13 Pitbulls Killed in New Mexico Pound

Former MAS director and current Bernalillo Co Animal Services director Matt Pepper recently explained to a local TV news reporter why he killed 13 Pitbulls seized from an area residence:

“If you look at the conditions in which they were kept, and you look at their behavior you can understand why, why they had the significant aggression that they had,” said Matt Pepper with Bernalillo County Animal Services.

The contention here appears to be that the 13 Pitbulls had to be taken from the owner because they were being kept in terrible conditions and then they had to be killed because they had become aggressive as a result of the conditions.  Oh and they were allegedly being used for dogfighting.


The owner’s landlord and neighbor says the owner is from Cuba, where he worked as a veterinarian.  He says the former vet took care of his dog once after he had gotten into a fight.  And he would put his life on the fact that the owner was not fighting dogs.

But hey, we can’t know anything for certain based on one man’s opinion.  So let’s look at the evidence:

Veterinary medical supplies and something else point to a dog fighting ring.

“Maybe a foot long to 18 inch piece of wood that they use if the dogs are fighting to open up the jaws,” said Pepper.

M’kaaaay.  So the former vet had veterinary medical supplies.  And pieces of wood.

All responsible Pitbull owners should keep breaksticks at hand in case of emergency.  But not every “piece of wood” lying around someone’s property is a breakstick.  And the presence of breaksticks do not necessarily indicate criminal dogfighting.

The fact that the dogs were killed without the benefit of an evaluation and opportunity for behavior modification training (if warranted) by qualified individuals means there is no evidence remaining to support or refute the allegations of dogfighting.  So we can not look to the 13 dogs for evidence since they were never given a chance.

But there was another dog seized from the owner – a 14 year old Doberman.  That dog is still alive.  I don’t know any specifics on the health of that dog but anyone who can keep a Doberman alive to the age of 14 is probably doing something right.

I can’t help but wonder if this was a case where the dogs could have been sheltered in place while authorities worked with the owner to improve conditions at the residence.  However poor the living conditions may have been there, the dogs were alive, which is more than can be said now.

A judge has until tomorrow to indict the owner on animal cruelty charges.  The investigation is ongoing.  Tragically, there will be no investigation or cruelty charges against those responsible for killing the 13 dogs.  Because they’re the good guys.  Right?

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13 thoughts on “13 Pitbulls Killed in New Mexico Pound

  1. NOTHING has changed with Pepper – still trying to baffle the world with his bs! Another story that breaks my heart. Thanks for the post!

  2. Ugh. Mr. Pepper continues to spread his personal breed agenda to the citizens of yet another state. The poisoning continues.

  3. Ugh. My dog has a scar on his muzzle. We don’t know how he got it, as we found him as a stray, but the scenario probably did involve another dog as he is very dog-reactive. I also have vet supplies; he is prone to skin problems that the vet decided were easier for us to treat at home on an as-needed basis.

    Oh and there is wood. It’s for repairs to the chicken coop and the garden beds. Actually we have some bricks and rebar lying around too, must be for a dogfight ring!

    But nobody would ever accuse me of that because my dog is a small’n’fluffy, even though he’s a total jerk sometimes (dog only knows what he’s been through…)

  4. I have three break sticks.. I have antibiotics.. and wound care .. i have vetwrap, even needles.. come get me..
    Pepper is a scourge who walks among dogs and other animals..leaving a trail of death in his wake.. the grim reaper of animals..

  5. I have syringes, fluids, vet wrap, wound care supplies, and pieces of wood. I must be fighting my dogs, sure.

    And so what if they were fighting dogs? I thought Vick’s dogs were proof to the world that “fighting dogs” =/= “dangerous dogs”.

    Unless you’re Matt Pepper, of course. Who thinks that all pit-type dogs are dangerous and it’s perfectly cool to kill three out of four animals that come into a shelter. Oh, and to dance around in a dog suit while doing it.

    I fear this man will never evolve. His “animal care” is perverse.

  6. I have a mini-vet clinic here, but no dogs. Maybe cat fighting? Nah
    Pepper is doing what he does, only in a different place now. Too bad he doesn’t do something else with his life, like clean septic tanks maybe (no offense meant to anyone doing that kind of job).

    1. Not that – my septic tank guy tells me that they run into snakes all the time (and you know what Pepper’s reaction would be to THAT. How about a nice, indoorsy, no-animal contact-type job like…accountant? Oh wait, you need actual skills and attention to detail for that one AND you can be held legally accountable for your actions. Never mind.

  7. The unemployment line is the best place for Pepper. He’s a sick individual, like many county “shelter” operators are. Rogers has the same sickness.

  8. so if you have anything at your home that could be called veterinary medicine – like dewormer or heart worm preventative.. or those who do their own vacinations…plus you might reuse empty vacinaiton syringes for measuring wormers and such…that really looks suspecious, and if you happen to have wood around,… then beware, you might be accused of being a dog fighter.

    At one time i thought maybe a doggy treadmill would be a good idea (my neighborhood is not safe to walk tiny dogs in – due to all the large dogs who the idiots just let run at large) but it occured to me that I have veterinary medicine here (you know bad stuff like dewormers, and that we usually have some sort of home improvement project going on, meaning there is always a lot of wood here) so if i bought a treadmill, that would put me on the dog fighter list… you know, with Maltese, and such, one would be obviously fighting dogs…(and though it sounds absurd to me, i would not put it past someone to think this nonsense)

    AND since i tend to make people mad when i confront them about stupidity, like letting their dogs run at large, I could be the victim of false reports to the local “tip” hot line! So my dogs have to get their exercise in the yard…which is fine, but then they lack “socialization” with other people besides us, which could get me busted too

    (sighing at the world we have been forced to live in)

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