Treats on the Internets

When the Christian Co shelter in KY was badly damaged in a fire, the irresponsible public quickly mobilized to provide homes for the 225 pets.  (Thank you Melissa for the link.)

Some not-too-well-endowed man in Memphis was caught on video beating his Pitbull for chewing on his car seat.  He was charged with cruelty but apparently MAS did not see fit to protect the dog from him since the owner still has him.  The owner told the news that everybody beats their Pitbulls and he will continue to treat the dog however he likes.

A Memphis firefighter is under investigation by authorities after he allegedly caught a neighbor’s dog in a steel trap he set up in his yard for the purpose of catching pets.  The firefighter then allegedly shot the trapped dog in the head.  He remains on the job.  (Thanks Jody for the link.)

The Williamson Co shelter in TN had one dog test positive for distemper last week.  They killed that dog and 4 others who had symptoms.  An unnamed number of remaining dogs are being quarantined for 2 weeks while dog adoptions are suspended.  (Thanks Karen for the link.)

Humans made bad decision after bad decision in attempting to control animal life and death on Macquarie Island.  I know an old lady who swallowed a fly comes to mind.  (Thank you Valerie for the link.)

Roughly 30 dogs have gone missing in recent months in southern Idaho including one who later turned up dead, the remains covered with a purple cloth.

File under:  I just don’t know.  This article about the Petersburg pound in VA is bursting with awfulness.  There is mention made of strengthening “breading laws”, and this bit, which could only appear in an animal shelter piece:

[…] plans to form a task force to […] study the effects of adoption verses euthanasia.

Study away.  Be sure to poll the pets.

But the icing comes at the end when it’s all-hands-on-deck-red-alert-battle-stations because a shelter employee was filmed by a TV news crew throwing away a trash bag, supposedly containing dead puppies.  After a prompt and thorough investigation, the city of Petersburg is delighted to inform you that the bag in question contained dead seagulls, not dead puppies.  Although they certainly have their share of those as well but that particular bag – the one broadcast on the news – had seagulls in it.  (Thank you Clarice for the link.)

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      1. The current breading laws are going to be strengthened. Because they are crumby.

        On Wed, Mar 27, 2013 at 11:51 AM, YesBiscuit!

  1. Seagulls thrown away in the bag by a shelter employee? Geez….you would think that a shelter employee would know the difference between dead puppies and dead seagulls! Knowing shelters and their ability to see what they want I’d have to be shown exactly what was in that bag.

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