Case Update: AL Pound Completes Investigation into Kitten Killing; Owner to Sue

Many of you likely remember the story of Porkchop, the lost kitten who was killed by the Mobile Co pound in AL just 9 minutes after a Good Samaritan brought him to the facility in January.  Porkchop’s owner, Kaitlyn Hughes, has retained an attorney and is seeking justice for her pet:

Hughes’ attorney has sent the county a letter informing them he “plans to file suit against all of those at the County Animal Shelter responsible for the death of the kitten.” The letter claims the shelter committed wanton negligence and the “kitten was killed for no legitimate reason.”

The pound investigated itself to determine why Porkchop was not held for the state mandated holding period for strays.  While I don’t know that the pound answered that question, they apparently did report that Porkchop was determined to be “feral”.  Ms. Hughes says her neighbor who found her kitten and brought him to the pound did not witness any aggressive behavior:

“My neighbor said when [shelter employees] put [Porkchop] in the cage, [Porkchop] just sat down and looked up at him, completely calm,” Hughes said.

Bear in mind that Porkchop was healthy, neutered and freshly bathed at the time he was impounded.  And I presume the neighbor handled him without special training or thick gloves.  None of which excuses the pound killing any healthy/treatable cat who might be feral.  Feral cats have a right to live.

To make a tragic situation worse, Ms. Hughes says the pound attempted to cover up the killing when she first sought to redeem her kitten:

Hughes said when she went to the shelter to pick up Porkchop, the shelter staff gave her the run-around and claimed they never admitted Porkchop. After putting pressure on the shelter, Hughes said an assistant manager “found” Porkchop’s file, brought her outside and told her what happened.


“[The shelter] thought that I was just going to go away and never find out,” Hughes said.

Obviously the Mobile Co pound has underestimated the bonds of family.  Animal services=family services.  Mobile Co doesn’t get that – yet.  Maybe they will learn it in court.

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9 thoughts on “Case Update: AL Pound Completes Investigation into Kitten Killing; Owner to Sue

  1. Go for it!! Sue the heck out of them!!! wishing you much luck on this! these pet killing facilities need to know that the public will not stand for this!! AND if the kitten was truly a feral kitten, killing is NOT the answer anyway – TNR is the answer for feral cats!!
    I hope we hear more about this case!

  2. I couldn’t be happier or more supportive to Kaitlyn Hughes for what she is doing. It’s about wrong doing, carelessness, loss of family, loss of companion, and shining the bright light in the darkest of places. HUGS to Ms. Hughes.

  3. I hope she sues their asses off. Because that’s the only way to bring change to some of these places.

  4. The whole staff should be fired and those responsible jailed for animal cruelty. Personally, I’d love to see a murder charge, but live in the real world, so that sadly isn’t going to happen. I hope Kaitlyn wins a major amount of money. It won’t bring Porkchop back, but it’s the only thing that might make these idiots reconsider their “policy.” I wouldn’t want to be any of those workers come Judgement Day. Animals will testify for or against us, and no slick lawyer or politician is gonna be able to BS about what happened. :(

  5. Good for her. Alabama does not have sterling laws related to animals (no surprise there) but my hope is she will seek some form of injunctive relief to try to get this situation changed and I hope she can milk the media for all it’s worth. I also hope her attorney connects with folks like Ryan and Nathan who have researched and argued legal positions on the “value” of animals. Shame on Mobile County. Yet another location which shows all that is wrong when tax dollars are used to run what amounts to a disposal facility.

  6. Unfortunately, I see lawsuits as sometimes the ONLY way to force municipal shelters into compliance. That being said MAS may be the exception and may need to be sued again.
    We need lawyers that will educate themselves on the issues and go after these abusers of the taxpayer and the innocent lives they torture and kill.

  7. Maybe suing is the answer! If enough people sue shelters of wrong doing and hit the pocket book, they might think twice of the atrocities they perform! I’m sick of them making excuses and getting away with MURDER! Oops doesn’t cut it anymore!

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