Former Memphis Pound Employee Facing Additional Cruelty Charges

One of the three former MAS employees charged with animal cruelty in conjunction with an undercover police investigation one year ago now faces additional charges stemming from the same investigation.  Prosecutors recently charged Billy Stewart with an additional five counts of cruelty bringing his total to nine counts when he goes to trial.  The five added counts are apparently related to five additional pets the undercover police officer allegedly observed Mr. Stewart torturing in the pound’s kill room.  Mr. Stewart has previously claimed his innocence:

According to court records, Stewart denied doing anything wrong, saying, “They are trying to put these charges on me because they want me to get fired a long time ago but because I’m in the union it was hard for the mayor and the city to get rid of me.”

He added he was “set up by an undercover officer” and “they didn’t like me because I was a hard worker and on time.”

Punctuality and a strong work ethic or choking pets unconscious in the kill room?  It’s up to a jury to sort it out now.  I hope the prosecutor’s case is well prepared and justice is served.

7 thoughts on “Former Memphis Pound Employee Facing Additional Cruelty Charges

  1. So, so disgusting, this pitiful excuse for a man. That poor undercover officer, having to witness what he did…

    If there had been cameras in the kill room and if someone bothered to monitor them, this could have been avoided.

    *If* Memphis were capable of learning from past mistakes, there’d be a camera in the kill room today. And it would be monitored with footage saved. And the trucks GPS systems would be used to see where ACOs go and when. But we know how that’s going.

    So – why are the other employees who witnessed the cruelty still getting paychecks? And will they all be fired with prejudice the moment this jackass goes down in the courts?

    1. Well projected, I to think these thugs should be fired w/o pay. I am hoping the Mayor steps in along with the state and puts an end to the kill room.

  2. If a person can do this to an animal with “no remorse or conscience, he surely can kill a human being just as easily. Check it out on serial killers who all had the same common factor…abusing animals!

  3. when you see animal control officers killing by extreme inhumane methods like choking heart stick no sedation there is typically a bigger problem stolen euthanasia drugs. under the mayor’s Administration we have seen the worst cruelty ever out of the shelter don’t think he doesn’t know what’s going on either they’re claiming to purchase the drugs and not using them I’m using the budget elsewhere or they’re taking the narcotics it’s usually 1 or the other when you see animals killed in this manner

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