Warren Co Pound in the News Again

The Warren Co pound in TN photographs pets upon intake, like many facilities.  The problem in Warren Co is that the animals appear to have been starved and injured after the intake photos and before being pulled by rescue.  No one at the pound would speak to the local news but animal advocates speculate that the dogs are given little food and get into fights with other dogs trying to get at that food in order to stay alive.

Animal advocates also filmed an open pit behind the pound which is filled with dead dogs, many of whom appear to have starved.  Additional details and disturbing images can be found on the FB page of the local Humane Society.

This is the latest in a lengthy history of abuse claims made by animal advocates against the facility.  Nothing ever seems to change at the Warren Co pound.  If you want to let the county mayor know how you feel, please keep your comments respectful.  We can condemn the allegations of cruelty and needless killings in the strongest of terms while maintaining a level of professionalism and civility.

County Mayor, John Pelham: jpelham@warrencountytn.gov

13 thoughts on “Warren Co Pound in the News Again

  1. I cannot wait for the day when the evil of these places is finally burned out of the world.

    Of course, the only way that happens is to advocate for change.

  2. This is the video that the county is trying desperately to keep hidden from the public. Everytime it’s posted on one of their pages so they’re supporters can see the truth, it’s pulled and people are banned from their page. This is one of ten videos taken, and as graphic as it is and as difficult as it is to watch, this is the nicest of the videos. Something must be done!

    The video link is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ul2_P7K5EaM

  3. The WCHS does not have the pics mention at the end of paragraph 2. I scrolled through the beginning of March and found nothing.

    Could you have meant Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, who took the video and is interviewed for the news article, plus has some pics posted? http://www.facebook.com/bigfluffydogrescue

    If it really was WCHS, it looks like all the pics were deleted.

    1. I just looked this morning. I remember the most current photo with a long story attached to it about how the dog had supposedly been “euthanized” due to mange but – and there was a link to a video which I did not click – they said the dog was clearly visible in the pit and had not been “euthanized” (I assumed starved but did not watch the clip.)

      On Thu, Mar 28, 2013 at 11:08 AM, YesBiscuit!

      1. That is the only pic there, which is a share from BFDR. BFDR has 2 other pics. I’m assuming since they pulled a van load of dogs from the WC pound they haven’t posted all pics taken – assuming pics have been taken of all the dogs by now. Their main concern is medical care for those who need it, and fosters for those they had to put in boarding. I would suggest anyone who is wanting updates or wanting to help one or more of these dogs go to the BFDR page.

        I have not yet watched the video. I’ve had so much stomach turning and churning recently because of all the ‘bad news’ (articles, blog posts, etc) of the past week or so, that I have to limit how much I watch/read right now. Just reading this post started my stomach up yet again.

  4. I heard about this from a friend who fosters for Big Fluffy Dog Rescue in Nashville. They have been trying to pull dogs from this shelter for a long time without any luck. Their description of what they encountered at the pound was horrific. I am hoping with BFDR involved (their founder is an attorney) things will change.

  5. another day, another horrible story about the abuse, neglect and cruelty inflicted on man’s best friend!!! I am so ready for laws to change and penalties to be severe & for the abusers to suffer. What is wrong with people??!!!!!!!!

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