do it, that I paid WordPress to kill their ads on February 16 so no one should ever see any ads on the blog anymore. Since I never see ads as blog owner, I hope readers will alert me if they see an ad so I can jack WordPress up over it. Thank you to everyone who has kicked in and made it possible to pay WordPress all their various fees.

  2. There is a, presumably feral, cat in my neighborhood with a leg that obviously needs to be amputated. He/She comes up my driveway periodically and the leg just hangs there, it looks horrible! I have traps, but would love suggestions on how to catch only that cat and not the other ferals in my area. Also, I have no money for the surgery (assuming the vet doesn’t recommend euthanasia, I know nothing about this cats health).

    I am not feeding the ferals yet. I was planning to feed the ferals once I got money to fix them and establish my place as a feeding location but this obviously needs to be taken care of as soon as humanely possible.

    1. There’s a yahoogroup – http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/feral_cats/ that I’ve found very useful. Also you may want to contact Alley Cat Allies (http://www.alleycat.org/) to see if they have suggestions (I’m guessing that they will recommend using something like a water bottle tied to a string to keep the trap open while others eat, but be able to spring it when the right cat is in it).

      I am very glad that you’re not feeding until you’re ready to neuter!

      As for the cost of the surgery, ACA may also have suggestions, but if you’ve got the cat and you’re up against a wall, I may be able to help. Contact me at mikken at neo dot rr dot com. I know what it’s like to have time be of the essence.

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